News Release

PH foreign policy grounded on fostering peace, nat’l interest –PBBM

The Philippines will continue engaging the global community through policies that promote peace and the country’s interest.

This was the declaration made by President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. during the Vin D’honneur in celebration of Philippine Independence Day in Malacanan Palace on Wednesday.

“Our foreign policy is grounded on the
continuing promotion and work for peace,
and the continuing promotion and work for our national interest,” the Chief Executive said.

Speaking before key government officials and members of the Diplomatic Corps led by the Papal Nuncio, President Marcos also articulated the Philippine’s support to rule of law and rules-based international order in dealing with pressing matters affecting the world.

“On the global stage, we have taken positions
in support of the rule of law and of the
rules-based international order, grounded on the principles laid out in the UN Charter
and multilateral conventions,” he said.

The President also pointed out the government’s resolve to practice diplomacy and other peaceful and constructive steps to establish friendly and fruitful relationships with other nations.

“As we continue to promote diplomacy
and dialogue in our efforts to “build bridges”
in our various multilateral advocacies –
such as for peace, economic development,
climate change, amongst others – we shall endeavor to enhance engagements with bilateral, regional, [and] multilateral partners, especially in areas where cooperation has not yet reached its full potential,” he explained.

Meanwhile, President Marcos expressed optimism that his brand of governance inspired by a ‘Bagong Pilipinas’ would be key in developing ties with other members of the international community.

“With Bagong Pilipinas, it is with confidence
that I say that we are engaging the world
for our country and for our people,” he said.