Mindanao Hour Briefing by Presidential Spokesperson Ernesto Abella with Ms. Marie Peña – Ruiz
Radyo ng Bayan
01 July 2017

[recording starts] 

PRESIDENTIAL SPOKESPERSON ABELLA: … 20 of June 2017. Ano po, may mga ano po, reports na updated patungkol po sa mga civilians na ano po, pinatay ng mga terrorists. As far as we ano po, 39 po ‘to, 39.

According to Scene of the Crime — SOCO report’s correction, ‘yung ni-report po na, for the previous 17 cadavers recovered 17 days ago is actually po, actually 12 lang po pala upon full examination.

So ‘yung, ang ano po, verified, are only 12 cadavers.

Susunod po, is civilians rescued by government troops, LGUs and CSOs: 1,713 po. 1,713.

Kasunod po naman, sa mga terrorists na napatay, 317 – three-one-seven.

Ang government casualties, 82.

We’d like to read a note:

Patuloy po nating ni-re-reiterate na government policy not to negotiate with terrorists — we will not negotiate with terrorists.

At patungkol po naman sa mga supposed, supposed to be na mga nagkakalat na balita:

We wish to forewarn the public of reported planned attacks of the NPA on people-oriented programs and infrastructure projects and request the citizenry of Mindanao and everyone else in the country to be on the alert and on the lookout.

We also appeal to everyone to share information with authorities on suspicious persons and activities in their communities.

Sabi nga po nila, if we can work together, we can prevent this extortion-related activities.

Para po sa perspective ng militar, ang mga gawain po na mga planned attacks na ito ng mga NPA are all extortion-related.

Now, significant developments:

  1. Military offensive operations continue and portions of the four remaining barangays remain problematic. 
  1. Clearing operations also by sector are ongoing.
  1. Inter-agency meetings and consultations preparatory to the rehabilitation, reconstruction and rebuilding of Marawi when hostilities end have begun and are ongoing.

Ang focus po sa Marawi military operations remains to be:

  1. Continuous clearing of Marawi of remaining armed terrorists that continue to pose pockets of resistance to the advancing troops;
  1. Continue rescue of trapped residents to include those held hostages;
  1. Continue the recovery of civilian casualties or cadavers and victims;
  1. Assist the LGU, CSOs, NGOs on relief operations; and
  1. To prepare to assist Government/LGUs for the rehabilitation, reconstruction and rebuilding phase as soon as the rebellion is quelled. Joined Task Group Ranao was formed to focus on this.

This ends the statements. Hello? 

  1. RUIZ:Thank you very much, sir for your opening statement at ‘yung mga updates po. Meron lang tayong dalawang tanong galing kay Leila ng Philippine Daily Inquirer po. 


Ms. Ruiz: Sir, a Reuters report said police using hospitals to alter evidence of drug killings and cover up what could be executions of drug suspects — 

PRESIDENTIAL SPOKESPERSON ABELLA: Ma’am, choppy po kayo. Pakiulit po. 

Ms. Ruiz: Yes sir. Ito po ang tanong po ni Leila: a Reuters report said police using hospitals to alter evidence of drug killings and cover up what could be executions of drug suspects. DILG chief said he would ask the PNP to look into allegations. What does the Palace think of this report po?

PRESIDENTIAL SPOKESPERSON ABELLA: Ma’am, ano po, ma’am may we — the PNP has already answered this matter and we defer po sa kanilang sagot. 

Ms. Ruiz: Sir, if the police daw would be found to have been covering up killings by bringing drug suspects to hospitals, is this covered by the President’s promise to protect law enforcers in the drug war and make sure they won’t go to jail? 

PRESIDENTIAL SPOKESPERSON ABELLA: Ma’am, we will not make any comments regarding that matter. Ang pagkakasabi po ni… we will defer to the answer of General Bato po. 

Ms. Ruiz: Okay, thank you, sir. Second topic po, what does the Palace think of Senator Risa Hontiveros’ assessment that the President’s first year was one of misogyny and that it had been dangerous to be a woman under his rule? Thank you po.

 PRESIDENTIAL SPOKESPERSON ABELLA: Ang masasabi ko po siguro ay, unang una, ito pong si ano po, ‘yung [how do you call it?] I would like to say, I’d like to repeat what the BBC interview — interviewer said.

She seems to be pretty out of touch regarding the matter ‘no. ‘Yun pong ano — we need to remember that the President, when he was still a mayor ‘no… She — we hope that Senator Hontiveros should judge the President not by the word that he says, but for what he stands for, tsaka po ‘yung talagang tinatayuan niya.

Tandaan po natin na noong city mayor siya, he implemented — may in-implement po siyang local version of the Reproductive Health Bill even before it was legislated nationally.

Pangalawa, the President has always been supportive of the Women’s Code, which pinasa naman po ng Davao City Council noong 1997 pa. And to ano po, and to ensure also the full participation ng mga komunidad, Davao City has created actually the Council for Women, magmula po barangay level na nagmo-monitor ng reports ng violence against women sa… dito po sa 182 villages sa siyudad.

And then also… meron pong ‘yung ano, pinatayo din po niya ‘yung Women and Children Protection Unit na na-establish po ng local government at the Southern Philippines Medical Center po to provide psychological support. And not to mention po ‘yung 911.

So, what we are saying here po is that we need to [inaudible] it not just on the words na… ‘yung style ng Presidente ng pananalita. But we need to go back to what he actually stands for at tsaka po ‘yung mga pinaggagawa niya.

Kung talaga pong ano, nakita ng ano… If only the Senator would really look and not just make comments based on prejudgments and kneejerk reactions, I would say that she… we would be in a better place. Thank you po. 

Ms. Ruiz: Thank you very much, sir, for your statements today and for answering the questions. 


Ms. Ruiz: Maraming Salamat, sir. Mabuhay po kayo. Happy weekend.