News Release

PBBM promises Filipino women prominent roles, greater voice in gov’t

President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. vowed Wednesday to provide Filipino women with more prominent roles and greater voice particularly in government amid challenges in women empowerment.

Speaking during the awarding ceremony for the 2023 Outstanding Women in Law Enforcement and National Security at Malacañang Palace, President Marcos acknowledged the remaining challenges that block the progress of women despite the country’s great strides in promoting gender equality.

“I assure you of this administration’s steadfast pursuits to provide women with more prominent roles as well as a greater voice, especially in government,” the President said.

“This administration shall continue to implement concrete and comprehensive measures to increase women’s representation in the security sector and government service towards creating a more inclusive, equitable, and sustainable society,” President Marcos pointed out.

The government, the chief executive said, would continue to work with civil society groups and the private sector in a whole-of-society approach to advance women’s rights and promote equal opportunities.

The President said the Philippines was the first in the region to formulate a National Action Plan on Women, Peace, and Security that provided comprehensive action points to improve the role and status of women in the security sector.

President Marcos also expressed hope that the Office of the Presidential Adviser for Peace, Reconciliation and Unity (OPAPPRU) will begin the crafting of an updated National Action Plan on Women, Peace, and Security as the government recognizes women’s great abilities.

Addressing the awardees, the President challenged them to continue serving the country with the same passion and perseverance that led them to Wednesday’s awarding rites.

“Let us work together on creating conditions for women to make choices, thrive in their chosen careers, and fulfill their goals and aspirations for themselves, their families, and the country,” the President said.

Expressing his congratulatory message, President Marcos thanked the awardees for their dedication in sustaining peace and order in local communities and in ensuring the country’s safety by fighting in the frontlines at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“We all salute your efforts to look after your families while at the same time risking your lives without any hesitation to safeguard the well-being of the Filipino people. It is high time that these contributions are recognized and valued,” President Marcos said, adding they have broken gender stereotypes, and showed young girls that they can excel even in male- dominated professions.

“I would also like to thank the Republic Defenders in their commitment to inspire and to empower women to raise the bar of performance, which impacts positively upon their organizations, immediate community, and the country,” the President said.#