News Release

PBBM urges Army to be vigilant amid external security threats; promises continued AFP modernization

The country’s Army must be vigilant amid a more complex and unpredictable external security environment, President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. said on Wednesday as he assured the military that his administration remains committed to modernizing the Armed Forces to make it a highly capable organization.

Speaking at the Philippine Army’s (PA) 126th Founding Anniversary in Fort Bonifacio in Taguig City, President Marcos pointed to the increasing geopolitical tension in the region, as well as the advancements in technology, which he said, will dictate the future of warfare.

“That is why the Army must always be fully prepared and capable for any contingencies, especially considering you are the country’s last line of defense against any external security threat,” the Commander-in-Chief told the officers and men of the Army.

“Be vigilant against elements that will undermine our hard-earned peace, our hard-earned stability,” the President said.

President Marcos also reminded the Army to continue improving its relations with its counterparts overseas through sharing of information and learning from the best regional practices to make the Philippine military better.

With the emerging threat to the nation’s territory, the Commander-in-Chief expressed confidence that the Philippine Army, with more than a century of experience, will be able to rise up to the task of adjusting its strategies.

“As your Commander-in-Chief, I am assuring you that we remain committed to modernizing the Armed Forces so no threat will be impossible to handle,” the President said.

“We will continue to invest not only in modern equipment and material but also in your training, so you can keep abreast of concepts, doctrines, and strategies that we now need in the modern battlefield,” President Marcos pointed out.

As the country’s half-a-century’s fight with communist insurgents is coming to an end, the President said there is a need for a recalibration of the AFP’s military doctrine in dealing with internal security threats.

Recognizing the feat of Army troopers in clearing communities of internal security threats, the Commander-in-Chief said they must now continue being the catalyst to the rebels’ surrender and disarmament.

The government, the President said, is now undertaking an even more challenging mission that needs the cooperation of other sectors under a whole-of-nation approach.

“Take on the task of peacemakers—work with the national government agencies, the civil society groups, the private sector, and the communities themselves in keeping the peace,” President Marcos noted.

“It is a critical task as it is only through achieving internal security that we will be able to foster development and address equally important security concerns. It now behooves upon you to ensure that these areas will not fall onto the hands of those who intend to sow fear, discontent, and terror,” the President said.

The chief executive also called on the Army to protect the younger Filipinos who will be the country’s future leaders and to actively take part in molding them to be responsible citizens and patriotic leaders.

This year’s Army anniversary celebration carries the theme, “Army@126: Strong, United and Reliable.” The month-long celebration of the PA’s Founding Anniversary is geared towards achieving a world-class, multi-mission ready and cross-domain capable Army in the service of the Filipino people.

Aside from viewing the static and kinetic displays of the Army’s land assets and equipment during operations, President Marcos also led the presentation of awards to selected uniformed and civilian personnel of the Philippine Army. (PND)