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I repeat, Filipinos don’t yield — PBBM

President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. echoed one of his famous lines on Wednesday to express the Filipinos’ love for freedom during the celebration of Philippine Independence Day.

“On many occasions, great trials have all the more strengthened our resolve and unified our people because as I have said, ‘Filipinos do not yield’,” President Marcos said in his toast remarks for the Vin d’honneur in Malacañang.

President Marcos said the struggle for Philippine independence continues to reverberate to this day, not against colonial oppression, but against modern-day challenges.

“We draw inspiration from the valor, resilience, and untiring spirit of our forefathers as we tackle these new challenges confronting our country,” he told members of his cabinet and the Diplomatic Corps.

President Marcos said Wednesday’s reception is more than just a commemoration of the birth of the Philippine Republic – the first in Asia – but a strong affirmation of the century-old Nationhood.

He said the Filipinos’ collective duty is to safeguard what their forefathers have fought
and died to protect the country and defend everything from those who will try to cross the line.

“Filipinos must dig deep into their valiant past and draw strength from the heroism of their forefathers and let the heritage of selflessness propel them forward into the future,” he added.

As the nation celebrates the Philippine independence, 126 years since the Philippine flag was first unfurled in 1898, the flame of Filipino nationalism that sustained the quest for freedom remains lit in the beating heart of the Filipino nation to this very day, the President said.

The President also delved into the Philippines’ adherence to an independent foreign policy seeking to strengthen existing alliances and build new partnerships with like-minded states.

“Our foreign policy is grounded on the continuing promotion and work for peace, and the continuing promotion and work for our national interest,” President Marcos said.

“On the global stage, we have taken positions in support of the rule of law and of the rules-based international order, grounded on the principles laid out in the UN Charter and multilateral conventions,” he added.

The Philippines will continue to enhance engagements with bilateral, regional, and
multilateral partners, as it continues to promote diplomacy and dialogue in our efforts to “build bridges” in our various multilateral advocacies – such as for peace, economic development, and climate change, the President said.

The Vin d’honneur is an official reception hosted by the President of the Philippines at Malacañan Palace, traditionally held on New Year’s Day and on Independence Day. PND