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President Duterte highlights role of volunteers in combating criminality, terrorism

President Rodrigo Roa Duterte on Friday recognized the role of advocacy groups and force multipliers in assisting the police in fulfilling its mandate of restoring peace and order and fighting criminality.

During the launching of the International and National Coalition of Lingkod Bayan Advocacy Support Groups and Force Multipliers, the President said the Philippine National Police (PNP) has a very important role in preventing crime and maintaining peace and order in the society.

“But we also cannot deny the fact that, if we are to totally eradicate criminality and terrorism, we need the active participation of our people,” the President said in a speech during the event held at the PNP Multi Purpose Center in Camp Brig. Gen. Rafael T. Crame.

“The formation of this coalition is a testament to the desire of private citizens and our communities to take part in the difficult task of achieving lasting peace across the nation.”

“Let me therefore thank our dedicated advocacy groups and force multipliers who will play an important role in helping the PNP fulfill its mandate and, especially, in restoring and reinforcing public trust in our police force.”

COVID-19 pandemic made heroes out of ordinary Filipinos, he said, noting he saw a new batch of heroes – the country’s selfless volunteers who come from various sectors of the society.

Addressing the volunteers, President Duterte advised them to keep in mind that their cooperation with the government is integral to the success of the country’s collective pursuit of genuine and lasting reforms.

He hopes the partnership between the PNP and volunteer groups will remain strong in the years ahead.

The President also mentioned the government’s fight against communist insurgency in the country. The effective anti-communist operations by the police and the military have substantially weakened the communist organization, according to the President.

“I’d like to congratulate the AFP and PNP for their drive. It’s a dwindling ragtag bandits, robbing there, killing there for money or for whatever without any direction or any ideology at all,” he said.

And with the help from all sectors of society, or by employing one-nation approach, communist insurgents can easily be defeated, he said. PND