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President Duterte condemns recent NPA attack in Quezon

President Rodrigo Roa Duterte on Monday, June 7, condemned the recent attack of the members of the New People’s Army (NPA) on government security forces on an aid mission in Quezon province, describing the atrocity as “sheer brutality”.

“Itong mga ano wala na ito, they do not have the ideology. Wala na ‘yang silang prinsipyo sa ulo nila makipag-away. They are there to plunder and to just for the sheer brutality of it all, they want to kill our soldiers,” the President said during his televised address Talked to the Nation.

“The police and soldiers across the country have been distributing food aid and other needs. At despite the sacrifice of the men and women of the Armed Forces of the Philippines and the police, still they are the object of itong depredations, attack,” he added.

The attack happened over the weekend as local policemen, soldiers and Citizen Armed Forces Geographical Unit (CAFGU) personnel distribute food aid to the Indigenous Peoples in Barangay Del Rosario, Buenavista, Quezon.

A member of government security forces died after sustaining bullet wounds while two others were injured but are now in stable condition.

In issuing his strong condemnation, the chief executive said no peace talks could ever succeed between the rebels and any national leadership if the insurgents continue to attack government forces and installations.

President Duterte also mentioned the vulnerability of village chiefs from harassments by the rebels, saying barangay captains are favorite targets.

“Iyong mga barangay captain is one sector na maraming pinatay ang NPA sa ngayon. Sila ang favorite target, especially itong mga barangay captains na proactive in favor of government. They are always the object of assassination,” he said.

“Sige lang tutal ang sundalo may mahuli isa, dalawa, magpipiyait (squeal) naman ‘yan kung ano, then we would know what to do with you. What you can do, I can do better ten times over. Ang kaya ninyo, kaya kong gawin. So I would know how to deal with you,” he warned.

On behalf of the nation, the President expressed his gratitude to the families of those who perished, assuring them that the fallen heroes would attain justice.

“But I’d like the soldiers to know and the families of the fallen heroes that the nation is very grateful to you and we would know also how to reciprocate their bravery. Itong lahat na ito, tutal identified man ‘yan sila, baka hindi matago eh. Justice will be served sa kanila in the end,” he said. PND