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PBBM to new PMA graduates: Vigorously defend what is ours

President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. reminded the Bagong Sinag Class of 2024 of the Philippine Military Academy (PMA) to assert Philippine rights over its territory and protect any part of it from being taken by any foreign intruders.

In his speech during the commencement exercises of class Bagong Sinag in Baguio City, President Marcos said attempts to divert the Filipinos’ attention and dissipate their vigilance should not draw the new military officers away from the threats the nation is facing.

The tasks, the President said, include keeping the Filipino people safe in their homes, Philippine territories secured, defenses against threats strong, and democracy vibrant and stable.

He added said the new graduates are also “inductees” in the national effort to address various issues. He mentioned the efforts against groups whose fossilized ideas have been rejected by people tired of war, and against invaders.

“These are intruders who have been disrespecting our territorial integrity. We will vigorously defend what is ours. But our conduct must always be guided by law and [by] our responsibility as a rules-abiding member of the community of nations,” President Marcos said.

He said the country should be defended “against evolving threats that harm our people and corrode social and political trust.” “We will be adept, we will be flexible, and we will be ready in repelling such things,” the chief executive told the 238-strong cadets.

To carry out those goals, the President said the cadets should be ready, prompting him to order the Department of National Defense (DND) and the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) to review the curriculum of the PMA.

President Marcos was the guest of honor and keynote speaker during the commencement exercises of the 278-strong graduating PMA cadets at the academy’s Borromeo Field, Fort Gregorio del Pilar, Loakan in Baguio City on Saturday.

“Bagong Sinag” stands for “Bagong Henerasyong Gagampanan ang Tama: Serbisyo, Integridad, at Nasyonalismo ang Aming Gabay”. A total of 278 out of 350 original cadets finished the course and conferred with the degree of Bachelor of Science in National Security Management (BSNSM).

Of the figure, 224 are male while 54 are female. Seven cadets graduated from Foreign Service Academies.

The PMA was established on October 25, 1898 by virtue of a decree issued by then President Emilio Aguinaldo and was formally created on December 21, 1935. |PND