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Bloodless campaign against illegal drugs working — PBBM

President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. does not see any reason to change the approach of the administration’s anti-illegal drug campaign following the success of the anti-illegal drug operation of the Philippine National Police (PNP) in Alitagtag, Batangas, resulting in the seizure of PhP13.3 billion worth of shabu.

“No, quite the contrary, why will we change?” President Marcos told reporters when asked if the administration intends to shift the approach of its anti-illegal drug operation following the seizure of over two tons of shabu at a checkpoint in Batangas on Monday.

The PhP13.3 billion shabu seized in Batangas is considered as the “biggest drug haul in Philippine history,” surpassing the previous record of 1,589 teabags of shabu worth PhP11 billion in Infanta, Quezon in March 2022.

From July 2022 to December 2023, the government has already conducted 36,803 anti-illegal drug operations, resulting in the arrest of 49,700 drug personalities including the 3,284 “high value targets” with a total value of PhP 16.24 billion.

Of the number of arrested illegal drug suspects, the government has already filed 47,516 illegal drug charges with 28,302 drug cases resolved: 22,201 or 78.44 percent resulted in conviction while 2,427 or 8.58 percent resulted in dismissal; and 3,674 or 12.98 percent resulted in acquittal.

At least 314,917 drug dependents underwent the Community-Based Drug Rehabilitation Program while the 105 Balay Silangan Reformation Centers have produced 1,854 graduates.

Government records showed that 28,243 or 67.24 percent of barangays nationwide are declared drug-cleared; 6,127 or 14.59 percent as drug-free; and 363 or 0.86 percent are drug affected; while 7,268, or 17.30 percent have yet to be cleared.

President Marcos directed law enforcers to adopt a holistic approach to the drug problem in the Philippines by emphasizing a public health approach while going after large-scale drug syndicates in the country.

“So, it’s much more than it has been in the past,” President Marcos said.

“So, it’s the most successful approach to the drug war so far. So, why will we change it? We won’t change it; we’ll continue to do what we are doing. Of course, I cannot explain to you every detail of what we are doing, but we will continue to do what we are doing,” he added.

President Marcos said that the recent seizure of illegal drugs in Batangas is considered to be the biggest drug haul in the Philippines without resulting into deaths or violence. PND