Statement and Press Conference by President Rodrigo Roa Duterte upon his arrival from Russia
Terminal 2, Ninoy Aquino International Airport, Pasay City
24 May 2017
Hindi na… Kindly sit down. Find your seats and be comfortable.

Good afternoon.

I decided to cut short my visit to the Russian Federation due to the recent developments in Mindanao.

Shortly before going back to the Philippines, I met with President Vladimir Putin in Moscow after official plans were changed to facilitate our meeting.

I expressed appreciation for the warm welcome, hospitality extended to me and my delegation [for] their flexibility and understanding to reschedule our meeting.

Russia is a true friend. While I have to immediately return to the Philippines, I have instructed the Secretary of Foreign Affairs to remain and meet with Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov to discuss how to strengthen bilateral relations and to sign some agreements that have been already concluded.

Also [left] behind are the secretaries of relevant economic agencies to pursue arrangements that can best advance our shared interests through increased economic cooperation and enhanced [cultural] and people-to-people exchanges. 

We look forward to strengthening political and security relations with Russia and to building security cooperation framework attuned [and] responsive [to] the present needs and challenges.

The emergence of new forms of terrorism and the existence of non-traditional security threats reinforce the need to broaden and widen our network of friends and allies to strengthen our security cooperation.

While we seek to enhance regional and global collaboration in pursuing our common desire to attain peace and stability, there is a pressing need to directly confront and manage our national security.

The series of terrorist acts committed by the Maute group resulted to the loss of lives of our citizens including policemen and soldiers, and the destructive nature of their fight thereby destroying properties and displacement of innocent civilians.

The issuance of September 2016 of Proclamation No. 55, series of 2016, declaring a state of national emergency, provided our law enforcement and security forces an enhanced [and] expanded mandate to perform their responsibilities.

[While] we are still in the state of emergency, sporadic skirmishes with the Maute group continues, showing the group’s capability to sow terror and unleash harassment and inflict destruction not only in Lanao del Sur but also in other parts of Mindanao and even in the Visayas.

Last May [23], the same Maute terrorist group has taken over a hospital in Marawi City, Lanao del Sur, established checkpoints within the City, burned down certain government facilities and inflicted casualties on the part of Government forces, and started flying the flag of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria otherwise known as ISIS, thereby removing from the allegiance to the Philippine Government this part of Mindanao and deprived the Chief Executive of his powers and prerogatives to enforce the laws of the land and to maintain public order and safety in Mindanao; thereby constituting the crime of rebellion.

By virtue of the powers vested in me by the Constitution and by law, I had to declare martial law in the Mindanao group of islands for a period not exceeding sixty days, effective as of May 23, 2017.

The privilege of the writ of habeas corpus is likewise suspended in the aforesaid area for the duration of martial law.

Government may consider the covered areas of Martial Law in the event that members of the Maute group and other ISIS affiliated terrorists seek sanctuary or expand their terroristic activities in the Visayas and Mindanao.

In all decisions and actions, let me assure you that [our] primordial concern is the safety and welfare of our people. 

It is our Constitutional mandate to enforce the law and provide security. It is our Constitutional duty to ensure that every family, every community, all Filipinos, are assured to live in peace and harmony. We will stay true to our mandate and duty, this I can assure everyone.

Thank you and good afternoon.

And I am ready to answer the questions from media.


Genalyn Kabiling (Manila Bulletin): Good afternoon Mr. President. Sir, may we know why you decided to declare martial law in the entire Mindanao not just Marawi City? Has the government monitored any threats of ISIS in other parts of the country?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: There should be no singularization of this mandate. You know, there was this siege in Mindanao resulting in the distractions of lives and properties.

There had been a series of bombings and all terroristic activities of every kind, every criminal acts committed in the southern part of our country.

Remember that Davao City was also a victim of a bombing several months ago.

All of these and other things, government decided to just remain tolerant.

Not oblivious to the terrorist act, but there has been suggestion in the past that I declare martial law. And even some senators, which I cannot mention now, urged me to do it. But I said that there has to be a very compelling reason to do it.

And what is that compelling reason? You must remember that earlier and even in the command… my first command conference and the military and the police, alam nila.

Sabi ko, I made a projection, not a prediction that one of these days, the hardest thing to deal with would be the arrival of ISIS in our country.

And it has come to pass that there is really war going on and street fighting in Marawi itself.

I do not know how many buildings were destroyed. Pero ‘yung chief of police ng Malabang, he was in Marawi City, pag-uwi niya going back home, this was stopped by a checkpoint that was manned by the terrorist. And I think they were decapitated right there and then.

These things government cannot allow. It is an open defiance and the violence, the atrocities continue.

Government must put an end to this.  I cannot gamble with ISIS because they are everywhere. And, you know what is happening or you must be very aware of what happened in the Middle East.

I once was… I was asked during the debates in La Salle, but unfortunately I was the only candidate who showed up. And I was asked what would be my response to terrorism. And I said, I would be harsh, and harsh in enforcing the law.

Just a few days ago and in the past months, I have always said, do not force my hand into it because if I start to declare martial law, I will solve all the problems of Mindanao connected with law and order.

As President, if I cannot confront them, I will resign. If I am incompetent and incapable of keeping order in this country, let me step down and give the job to somebody else. But I will deal with the problem as it is.

Most of you were witnesses many years ago when President Marcos declared martial law. It will be solely between the commander in chief and the Armed Forces and the Police.

But I will assure you that I will no… I am not willing to allow abuses. Government still running. Congress is functioning. The courts are open for citizens to seek their grievance.

But, in keeping with the law and order, it behooves now on the military, the Armed Forces to do what is expected of them – restore order and [that?] martial law covers the area of the whole of entire Jolo, Basilan, and Tawi-Tawi.

I am appealing to the humanity of everybody, especially those who sow terror: Do not allow the ISIS to come in. I warn you again: Do not do it because as I have said my response would be harsh.

I will not hesitate to do anything and everything to protect and preserve the Filipino nation.

Ms. Kabiling:  Sir, what are the rules of engagements of the military? Will there be more troop deployment, airstrikes, curfew during martial law?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: It is normal. It is just an augmentation. Ordinarily, the law and order situation is addressed by the police.

But once it gets out of hand, out of control, and here comes a foreign ideology that is being imposed on the people, I will not allow it. I will not allow the country to go to the dogs.

As I said, the military has the primary role now of keeping the law and order situation and in all parts of the Republic of the Philippines.

I may decide to expand the area to include the Visayas because it is just a walking distance actually. And because of the many islands, they can always escape there and begin another terroristic activity.

I have ordered the military, specially the Navy to embargo the islands, specially the sea that separates Mindanao from the Visayas.

I am just awaiting for the hard facts. I’ll be meeting my… [to?] the Cabinet. I’ll be briefed by all the commander of the area. I might also decide to suspend the Writ of Habeas Corpus in the Visayas.

Remember that this is not intended for the law-abiding citizens. We are the least of your worry.

But if you confront government and my orders are one: to enforce the law. And anyone caught possessing a gun and confronting us with violence, my orders are shoot to kill.

I will not hesitate to do it. My human rights is different. It is an institutional theory which we will reserve and observe.

I said, I will not allow abuses. The courts are open. But anyone now holding a gun, confronting government with violence, my orders are spare no one. Let us solve the problem of Mindanao once and for all.

Kaya ko sinasabi ‘nong paalis na ako and in the past, do not, do not force my hand into it because I will solve all the problems that ails Mindanao.

It would take me maybe 60 days, 15 days but you can be very sure that the response of government will be not only equal but commensurate to the resistance of the law.

Checkpoints will be allowed; searches will be allowed; arrest without a warrant will be allowed in Mindanao. And I do not need to secure any search warrant or a warrant of arrest.

If you are identified positively on the other side, you can be arrested and detained. All… But if the things goes out of hand, actually there is a severe fighting, I will allow the Mindanaoans, Moros, and Christians alike, if you are in a possession of a gun licensed by government and in order to give you security and protect your family, you can bring it out.

Just show your ID or your license, specially your license. I said, pagka nagpatayan na pati civilian, I will allow the civilians to carry their guns outside of their residence.

But be sure that it is licensed in your name. And do not falsify anything because you’ll also be detained and investigated.

How many days? I really do not know. There’s a law which says that after three days.

You know, I have always maintained that my duty, my sacred duty to preserve and defend the Filipino does not emanate from any constitutional restriction.

It is in my oath of office. I beg to disagree with anyone. In this oath of office which I promised to God and to the people that I will protect and defend the country.

And dito ako. If I think that you should die, you will die. If you fight us, you will die.

If there’s an open defiance, you will die. And if it means many people dying, so be it. Ganon talaga.

Sinabi ko na sa inyo, do not force my hand. But we are not new in what is the nature of martial law in the Philippines.

I said I will not declare curfew but maybe in certain areas. Lanao del Sur, Lanao del Norte, Maguindanao, Sultan Kudarat, North Cotabato, and maybe in Zamboanga to protect the civilians altogether.

After the meeting with the Cabinet in a few hours, I will issue the corresponding orders to respond to the challenges of providing security for the people.

Kayo namang walang mga kasalanan at wala kayong gawin sa gabi, there is no connection of energy doon, patay.

And maybe they will try– I’m just anticipating — to blow up the towers there that carries the energy towards Mindanao.

And I said do not do it because anyone holding a gun. I will issue the necessary orders in providing for the civilians to carry their guns, but not now. And of these places, there will be curfew to enforce by the police and the military.

Ina Andolong (CNN Philippines): Good afternoon sir. I’m Ina Andolong from CNN Philippines. Sir, before you left Russia, you gave an interview and you said that the martial law declaration will not be any different from the martial law declared by former President Marcos. How so sir considering or considering that martial law was hounded by allegations of torture and abuse?  

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Martial law of Mr. Marcos was very good. It was intended really—

You know, as far as… I know and I’m concerned. I would say that the only importation of firearms outside of the country ever to happen was the Karagatan. All others were locally generated.

Lahat ‘yung halos karamihan ipagbili ng may hawak ng baril, iprenda, ganon. And for those military offenders, you will have a summary hearing of a martial court. Military… they will be subjected to military laws.

And I said, I warned everybody. Everybody is everybody. The members of the military, police and everyone, do not try to challenge government.

No abuses of any kind. The courts are open. You can always go to the court. But in Mindanao, the remedy of Habeas Corpus is not available for you. And I will detain you. [inaudible] 36 hours. That is only when everything is smooth and you are only dealing with criminals and wrong doers.

I have a serious problem in Mindanao and the ISIS has taken its… their footprints are everywhere. And there are many, many foreigners and Caucasians looking.

So they want to establish something there. But at the end of the day, I will say that I am not surprised by Lanao del Sur… is also maybe in cahoots or cooperating.

Lanao del Sur is the poorest province in… So in the next few months, the available money will be used to introduce improvement of the place of every kind.

We will rebuild the schools, provide livelihood because I said poverty, or Mindanao has the highest incidence of poverty.

So I am not surprised and even the NPAs. So we are resumed… we have resumed the talks now.

Last time was Dureza calling him. But I said I will not sign anything if there is fighting. I do not want to pick a fight with you guys and I am referring to the NPAs.

Allow me to focus the problem sa Mindanao. And maybe the spillover in the Visayas and in Luzon.

If I think that the ISIS has already taken foothold also in Luzon and terrorism is not really far behind I might declare Martial Law throughout the country to protect the people.

Ms. Andolong: Sir, do you think 60 days is enough or are you looking at the possibility of going beyond 60 days?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Well if it is not enough, I have told the Senate President, who was with me, he was with my entourage in Moscow. It’s just only too bad that I have to abbreviate my trip because of what happened.

We would have needed the services of everybody. And let me also remind in passing that I… last minute when we received the news about the Philippines, I decided to abort everything and come home.

I told the security guys of Russia that if there’s any chance which I can just talk to President Putin, even for… just to say hello and goodbye and thank him for the splendid warm welcome.

But he was in another region of Russia. You know, Russia is here in, it’s so huge and vast. Ibang parte ng Russia is in Asia and the other end, westward is Europe.

So it… expanse, the expanse is really… But he decided last minute to fly. I don’t know from where. And I was just asking for 10 minutes.

We had about an hour and a half. We discussed everything. Economic, security, assistance. And I said I come here, not really to ask for anything but I ask that we be friends and allow me to do trade and commerce via your country, in the eastern side of Europe.

I am not in a position to divulge anything. Let me just used the word very productive. With me was the Secretary of the Foreign Affairs and the Defense Secretary. And it was good.

And I am both today happy that President Putin was very accommodating. As a matter of fact, very liberal. But I’m also sad because our countrymen are suffering in Mindanao right now.

Ms. Andolong: Last for my end sir. How

confident are you with our intel capabilities? Do you think there was a failure of intelligence in, with what happened in Marawi? Because I believe Secretary Lorenzana said yesterday that there was an apparent lack of appreciation in the intel–?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE : You know the freedom of expression is not an [exclusive?] thing for the Christians and other religion.

Marami na ‘yan silang pumunta dito, especially in the guise of being a member of the tabligh. Tabligh is an organization that could be similar to what the Catholics would call the Knights of Columbus.

And if they had been in and out of the country without really bringing anything that is prohibited, contraband or drugs, we have… we do not have the power to just confront them and drive them away.

If it just a religious connected activity, we cannot just… there is freedom of expression and freedom to worship your own religion.

It is guaranteed in the Constitution. And it is not an exclusive right for Christians and other religion. It applies to all, the Filipino nation because we follow democracy.

Nandito na ‘yan sila noon. Some of them are Arabs, [inaudible]. Well, I don’t know and we never asked.

They’re all around including the Caucasian looking guys. But in recent encounters, we have killed a lot of them.

And government is very strong, we just don’t want anything that could react to a flick of a finger. But I am sure that we can overcome them in due time.

Kaya pakiusap ko naman sa mga kababayan ko, ‘yung mga kadugo ko na Moro. I said I do not want to fight you.

I do not want a quarrel with the Moro people. And the talks between the MI and the MN and the ‘M’ others will continue.

If they will continue with the talks, Misuari is out, enjoying his freedom outside and if Maria Sison will come home, I will allow him and he can also have his freedom.

Maria Sison is old, is sick. And he deserves to be where he belongs considering the imponderables of life. 

Lahat naman tayo, we go sometime and it is a terrible thing, I said, to die in another country.

So all those NPAs and– In the meantime, if there is cessation of hostilities, you can go anywhere.

But my orders to the Armed Forces and to the Police, they cannot be denied or government cannot deny access to any baranggay in any part of the Philippines. Nobody claims their territory including the Communist Party. Sabi nila this is a controlled… no such thing.

Every inch of this Republic is owned by the people of the Philippines, government. Kaya kayong sa mga NPA and those in the boondocks, you can come down and have dinner with me in my house, as long as we stop fighting.

But you know this is a 50-year war. Mag-50 years na. That’s why I was posing a question to them. What do you want, another 50 years of fighting? I do not want it. I loathe it. I hate it. I hate killing Filipinos.

But do not give me no option because we are prepared, government is to wage war for another 50 years, or at least during my term.

I will not allow government to be playing a secondary road. Nothing of the sort and I will not allow it.

And if I have to enforce the law, ang target ko kasing isa ‘yung droga. As I have said before, nobody was listening, and the skeptics and the hypocrites, itong human rights, itong droga na ito is being produced in numbers and every time we make raids, tanque de… tanque de guerra tawag nila, sa atin, tanks and everything are put to use because they are well defended with machine guns and everything.

I have lost more than 200 soldiers and personnel. If you count the previous atrocities including the Zamboanga siege, marami na akong patay na sundalo pati pulis.

This has to stop, this has to stop. So everyone, let go of your firearms. It could be a pistol, revolver, it could be a rifle, because you will die.

My orders are really to shoot. And for the police, I was outside when this happened, they kidnapped, there was also a kidnapping with the police, my order was… two million a piece, dead or alive.

Sabihin niyo, human right you’re listening. Duterte nandito na naman siya. Saan niya natutunan ‘yang dead or alive, reward: dead or alive.

Sa Amerikano, sa mga sine. Si Clint Eastwood, si Gary Cooper. Tapos si Jesse James, Billy the Kid. Reward: Dead or Alive.

So what’s wrong in copying a good method of attaining peace? All you have to do is follow the Americans. Kayo nag-imbento niyang Reward: Dead or Alive.  Two million for the neck, for the head of those policemen.

P***** i** kayo talagang papatayin ko… L**** kayo. Sinabi ko nga, kayong sa gobyerno, kayo ang maunang mamatay.

Do not f*** with me because you are adding trouble to the country.

It will never be the same. Mindanao will never be the same after this. If I need another 60 days, I’ll go to the Senate President and explain to him, he’s from Mindanao, he’s here, Senator Pimentel, the Senate President. And I’ve invited them go to Davao and to listen to the briefing so that I can issue the other.

As to [ASSO?], I don’t know if it is declared illegal or not, but it is the practice, I made a research. Martial law includes arrest without warrant, search without warrant.

So if I… the [ASSO?] will be implemented by the Armed Forces and the Police.

I had so many in mind but skeptical ako. It is… dito na lang tayo sa present set-up. The Defense department under General Cimatu and the Chief of Staff.

Año is supposed to retire next week but I said it’s not good to be changing horses midstream. He is extended in his tour of duty for another six months.

And after that we will review. But he’s supposed to take over DILG kasi may problema rin talaga tayo sa DILG, specially the police, pagka-inutil.

Not all, few scalawags in between. But because of the lure of money, ang sindikato dito may galing sa CIDG, may galing sa Highway Patrol, may galing doon sa istasyon, may kanya-kanya silang sindikato ang police dito, totoo.

But Manila lang. Outside of Manila, Cebu is hotbed of drugs. I think it was the floodgate of the drugs being produced.

Ang terorista sa Mindanao has gone into production of shabu. And most of the fighters, even the young ones in Jolo, when they fight government security forces, most of the time lango sila.

So they’re suffering casualties. Kaya itong drugs talaga, pati ang pulis na, nagki-kidnap. My surprise really, he was involved in that Korean kidnapping na namatay.

He was assigned somewhere in Rizal, Taguig. I don’t know. But he returned to his mother unit, I was still working the day he was captured for the recent kidnapping of the wife of an inmate in Muntinlupa.

Talagang, gusto talaga nito ng kamatayan. P**** i**, ibigay ko talaga sa inyo– Your head is worth two million. I do not care if you bring his cadaver in front of me, I’ll pay you without question. If he’s alive in front of me, come back for another reason.

Saan ko ilagay ‘yang mga p***** i** ‘yan.

You know, the drug company, a drug activity is still is being managed by people inside the penitentiary, sa Bilibid. Ginawa ng lahat ng gobyerno… SAF, I don’t know baka gusto nilang subukan ang Marine. 

But lahat ng transaction, even in a Davao penal colony, doon ang mga tawag. May alam nitong mga u*** na alam natin. 

And for that matter also I would like to thank the United States government for helping us on the technical side. 

I do not deny the contribution of the United States. But because you make it hard for us to acquire on a reason that we are human rights violator.

So I will advise the United States, do not come here because you are in the land of… Sabi ninyo violator of human rights.

If you want to decide to protect the human rights of everybody, go to some other places. We will take care of the problem.

Do not threaten us with imprisonment. Hindi ako bugok. I am lawyer and I know where I should be. 

But if per chance, I go to prison, I’d be happy, as long I do it for the Filipino people, I will be happy to go to jail and to die and to lose the presidency.

So don’t f*** with me about ISIS… ICC. Demanda ninyo, you come here. You do not even consult ‘yung si g*** na ‘yun.

And I would like to put to task publicly this Reyes. You know five years ago, Santiago who was the PDEA chief gave us a figure of three million.

Ang binigay ni Reyes sa chairman sa Dangerous Board, ‘yung accomplishment ni Bato ng PNP. That’s 1.8. And dala-dala ng babae was 1.8. When I have been telling everybody, everything that there’s about four million drug addict. 

And here comes a chairman, you’re fired today get out of the service. You do not contradict your own government. If you are there you are not… you’re just a civilian member of a board. 

You are not the implementor of the law. The correct count is the police and the PDEA. Ibigay mo lang [inaudible] dala-dala ‘nong ano, ‘nong nag-announce doon sa– There is too much interference, with the advent of human rights, lahat ng gobyerno pinapakailaman ninyo.

That is why we have kept a distance. It was you who cancelled… you want to cancel the 23,000 rifles which we need for the police.

Okay. Ang EU magbigay ng 200 million euros maraming kondisyones, human rights– Anong klaseng, anong klaseng grant ‘yan?

And do you know what? Susunod na idea… Sonny Dominguez said, I did not accept it because that would give them a reason to interfere, which is correct.

Alam mo ‘yung Amerika magbigay, but then including the go around [inaudible] this theory about allowing a country to pass a law, to allow same sex marriage. Kung hindi t******, alam mo p**** i** ka,  Katoliko itong– Tapos itong mga State Department, parang u***.

If you are an atheist or a… What’s the other word for that? Prognostic. You’re destroying America little by little. And one set of values of Obama and another set of rules, sabi ni Trump, you are doing it right. Itong si Obama, you’re doing it wrong.

So saan ako susunod sa inyong–?

So if you cannot agree with each other, I would rather go to Russia… very courteous leader but very hardliner. Kanya talaga is the security of his state, period. No questions asked. And that is good. And in Mindanao, it will happen.

May curfew sa dalawang… Lanao, Maguindanao, Sultan Kudarat. Maybe not… Maguindanao, Jolo, Basilan, down to Tawi-Tawi.

The military will enforce it. And if you violate the law, when there is a curfew, restriction,  it is your choice to die. P***** i** problema ninyo ‘yan.

When there is a curfew, it is intended to benefit everybody. So you will not fall a victim to any misinformation, misapprehension, miscalculation.

And we have the, dito Moro Cabinet members, Secretary Alonto and Secretary Mamao. Told them to go to… home because I was, I was talking with the generals, if I could gotomorrow.

Said they are still fighting, if you go there, the troops will be focusing on your security at makalimutan na ‘yung problema.

So sabi nila huwag ka munang pumunta. Eh itong dalawa. Eh Maranao rin ‘to. Sabi ko, umuwi na kayo doon at pakiusapan.

I said, I do not want to quarrel with anybody. I do not want to quarrel with my cousins in Lanao del Sur. That’s far but do not, do not be in that group.

Magpatayan lang tayo. Get out from harm’s way.

Other questions?

Reymund Tinaza (Bombo Radyo): Good afternoon, Mr. President. Sir, may we know when we will see the hard copy, the document and when, and will you be personally appearing to Congress to report the declaration of martial law?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Yes… no, in writing, in writing. Hindi na ako pupunta doon because I can do it in writing. I have to go home. Remember, 48 hours. So, ang dokumento, ang problema naiwan sa hotel doon sa—

‘Yung proclamation na pinirmahan ko naiwan doon sa hotel. So, balikan pa namin ‘yun. Hindi, it’s there, it’s there.

You go to the Defense secretary. Nakakatawa ‘to eh. It was really funny. Ito ‘yung Proclamation. Anong numero ito? Ewan ko. Basta may pirma ako declaring martial law.

Look at what is really the irony of life. So I signed it. And I said, done in the Russian Federation. It’s a place, I was there. So I cannot—done in the City of Manila, Philippines. Eh nandoon ako.

But declaring martial law, tinawagan ko muna si Guevarra, si Secretary Guevarra. Sabi ko, i-announce mo na, eh napirmahan ko na eh.

But done in the Russian  Federation this 23rd day of May in the year of our Lord [2017].

I have to go to Japan. That plane is very expensive. I’ll look for another cheaper way of going there. Naano na eh, napuno na. But this will be my last. I won’t travel anymore after this.

Pagod na talaga ako. I said, tagal na ako. But the last is Japan and if I sign anything there for the execution of somebody, I will say done in Japan this 7th day of June.

We do not want violence. Purpose there is to maintain law and order. I’m sure the military hate and the police hate killing their own countrymen.

Ibang istorya ito siguro pag ano–

If the Chief of Staff is here, General Año. Ikaw sir ‘yung implementor. You get your orders from the civilian authority, Roy Cimatu.

But ikaw ho ang mag-implement para wala ng question about civilian because you will be reporting to a civilian officials.

In the higher echelons of the authority, it must emanate from a civilian.

So General Cimatu has been a Chief of Staff, he was our ambassador in the Middle East crisis, transporting back Filipinos. There is no need at this time.

But pag ka ganon, ikaw pa rin ang utusan ko kasi ikaw ang may alam diyan sa… saan ‘yung mga magagandang Arabo. I am sure you have toured the country.

Any more?

Mr. Tinaza: Sir, last. Sir, what could be… Aside from the curfew in the three or four provinces in Lanao, what could be the first order of the day, specially on the ground that there are reports of some priests or church workers being held hostage by this Maute terror group?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Well, we will try to save as many as we can who are taken hostages now. That’s why Secretary Alonto and Secretary Mamao, brod ko ‘yan siya.

Sabi ko, pumunta ka doon at try to talk sense to them and I’m willing to go there to talk.

Make no mistake about it. I’m willing to go to Marawi anytime. When you say that they want to talk about peace, lay down the arms and I will go there and talk to them. The three of us.

Eh puro naman tayo Maranao, o ‘di, magkaintindihan tayo.

So ito ‘yung mga. Actually it’s my own, my grandmother.

Any question? Traditional one? ‘Yung iba? ‘Yung sila pala? Member ba kayo ng media? Eh siya muna kay ‘yun ang tinuro ko. ‘Yan. O, tapos ‘yung sunod agad na magtago-tago diyan sa, behind the— Yes, ma’am?

Maricel Halili (TV 5): Hi sir, good afternoon. Sir, I just would like to elaborate on your meeting with President Putin. What else did you talk about aside from trade and economy during your one-hour meeting? Did you ask the President for his support to fight ISIS and what was his response?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Actually, he was holding a [stick?], parang class card. And it has a… Secretary Lorenzana and Senator Cayetano and my aide, Bong Go.

Binigay niya lahat. Binigay niya lahat. An invitation… Filipinos to go there, study medicine.

They have told me last night that they have tremendously improved the study about the immune system, how it works and everything.

I forgot the other term that he used but I distinctly heard immune system.

Ms. Halili: But how about sir the problem of terrorism in the country? Did you discuss about it?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: They are also ready. I said everything. And I said, I need the firearms. I’m not asking for it.

I am…. If you can give me a soft loan payable in so many years because I said, I am a poor country, I said. And he was pointing to Secretary Lorenzana. And he said, where’s your list? He did it three times. Saan ‘yung listahan ninyo?

So I’m very happy… an indication that he has, he never said no. He said yes to all the proposed agenda sa bilateral, wala naman panahon ‘cause I had to go to the, ‘yung mga parliamentarians nila, then I had to talk to Medvedev, the Premier.

But because it was so sudden, sabi ko 10 minutes lang para magpasalamat ako. But it lingered on for about one hour and 30 minutes.

And we exchanged ideas about terrorism, economics and everything.

And to all of our… he said yes. I said, I will pay for it, I’m not asking for anything. Just give us time to, you know, we are a poor country. Out of our savings, we will pay you. Eh sabi niya, okay.

Ms. Halili: Sir, may we know how much will be the soft loan for the–?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: I really don’t know. So the wherewithals maybe is with Cayetano, Secretary of the Foreign Affairs. He’s there left behind and the Secretary of DTI.

I think we’re good at this time with Russia. I am not abandoning the… there’s the RP-US Pact. But that does not, no longer needed to meet the challenges.

In the first place, ‘yung in case the Philippines is attacked, it’s from the outside, never mentioned about an internal strife that could implode from the, within our own country to… not explode but to… it will implode in our territory.

Ms. Halili: Okay. Thank you sir.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: He is very sympathetic. And by the way, he conveyed his condolences, his grief for those who have died. ‘Yung police of, chief of police ng Malabang.

He happened to be in Marawi. Pag-uwi niya, may checkpoint ang ISIS, his head was cut off and I think many others.

So that’s how it is. It’s brutality, cruelty. And if you want an example, just remember the Abu Sayyaf, how many guys that they have decapitated there.

And the bombings of Davao. Do not forget that 15 died while just eating outside the stores there. And the Zamboanga Siege and far between the years, maraming explosions na. All places: Butuan, Cagayan. That is an open defiance.

If you raise the flag of ISIS, that was the time I said, this cannot be done. It has to be stopped.

And I am willing to gamble with martial law. And I will put a stop to it and I think everything that ails Mindanao.

Remember that we are from Mindanao and we suffered the bombing of only about last year. Many died while just eating in the public square.

Ms. Halili: Thank you sir.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Siya, nauna man siya ma’am, tapos ikaw. Kita mo, ‘di–

Pia Gutierrez (ABS-CBN): Hi sir. Sir, I’m Pia Gutierrez from ABS-CBN. Sir, tatanong ko lang kung sino po ‘yung itatalaga ninyong administrator ng martial law?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: The Chief of Staff. He is there. I presented him as our probable next… he’s supposed to take his oath of office this week as DILG chief. Retired na siya eh. But I said, I do not want to change horses midstream.

I have extended his tour of duty to another six months.

Ms. Gutierrez: Six months. So in the meantime sir, sino po ang magiging OIC ng DILG sir?


Ms. Gutierrez: Sino sir ‘yung hahawak sa DILG sir?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Ang hahawak ng?

Ms. Gutierrez: Sa DILG sir, DILG. Now that you have extended the tour of duty of General Año?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Where is General Cuy? Another general.

Ms. Gutierrez: Okay. Sir, nabanggit niyo rin po ‘yung posibilidad na i-deklara niyo ang martial law sa buong Pilipinas. Ano po ‘yung magiging batayan ninyo sir kapag umabot po sa punto na iniisip… iisipin ninyo na posibleng buong bansa na ang pagdedeklara ng martial law, sir?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Look, I am not a… an all-knowing President. It was the police and the military which says that we have reached dangerous level.

Martial law will end after the police and the military will tell me that everything is stabilized. So maybe from another 60 days, I will ask the generals. Give me enough time to stabilize and to solve the allied problems, so can we have a peaceful… we can move on.

Otherwise, this remaining term of mine, five years plus, if I survive, it was… it would have been remembered as an administration that did nothing. In face of violence diyan, wala akong gawa. Zamboanga siege, wala–

I will not accept that kind of s***. I said I do not have a quarrel with the Moro people. I’m with you. There will be no abuses done at all. Everything in government functions.

But in Mindanao, it is different because I said, they forced my hand into it.

Ang sabi ko, I hate doing it but if I have to, I will. Eh ito na ngayon.

Ms. Gutierrez: Sir, last na lang po. Can you walk us through sir ‘yung process po ninyo na pag-decide na kailangan nang i-deklara ang martial law sir sa Mindanao? Ano po ‘yung… sino po ‘yung una ninyong kinausap? Ano po ‘yung mga naging konsiderasyon ninyo?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Again? Hindi ko makuha ‘yung–

Ms. Gutierrez: Sir, can you walk us through doon sa naging process po ninyo in deciding to declare martial law in Mindanao sir? Sino po… Ano po ‘yung una niyong ginawa? Sino po ‘yung mga kinausap po ninyo?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: I get my facts from the military and the police. Where else? It’s connected with law and order. Primarily, martial law is to prevent the disruption of law and order in every–

Ms. Gutierrez: Thank you sir.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: I traveled 10 hours. My hearing, every time there’s a–

Celerina Monte (Manila Shimbun): Good afternoon sir. I am Celerina Monte from the Daily Manila Shimbun, Japanese newspaper. Sir, with your declaration of martial law in Mindanao, how do you see this affecting our economy? Because there are certain… there are some investors who raised concerns regarding this declaration?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: That is why I said, we must be fast and restore normalcy. If it can be done one week, I’d be very happy. But if it would take me until the end of my term to see that Mindanao is safe for everybody, I will do it.

Ms. Monte: Sir, you have mentioned that you will push through with your trip–

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Of course, I have to ask Congress every time 60 days expires. Again?

Ms. Monte: Sir, you have mentioned that you will push through with your trip to Japan on June 5 and 6. May we know what you’re going to discuss with the Prime Minister during your meeting with him?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Well, it’s always money. Trade and commerce. I’m not asking for anything, lalo na pera. If you want to help, there are so many… they can finance it and we can pay or they can operate it. If it’s a toll or something else that uses the… that’s being used by the riding public.

We can have an arrangement that can be acceptable to everybody.

Ms. Monte: That’s all. Thank you.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Again, I would like to thank the Russian government, President Putin, for the splendid welcome and their desire to help.

And I had to disrupt. Putin was somewhere else in the region of… and when he heard that I was in a hurry, he said that he’s, he would be flying in from somewhere and we’re able to discuss the matter
So we started at about 11 and finished about 2. We had a lot of things in common.

Salamat po.

— END —