News Release

PBBM to Malacañang employees: Be the embodiment of excellence, integrity and compassion under Bagong Pilipinas

President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. urged the employees of the Office of the President (OP) to renew their commitment to providing a peaceful and productive lives for the people as he assured them of the government’s commitment to providing them all the support, resources and opportunities for their welfare and advancement.

“On this day, let us renew our commitment to giving the Filipino people a life that is peaceful and productive,” President Marcos said in his speech during the 127th Anniversary of the OP on Friday, delivered by Executive Secretary Lucas P. Bersamin.

The President also urged the OP employees to “become the embodiment of the Filipino people’s highest aspirations for a government that serves with excellence, integrity and compassion, bringing a Bagong Pilipinas that we can proudly bequeath to succeeding generations.”

He also thanked them for their hard work, and assured them that their efforts are highly appreciated.

“This Administration remains fully committed to providing you with the support, resources, and opportunities necessary for your welfare and advancement. Happy 127th Anniversary to all of us here at the Office of the President,” the chief executive said.

The OP was created on March 22, 1897 during the Tejeros Convention, which resulted in the creation of a new revolutionary government and the election of Emilio Aguinaldo as President. It is mandated to respond to the specific needs and requirements of the President to achieve the purposes and objectives of the OP.

President Marcos reminded the OP employees that they are “one team, one family,” which means that their contributions to the office, whether big or small, significantly contributes to the purpose of the office, to the Filipino people and to the country.

“Many of you here work in anonymity and behind the scenes, but your labors impact the lives of millions, and all are important to the nation. To be an OP employee is both a source of pride and a burden. They look up to you as civil service’s elite, the paragons of hard work and honesty,” President Marcos said.

“The OP has historically been viewed as the template of efficiency, discipline, and excellence in public service. Every day, we strive to live up to these expectations. I know that you belong to a professional corps of civil servants, so it does not matter to me what God you worship, what political beliefs you embrace, for as long as these do not get in the way of your work,” he added.

Before concluding his speech, President Marcos underscored that he does not demand OP employees’ everlasting loyalty except for their loyalty to the people, whom they serve to the best of their ability. *PND*