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PBBM calls on Filipinos to unite in protecting pristine waters of Bagong Pilipinas; vows to elevate PH’s standing as hotspot of biodiversity, underwater adventure

President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. called on Friday on Filipinos to come together in protecting the marine resources of the Philippines as he vowed to sustain the country’s standing as “a hotspot of biodiversity and underwater adventure” through strategic investment and sustainable tourism.

In his speech delivered Department of Tourism (DOT) Secretary Christina Frasco at the opening ceremony of the Philippine International Dive Expo (PHIDEX) 2024 in Pasay City, President Marcos underscored the importance of protecting the country’s pristine waters.

“Ladies and gentlemen, the time to dive into adventure has arrived. But let us do so with a profound respect for the delicate ecosystems that sustain life beneath the waves,” President Marcos said in his speech delivered by Secretary Frasco.

“Together, let us be united in our efforts to take care of the pristine waters that cradle the ‘Bagong Pilipinas’ that we are determined to build,” the President added as he thanked the organizers of the PHIDEX and extended his congratulations to them for the great success of the event.

“Through strategic investments in infrastructure and sustainable tourism initiatives, the government will continue to elevate our country’s standing as a hotspot of biodiversity and underwater adventure.”

President Marcos also stressed the importance of the private sector’s participation in ensuring that the Philippines “remains a premier destination for diving enthusiasts and professionals” from around the world.

In December last year, the World Travel Awards 2023 hailed the Philippines as the world’s leading beach destination and the world’s leading dive destination.

The President said one of the key objectives of the expo is to strengthen partnership between local and international stakeholders through programs that will promote economic growth, and conservation of marine life.

The programs include Dive Travel Exchange Business-to-Business meetings, Dive conferences or seminars which will open valuable opportunities for knowledge exchange, especially in learning best dive practices and innovative approaches to ocean conservation from international experts.

President Marcos added that post-familiarization tours will “allow international dive tour operators to experience firsthand the beauty of our top and emerging dive destinations” that will help attract more investors.

“We look forward to showcasing new dive destinations and inviting potential investors to explore business opportunities in our thriving dive tourism sector,” the President said in his speech.

This year’s expo has a theme of “Heart of Asia’s Diving: Collaboration for the Ocean Community,” which tends to leverage our country’s vast marine resources and underwater landscapes to make it a primary destination for diving enthusiasts worldwide. PND