News Release

PBBM progressing well from COVID-19

The Presidential Communications Office (PCO) reported on Saturday that President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. is recovering well from COVID-19, a few days after he tested positive from the coronavirus.

In a statement, the PCO said President Marcos has completed the mandatory five-day isolation period, and is already free from cough, nasal congestion and fever over the past 24 hours.

“President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr is progressing well in his recovery. Today, on the fifth day of home isolation, the President is now free from cough, nasal congestion, and fever for more than 24 hours,” the PCO said on its official Facebook page.

“All other medical findings were unremarkable. Consequently, the President’s final diagnosis is Covid-19, Recovered. Throughout the entire home isolation period, the President was closely monitored by medical professionals,” it added.

The PCO said President Marcos’ isolation period will conclude on Sunday, December 10 as it emphasized that his doctor had recommended to continuously wear face mask for 10 days during his public engagements as a precaution. PND