News Release

PBBM honors women’s contributions to society, calls for end to gender-based violence, discrimination, biases

On International Women’s Day, President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. acknowledged the invaluable role that women play in society that drive progress.

While highlighting the unyielding resilience of women that helped shape development, the President likewise stressed the need to confront disparities that women continue to face.

“In an age marked by rapid growth and transformation, it is imperative for the global community to honor the incalculable worth of women’s contributions across all facets of society and sustain the gains that have emerged from their countless struggles and sacrifices,” he said in his message.

“Yet, within our relentless pursuit of progress, we must confront the inequalities and disparities that still persist. By ending gender-based violence, discrimination, and biases that cast shadows over the realization of women’s dreams, we actively engage in a mission that nurtures equity, inclusion, and empowerment.”

President Marcos further enjoined the public to help in achieving a more inclusive society.

“Through our collective efforts, have faith that we will bring about a kind of change that stands the test of time, resonates across borders, and reverberates in the core of our societies.,” he said.

“Always remember that, by amplifying the voices of women, championing their rights, and reinforcing their fundamental freedom, we, in turn, elevate entire communities and nations, propelling ourselves towards a stronger, more equitable, and more progressive world for all,” he pointed out.

The International Women’s Day, celebrated on March 8, is a global celebration commemorating the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women.

This year’s campaign is “Inspire Inclusion”. | PND