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PBBM to Filipinos: Uphold legacy of Lapulapu’s patriotism against modern-day oppressors

President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. challenged the Filipinos, especially the youth, to continue embracing the ideals of Lapulapu and the wealth of the Philippine heritage as the country shifts to a “Bagong Pilipinas.”

“The challenge now for all, especially the youth, is to continue embracing his [Lapulapu] ideals and the wealth of our heritage as we realize a ‘Bagong Pilipinas’ that is built on the foundations of the liberty and freedom that he and all our other heroes fought hard for,” President Marcos said.

President Marcos joined the Filipinos in commemorating the valor, bravery and boldness of Lapulapu and his men at the Battle of Mactan, which ultimately became the epitome of the “indomitable Filipino spirit” through the years.

Lapulapu’s courage and love for the country, President Marcos said, only showed how “a force that is rooted in community, courage, and integrity can destroy even the strongest of opponents,” which is timely and relevant today.

He said that everyone is called to take on the challenge and rise against modern-day oppressors and uphold patriotism.

“The same is what the nation needs today. Despite being in a world incomparable to that of Lapulapu, we are called to rise against our modern-day oppressors – greed, selfishness, and divisiveness – and uphold the legacy of patriotism that has been passed onto us through the years,” he said.

“The image of Lapulapu as a living, breathing, and real figure who risked his life to keep his family, comrades, and community safe from hostile outsiders may seem strange to our modern responsibilities. Yet, he remains a symbol of the bravery and honor that each of us inherently possesses,” he added.

Lapulapu killed Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan at the ‘Battle of Mactan on April 27, 1521. |PND