News Release

IATF allows gyms in NCR Plus, movement of fully vaccinated seniors

The Inter-Agency Task Force (IATF) on Thursday, June 10, 2021, allowed the opening of indoor non-contact sports venues with Safety Seal Certifications such as gyms, fitness studios, skating rinks, and racket sports courts in the National Capital Region (NCR) Plus areas at 30% venue capacity.

Also allowed to open are historical sites and museums in the NCR Plus areas at 20% venue capacity following health and safety protocols and the approval of the local government unit where these sites may be situated.

Guided tours in these historical sites and museums, however, remain prohibited.

The IATF likewise allowed the movement of fully vaccinated senior citizens in areas under General Community Quarantine and Modified General Community Quarantine, subject to presentation of a duly issued COVID-19 vaccination card, and strict observance of the minimum public health standards.

The movement of fully vaccinated senior is, however, limited to travel within their zone as interzonal travel is still prohibited, except for point-to-point travel that was previously allowed.

Also, on the issue of fully vaccinated individuals, the IATF amended the guidelines of inbound international travel to any port of the Philippines of all fully vaccinated individuals who have been vaccinated in the Philippines, stated in IATF Resolution No. 119.

First, the IATF issued a date of effectivity in the abovementioned guideline, which is, June 16, 2021.

Second, the IATF explained the verification process of vaccination cards, stating that a fully vaccinated individual must carry his or her vaccination card which must be verified prior to his/her departure prior to boarding, and a certification issued prior to his/her departure by the Department of Information and Communications Technology or the City Health Officer of the local government unit which administered the last dose necessary for full vaccination. ###