News Release

PBBM urges Filipinos to join ‘You Have the Power’ campaign as the country commemorates Earth Hour

President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. urged the public on Saturday to join in the “You Have the Power” campaign as the whole country commemorates “Earth Hour.”

“Join us in the ‘You Have the Power’ campaign as we take steps towards energy security and sustainable systems,” President Marcos said in a short video message.

The President made the remarks during the observance of the Earth Hour campaign, highlighting the crucial role of energy efficiency in addressing climate change.

He said the Philippines will be able to reduce carbon footprint and create a sustainable future by embracing energy efficiency practices.

“In the Philippines, our commitment to promoting energy efficiency paves the way for a cleaner, more climate-resilient nation,” President Marcos said.

“Amid challenges like El Niño, efficient resource management becomes absolutely important,” he added.

The chief executive also urged the people to adhere to energy efficiency directives as it will not only preserve the environment, but also foster to a robust and adaptive “New Philippines.”

President Marcos also encouraged the public to “make this earth hour count towards a greener future.” PND