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Overcome challenges the way Bataan heroes did, PBBM tells Filipinos

President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. urged Filipinos on Tuesday to emulate the bravery, integrity, and resilience of the heroes and heroines who defended Bataan during World War II to overcome present challenges confronting the nation.

In his message for the commemoration of the Day of Valor, President Marcos said that while Filipinos fought for freedom and democracy more than 80 years ago, the country now lives in a completely different age.

He said the present challenges are in no way less grave with offensive forces continuing to threaten the nation outside and within, endangering the country’s hard-fought gains.

“There are times when our struggles seem too complex or too daunting. Still, these are precisely the moments that we must stand by our cherished freedoms and principles, perform our tasks with utmost dedication and diligence, and fight fiercely for a better life and a brighter future,” President Marcos said in his message dated April 9.

“Thus, on our commemoration of the Day of Valor or Araw ng Kagitingan, let us emulate the bravery, integrity, and resilience of the heroes and heroines of Bataan so that, like them, we may emerge triumphant in the trials of our time,” he added.

With the great sacrifices of Filipinos in Bataan, President Marcos called on the nation to be inspired and follow their legacy by working together to realize as one the Bagong Pilipinas that the administration aspires for the people.

The Day of Valor or “Araw ng Kagitingan” commemorates the heroism and sacrifice of Filipinos during World War II. PND