News Release

Message of Sec. Martin Andanar for the inauguration of Mindanao Media Hub

Today, as we stand here together, within the broadcast facilities of the Mindanao Media Hub, we are writing history as we open the vast network of information dissemination in this building, which was inaugurated last December 2020.

This cannot be said often enough: the communication of truthful information is the foundation of a strong republic.

The art of reporting stories that have relevance and importance to the daily lives of our people belongs to the professional journalist, whose medium of communication is now transmitted through the advanced technological instruments contained within these rooms. We now present them to you, and to the people of Mindanao, with great honor. There are likewise several other Media Hubs, presently under construction in strategic regions— Media Hubs which will be completed within the timeline of this administration.

Our office has set the ideal of information dissemination, by establishing direct connectivity with the people, through the best methods and mechanisms of transmission as well as for obtaining feedback. Current video streaming is now a means by which direct and immediate contact may be achieved with the viewers to effect productive discourse and dialogue. This is revitalizing the democratic principle of civic participation.

We are glad to present these capabilities within the Mindanao Media Hub. Indeed, a well-informed citizenry reflects a well-informed government.

Thank you for being with us today. We are at your service, 24/7. Mabuhay and God bless!