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PMA’s class “Bagong Sinag” earns PBBM’s praises, recognition

Seven female cadets of the male-dominated Philippine Military Academy (PMA) stood out in this year’s commencement exercises, leaving a remarkable impression on their Commander-In-Chief, President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr.

The seven female cadets made it to the elusive Top 10 of this year’s PMA “Bagong Sinag” Class of 2024 led by its batch Class Valedictorian Cadet 1st Class Jeneth Elumba with highest Latin honor, magna Cum laude and receiving various awards.

“I am pleased that this batch has produced female cadets who have shown outstanding performance, many of whom proudly swarmed the elusive list of top ten performers and special awardees,” President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. said.

A native of Surigao City, Elumba also received the Presidential Saber along with various awards such as the Philippine Army Saber; Joint United States Military Assistance Group (JUSMAG) Saber; and the Australian Defense Best Overall Performance Award.

She will be joining the Philippine Army (PA).

Other female achievers are Cadets 1st Class Cyril Joy Masculino, Magna Cum Laude (4th); Rosemell Dogello, Cum Laude (5th); Alexa Mye Valen (6th); Giselle Tong, Mathematics Plaque (8th); Danica Mary Viray, Cum Laude (9th); and Neriva Binag (10th).

“I share with your parents the immense pride and joy that I know they are feeling right now. Tomorrow, it will be the people’s turn to welcome you on your first tour as commissioned officers,” President Marcos said.

“Sa pagbaba ninyo sa kanila, alam kong dala-dala ninyo ang tanglaw ng bagong sinag na akma ninyong ipinangalan sa inyong hanay,” he said.

“The rays that will not only blaze the path of your careers, but will illuminate the good, defeat the darkness, and be a source of enlightenment,” he added.

The President reminded the “Bagong Sinag” to put people first.

He said the PMA has not only trained them to be proficient in warfare, but also to become champions of the welfare of the Filipino people.

“Because soldiering now is no longer limited to defending territories, but to improve the [lives] of the people who live there,” the chief executive, who was the guest of honor and keynote speaker of the commencement exercises, told the 238-strong graduates,” he stated.

Of the 238 graduating cadets, 224 are male while 54 are female. Seven cadets graduated from Foreign Service Academies.

President Marcos also recognized the PMA instructors for their hard work in providing a responsive military education and ensuring that the cadets are equipped to become worthy torchbearers of freedom.

The PMA was established on October 25, 1898 by virtue of a decree issued by then President Emilio Aguinaldo and was formally created on December 21, 1935. PND