News Release

Statement of Presidential Communications Secretary Martin Andanar

Today at the Human Rights Council, Secretary of Justice Menardo Guevara affirmed in the clearest terms the steady work of the government to address concerns on legitimate anti-drug operations where deaths occurred, even as we maintain our firm resolve to protect the Filipinos from the scourge of illegal drugs.

We acknowledge the steady work of the Department of Justice over the past months to review case files – despite the pandemic and typhoons. The Review Panel has endorsed its findings for further action by police authorities and will continue its work in coordination with all concerned government agencies.

The work of the panel attests to the vitality of  the national accountability processes in the country, which uphold peace, justice and human rights as inter-related pursuits.

The Filipino public recognizes the men and women of law enforcement agencies who have honorably dedicated their service and risked their lives to conduct the campaign against illegal drugs across the country, for the protection of the Filipino people and the next generation. We owe the gains of the success of the campaign now being felt tangibly across communities the country to their duty and sacrifice.