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PBBM cites Filipinos’ heroism in celebrating PH Independence Day

President Ferdinand R. Marcos on Monday drew inspiration from the heroism of the Filipinos’ forefathers to highlight the celebration of Philippine independence.

The President led the celebration of one of Philippine’s “proudest moments’ of its history, the 126th anniversary of the proclamation of Philippine independence.

According to the President, the celebration is “more than just a commemoration of the birth of the Philippine Republic.” It’s a “a strong affirmation of our century-old nationhood” and the nation’s duty “to safeguard what our forefathers have fought and died for,” he added.

“So that we may carry on our sacrosanct mandate to protect our country and to defend everything that is rightfully ours from those who will try to cross [the redlines],” President Marcos said in his toast remarks during the Vin d’honneur in Malacañan Palace

“We must dig deep into our valiant past, draw strength from the heroism of our forefathers, and let this heritage of selflessness propel us forward into the future,” he added.

The President said the glow is not lost in the Filipinos and even highlighted that the nation’s patriotic sentiments can awaken easily whenever the country’s interest is tested, like a “flickering flame into a fiery blaze.”

“On many occasions, great trials have all the more strengthened our resolve and unified our people because as I have said, Filipinos do not yield”, President Marcos said.

As modern-day challenges surfaced against Philippine independence, the chief executive encouraged everyone to “draw inspiration from the valor, resilience, and uniting spirit” of our ancestors in facing these challenges.

The Vin d’honneur is an official reception hosted by the President of the Philippines at Malacañan Palace, traditionally held on New Year’s Day and on Philippine Independence Day.

Vin d’honneur comes from the French practice, which means “wine of honor,” and takes place at the end of inaugurations, speeches and ceremonies. |PND