25 May 2017

From Presidential Spokesperson Ernie Abella – On the Duterte administration +66 SWS rating
Public appreciation on the Duterte administration continues to grow as its March 2017 rating shows a 5-point increase at +66 compared from +61 in December 2016.

This “very good” net satisfaction rating in the First Quarter 2017 Social Weather Stations (SWS) survey is reflected in Classes ABC, D and E and across all geographic areas, except in Mindanao, which gave the current government an “excellent” rating.

We believe that the significant gains of the Duterte administration have started to be felt by our people as they rated the government “very good” in the area of helping the poor and “good” in the following areas, namely, fighting terrorism, defending the country’s territorial rights, providing jobs, fighting crimes, eradicating graft and corruption, solving the problem of extra judicial killings, reconciliation with Muslim rebels, and reconciliation with communist rebels.

President Duterte continues to work hard for a progressive and inclusive nation where there is a trustworthy government, long-lasting peace and prosperity for all.