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PBBM leads inauguration of Phase 1C of Pasig River rehab project showcase area

President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. on Sunday led the inauguration of Phase 1C of the Pasig River Urban Development Project (PRUDP) showcase area.

The inauguration of the project signifies President Marcos’ intent to fulfill his promise to restore Pasig River’s old glory.

“After decades of neglect, let us witness the revitalization of our beloved Pasig River,” President Marcos declared.

The Chief Executive was accompanied by First Lady Louise Araneta-Marcos in marking the 500-meter showcase area of the PRUDP’s Manila Old Downtown Segment.

With this progress, the President ensured its consistency with earlier stages of the program.

Phase 1C focuses on functional development that includes pedestrian-friendly infrastructure, commercial zones, and green spaces, the President explained.

President Marcos said the project is expected to generate economic activity along the riverbanks, increase activity, and drive tourism through rentable food and retail stalls, walkways, bike lanes, and boardwalk.

“The structures within the project are also targeted to use renewable energy and promote other ecological practices that are aligned with our environmental protection and conservation strategies,” the President said.

The President ensured its parallelism to the Philippines’ national agenda of sustainable development, benefiting both the environment and Filipinos.

“But Pasig River unlike any other river, for it has its own stories, its own lessons, and its heritage to tell. It reflects the unyielding resolve and bayanihan spirit of the Filipinos,” he said.

For the Chief Executive, the project mirrors the “ongoing journey towards a brighter future” for the country. “In a sense, how well we do here will reflect our efforts in other areas across the country,” he added.

“Rest assured that apart from our enthusiasm and optimism, the First Lady and I will provide our all-hour support and commitment to the completion of this project, hopefully in three years’ time that will be our goal,” he added.

President Marcos thanked those involved in the project, including members of the Inter-Agency Council (IAC) for the PRUDP and the local government of Manila. He said the project would help in the realization of the river’s rehabilitation.

He called on the project implementers and stakeholders to “sustain the cleanliness, beauty, and security of the esplanade” and to ensure the completion of the project within the targeted time frame.

The President also urged every Filipino to rally behind the advocacy of saving the Pasig River.

“Supporting and participating in the efforts of the government and its partners to help maintain its cleanliness and that will go a long way,” he said.

PRUDP was enacted through Executive Order No. 35, in which the President constituted and mandated the IAC-PRUD to facilitate and ensure the rehabilitation of the Pasig River and nearby water systems. It also directs the relocation of informal settler families living along the riverbanks.

On Jan. 17 this year, Phases 1A and 1B were inaugurated. They represent the 250-meter commercial walkway connecting MacArthur Bridge and Jones Bridge in Manila which is part of PRUDP’s second segment. | PND