News Release

PBBM on Chinese New Year: Let the Year of the Dragon rekindle our enthusiasm and optimism to steer nation to greater heights

President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. urged the people to reflect on the accomplishments in 2023 as he extended his heartfelt greetings to the entire country in commemoration of the Chinese New Year this year.

“This occasion brims with infinite opportunities as we gather to pay homage to the heritage of the dragon, a timeless symbol of power, wisdom and courage,” President Marcos said in his message to the Filipino-Chinese community.

“In its majestic presence, let us reflect on our accomplishments in the past year, cherishing the triumphs that elevated our spirits and nourished our souls,” he added.

President Marcos said he is hoping that the victories of 2023 rekindle everyone’s “enthusiasm and optimism” in uplifting and steering the country to greater heights.

The President also reminded everyone to take to heart that dreams turn into reality through firm commitment and resolve.

He also urged everyone to embrace the spirited heartbeat of the dragon’s real, knowing that the limitless horizon of this Year of the Dragon brings endless possibilities.

“As one diverse yet united community, may we immerse ourselves in the richness of our cultural identity and lay the groundwork for a more peaceful, harmonious and progressive Philippines. I wish everyone an auspicious and bountiful Chinese New Year,” the President said.

The Year of the Dragon signifies power, might and imperial influence over everything. PND