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PBBM to IP champs: Help PH achieve inclusive, sustainable dev’t

PBBM called on Filipino innovators on Monday to maximize the “transformative power” of science and technology as part of their contribution towards an inclusive and sustainable Bagong Pilipinas.

In a speech delivered by Executive Secretary Lucas P. Bersamin, President Marcos called the innovators ‘to join hands in the spirit of unity and collaboration.

He also recognized the Intellectual Property (IP) champions during the “2024 Gawad Yamang Isip Awards Night” in Makati City.

“As we stand on the threshold of a Bagong Pilipinas, I call everyone present here today to join hands in the spirit of unity and collaboration,” President Marcos said.

“Together, let us harness the transformative power of science and technology to build a nation where inclusive and sustainable development serve as the bedrock of our national progress,” he added.

The Chief Executive also encouraged Filipinos’ participation in establishing the Philippines as a regional hub for smart and sustainable manufacturing, innovation, creativity, and sustainability.

“Let us establish the Philippines as a regional hub for smart and sustainable manufacturing, and a place where innovation, creativity, and sustainability shine for future generations to come,” he said.

President Marcos urged the innovators to continue to be driven to improve the lives of the Filipino people. He thanked them for acknowledging the government’s efforts in advocating innovation and intellectual property protection.

He also said the administration will remain steadfast in encouraging not only the government but also the partners in the private sector and academe to fully utilize and reap the benefits of innovation until the end of his leadership.

The Gawad Yamang Isip was conferred since 2019, recognizing individuals and institutions with significant contributions to improving the Filipino’s quality of life through IP.

“Their intellectual excellence and creative brilliance have shone a light to the Filipino nation, showing that, indeed, we have what it takes to aspire to greatness,” President Marcos said as he expressed great pride honoring the exceptional awardees.

He said the government has committed to further push the boundaries of creativity and ingenuity to better reflect our nation’s shared spirit of innovation.

Desiring to foster a culture of innovation for a future that is filled with possibilities in the country, President Marcos emphasized the government’s commitment to expand boundaries of creativity and ingenuity through the National Innovation Agenda and Strategy Document (NIASD) 2023-2022, a blueprint that heralds a new era of progress, where scientists, researchers, entrepreneurs, engineers, and the rest of the nation unite in harmony to shape a brighter tomorrow. |PND