Arrival Statement of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte following his attendance to the APEC Economic Leaders’ meeting
Davao International Airport, Davao City
23 November 2016

Sit down, kindly. Salamat. 

Itong hindi tayo nasanay sa—Alam ko lang kasi ‘nong bata pa ako, ‘nong pag misa, mass. 

Ready with your questions? Regalado and–

Colleagues in government,
ladies and gentlemen. I am glad to be back from my first APEC Economic Leaders’ Meeting in Lima, Peru.

The trip was long but the presence and participation of the Philippines was an economic necessity.

Together with the Economic Leaders, we reviewed the progress made by APEC in achieving the organization’s goals.

For trade has helped spur growth, there was a keen awareness that free trade must benefit not only the big businesses.

I stressed the Philippines’ position that we must go beyond free trade and instead focus on economic and trade policies that must immediately yield benefits for our Micro, Small and Medium enterprises that form the backbone of APEC economies.

To make our MSMEs grow from local actors to global players, we must provide a supportive policy framework that ensure an economic environment for all businesses to thrive.

We will work hard to make sure that economic growth will be felt by all.

In various meetings during the entire Economic Leaders’ Week, the Philippine delegation presented and spelled out in detail our priority areas for economic cooperation and investments.

We explored opportunities that will open up avenues for sharing knowledge and expertise, forge linkages and learn best practices.

We may be able to replicate that experience in the management of SSS funds for our pensioners to derive more benefits from the fund with greater financial stability, security, and growth.  

In the area of communications, we’re finalizing our plans to open up information and communications technology industry to new players in order to promote competitiveness and improve quality of service.

Putulin ko muna ang basa ko dito sa ano ko ha. The only way to make this country more faster to benefit the poor is really to open up communications, the airwaves, and the entire energy sector. 

My decision now is, this moment is, bubuksan ko ang Pilipinas. Or else you can count by your fingers about, in one hand, the power players of this country.

I would not say that you are the elite because it would connotate another connotation. 

But I would say that in the light of what happened, meron dito ‘yung sa corruption, unahin ko na lang because I told them all, the only way for deliverance of this country is to remove it from the clutches of the few people who hold the power and money.

If I can survive the next phase of that area of governance, pag hindi ako… Well, I don’t know. 

But, I’d like just to send this strong message to—It’s about time that we share the money of the entire country and to move faster, make competition open to all. 

Kasi pag ka ganito, with the corrupt government and with the limited area to move, you’ll stymie competition and we will always be at the mercy of the corrupt people in this planet. 

We do not monopolize government corruption. That problem is shared by the whole of international arena.

But I would like not to wait for the others. Buksan ko na ang Pilipinas para wala ng—And, maybe reroute the entire red tape.

Kung gusto ko na lang siguro sa opisina na lang kayo magbigay ng application. Ako na magdala doon sa respective departments at ako na ang kukuha doon mismo sa resulta. Otherwise, wala tayong pahinga nito. 

And, I would say, kung ganon lang naman, meron ako ditong konting ano… I’d rather resign and give it to the others.

We are now also looking into regulatory requirements and institutional arrangements to hasten the entry of new players in the power industry and energy sector. 

The Philippines acknowledges the significant role of more vibrant telecommunication and power industries to be able to participate in the global market with a competitive edge.  

Recognizing the importance of law enforcement, creating, enabling a safe and secure business environment, we are also committed to enhance the capability of our police force.

At present, our transaction to purchase assault rifles from the US is put under review following the expressed opinion of a member of the US Senate and we explore other potential transactions which offer better deals and more advantageous terms.

These planned collaborative undertaking are among our positive engagements with economic partners in APEC.

At the sidelines of the Leaders’ Meeting, I met with Chinese President Xi Jin Ping and Russian President Vladimir Putin. 

We discussed ways to broadening and intensifying economic aid, [we didn’t?] talk about military and–

I welcomed the invitation of President Putin to visit Russia and I have directed the Secretary of Foreign Affairs and of the Defense to undertake an advance visit soonest to firm up a substantive agenda with Moscow.

Ang totoo talaga niyan, hindi makapunta ngayon because I cannot stand cold. 

China, in turn, has agreed to ramp the implementation of economic agreements made during my visit to Beijing.

President Xi Jin Ping and I directed officials of both of our governments to use coordinating mechanisms established to ensure the timely follow-up and implementation of the agreements.

In my engagement with foreign and business leaders, I also made it clear that the Philippines is now introducing economic and fiscal reforms as part of our needed approach to make it the world’s top investment destination of choice.

The Philippines is on track with unparalleled trajectory of growth.

Let’s work hard together to sustain, if not surpass, what the Philippines so far has achieved to improve the ease of doing business, suppress criminality and eliminate corruption.

I have previously enjoined all government agencies to be above board in their transaction. 

I am now reiterating my position that all allegations of corruption shall be dealt with seriously… severely.

In the light of the recent developments in the Energy Regulatory Commission, I have directed a comprehensive review of all legal remedies to overhaul and effect fundamental changes in the agency, including the officials.

Alam mo sa totoo lang, I have received word that the members of the, that body have refused to step down. 

I demanded that they all resign. Ayaw ninyo, dali lang ‘yan. We will abolish the office. I will not grant any single centavo. 

You can stay there forever. I’ll set-up another—Eh, kayo ‘yung, you hear the petitions for increases sa, itong energy, electric. 

Paano ko… How can I serve the people with a corrupt government? Kagaya ng nangyari sa opisina ninyo.

I am not attributing it to anybody. But the problem is we’ve been—Akala ninyo kasi nagbibiro tayo dito.

Mas ma-ano pa ako diyan sa mga rebellion, rebellion. Kasi talaga, my desire is to just be at peace with my countrymen. Pati sa mga Moro.

Corruption ang hindi ko matanggap. Kasi matagal na talaga ‘to. I am not trying to point out an era here but all along, noon pa ‘yan. Estudyante pa ako, sa totoo lang. 

Kasasawa ko na sa inyo. Be content with your allowances and sweldo ninyo. And do not make the government as a milking cow. 

Kayo diyan, ilan consultants just to accommodate–? Huwag na muna kami… kaming mga elected. 

Kayong mga appointed position, judges and all, prosecutors and all. Pati— Hindi na nagsawa. 

Isa pa ‘yung mga mahirap, they are or they have been eternally deprived of their living conditions. 

A similar directive was also issued in relation to fish pen operations and other related economic activities in the Laguna.

I do not propose to deprive you of your livelihood. But in all of those who have fish pens across the country, maski saan ka magpunta, you have deprived the man with a paddle and bangka of their even pagkain.

Huwag na muna ‘yan… to make even a livelihood. ‘Yung pagkain na lang. Itong fish pens, marami ‘to. Mga gobernador, mga mayor, mga barangay captains, military, pulis, retired or active duty. Lahat. Pati mga presidente ‘non, talagang pinipiga ang Pilipino.

You make arrangements with DENR. Limit your area, you can fence it. But you have to give the bigger share to the so many fisher folk.

I’m directing the… kasi itong, under ito ng authority. If you cannot do the job, by the second week of December, I will order the military to destroy it and this time no more arrangement of ano ang kailangan ninyo, what will be your area.

Because you are depriving them and everybody of the need, not even to live at this time but to survive. Kung sabihin na…. they’re living– Even to survive ang pagkain.

Kung ayaw ninyong liitan, sisirain ko. So you lose your investments and I don’t care. You can go to the Supreme Court. You can go to the whatever you want, Ombudsman, and file your cases there, but it will be my direct order and I will assume full responsibility for  them.

You make it hard for us and you will be sorry. Walang… Nobody has, nothing has moved in this country so far that’s significant to the human being. ‘Yan ang ibig kong sabihin.

While I was in Lima, I also understand that there were plans to greet my return with protests over the burial of President Ferdinand Marcos at the Libingan ng mga Bayani.

To all the protest organizations, let me throw this simple proposition to you: I will gladly and happy even to step down and relinquish my post if you can answer in the negative these two key questions: Was the late Ferdinand Marcos a President and was he a soldier?

Never mind about a hero. ‘Cause we are to document something like that. To document heroism requires history. ‘Di madali ‘yan. With the–

In the absence of the protest organizations here or pending their availability for their actual answers, let me end this arrival statement tonight: All of the decisions that I have made and still have to make are always guided by the common good and the general welfare of the people.  

Be it in the foreign affairs or in the domestic front, all actions of the government will be always driven by the desire and to resolve, to advance the national interests.

Consistent with these valued principles, let me assure you that while your, while protest actions are being staged, our military forces will remain and be confined in their camps. They are restricted to be there in their proper places.

We shall also keep a lean number of police personnel. Their role shall be limited to traffic enforcement and the basic policy standards. They are prohibited from carrying long firearms.

Protest action shall be allowed in all open public places for as long as they want with no time limit.

The protesters will neither need, hindi na kailangan, to secure rally permits in fear of being evicted.

You know, the rationale of this… a permit is always required, that’s a legal– But dito kasi, in this plan protest now, they are mobile, ambulant and travelling from one jurisdiction to the other. 

Kasi ang Maynila, pag-cross mo ng Parañaque to Pasay to Manila, with different mayors, with different entities that would issue the permit to hold a rally, there might be some local government might deny a permit to be issued and then if there is the marching now of people, they will confront it with the police.

Eh kung ganong mag-gulo, ako na mismo ang nagsasabi, as President, I assume that responsibility.

Again, I will answer for all legal issues there. The purpose is to assure the public peace.

To paraphrase what was said: I may not agree with what you say but I will protect your right to say it. That is our democracy.

As your President, you have my word and you have that commitment.

Maraming salamat po.


PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Questions? Let’s have the question hour. Pero hindi ‘yung one hour question hour. Just a–

EDITH REGALADO (The Philippine Star): Good evening, Mr. President. Apparently, while you were on your way home something happened during this hearing at the Senate — Kerwin Espinosa. Your Chief of Police Bato he shed some tears. Those tears were apparently an expression of his desperation because he said in his effort to reform the PNP he has gotten to certain times that he does not know whom to trust anymore because after Kerwin, what is this, revealed some names who were on the tape among the police officers in Region 8 and 7; and Bato was asked if how he will do it in terms of reforming the PNP. And now my question is, how will it affect your fight against illegal drugs? And the second question, sir, sir, today is the seventh year of the Maguindanao massacre, do you think we would — there would be justice before your term ends? 

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Inshallah, God willing kung term ang pag-usapan, Madam. This is always an uncertain planet. The first place, that call him Bato, I do not have any doubt. 

It’s was just an expression of a human being with a burden on the entire shoulders, the peace and the law and order of this country.

Naintindihan ko, sabi ko nga, ako? I will gladly step down. I’d be happy. My God, I’m telling you the truth. I’ll be most happy, pareho kami. Kung ganito lang magtrabaho ka…You know, you want at this age to be closer to the beauty of life, closer to God ‘cause it’s inevitable that you will go one of these days. Our age are limiting our number of days in this Earth.

Naintindihan ko si Bato pati lahat kaming may mabibigat, the generals, the guys who lose their troops, you know. Tapos ako dito sige kiya-kiya ng corruption.

Remember that I made only three basic promises when I campaigned for the presidency, no corruption, I will suppress drugs or I will end it with the people in the drug business and criminality so that we can move. That’s our experience in Davao. 

We were hitting a growth rate of almost seven, far from the rest sa mga LGUs. But why did we have it? Because Davao was peaceful. I never worried about economic guidelines there. Sinabi ko gawain ko lang itong ating siyudad peaceful and the investments will come. 

And I said I never pretended to be an economist but I said I campaigned because I’m a lawyer and I understood what it means to be in a peaceful place. 

Ms. Regalado: Yes, sir. Sir, but Bato was also quick to point out he said categorically that he will never leave you in your fight against illegal drugs.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: You know Bato has nothing to worry. As I have said to the military and the police, in obedience to that order against crime and the drugs, if I find out that you are not at fault at first instance, I will give you the guarantee that you will be protected. 

Hindi iyong mga scalawags, hindi ‘yung mga misfits. But an average soldier or a policeman or in government should have this presidential protection of mandate. If it is done in accordance with the rules of the law, then you have nothing to worry, go ahead.

Ako pa tuloy ‘yung magalit kung wala kang gawin. So that, it’s a feeling of…In many times in front of the military and the Cabinet members, I have expressed exasperation and it is no secret that I told them kung ito lang naman kagulo…But the problem is first, I have to do my duty. 

So, I was elected to serve for a specific term. I hope to arrive there if I ask myself about my country. Kung pag-usapan na kasi ang bayan, ibang istorya na ‘yan. Pero in my moments of ikaw na nga ‘yung nagta-trabaho at they call you— kung anu-ano pa pinagsasabi. 

You just prove to me that ito ngayon…This will be a golden opportunity for not really against the protest— because they will have my protection also. 

Pero naka…I step down nakangiti. Just answer those basic questions. I have to decide one way or the other. I cannot decide it in favor of the sentiments. Hindi few, marami iyan. But the problem is you are asking me to violate the law. 

Sakripisyo nga tayo sa buhay, nahirapan noon, kulang ang sweldo. Dumating ako dito only to face charges. I have to follow the law. That is my sworn duty when I was — and to protect and adhere to the Constitution.

Tanungin ko kayo ito lang dalawa: Was Marcos a soldier? Because if he was not, he doesn’t deserve to be there. Was Marcos a president? If he was not, then he should not be there. Was Marcos a coward during the war? That is not my business. We cannot tell. Was a hero? Hindi ko rin ‘yan…It’s there already…Is there an evidence of him being a hero? Yes. Why? The valor medal. It is not given to almost anybody, even among soldiers and the police.

It is really a precious gift from God for you to be considered as you have done something that is extraordinary and beyond the call of duty.

It is not my time no longer to be asking the questions of how he pulled the trigger and shot the enemy. I was not there. 

Was he a coward? I don’t know if he ran away from a battle but I was not there and nobody can give me a positive and definite answer on that. 

If you ask me to step down, I’ll ask you: Was I elected legally or did I get this mandate to serve by cheating the people? I do not remember of buying votes because I –wala akong pera. I do not remember threatening voters but I threatened the drug lords at ang mga — ang apparatus mismo. What did I tell you? I will declare war and in a war, somebody has to die. 

I never said a strong police punitive action because I knew that we are already in the narco-politics state, very similar as if we are now a country in Latin America. Alam ko noon na narco-politics na ang Pilipinas. That politics has crept in inside government by the number of barangay captains running to the thousands and the number of mayors pretending to be anti-drug advocates only to be traitors to our country.

Kaya ako sa galit…Iyong bolahin mo ako na: ‘O, Mr. President, huwag kang maniwala diyang ano..’ ‘Sabi nila…Wala ako diyan. Pulitika lang ‘yan.’ 

Tapos pagdating [tinuladang?]. Kaya sabi ko nga eh and to all sabihin mo lang sa akin ang totoo. Maybe there will be a little space for some agreement. Huwag mo akong bolahin. Pupunta-punta ka doon sa Malakanyang tapos? Maski sino. Ang problema hindi mo… ang bitbit ko hindi sarili kong bulsa. And bitbit ko ang Pilipinas and it is reeling with the affliction of people who violated their oath of office. Hindi lang ‘yan bobolahin mo pa ako.

Huwag mong gawin… Susunod ka talaga na susunod. Better still, you better surrender, mag-usap na lang. Usap kayo ni Bato ulit. I will—Huwag mo akong bolahin. Kasi pag binola mo ako… I guarantee you.

Sinabi ko nanoon sa inyo. Huwag ninyo akong bolahin. Sabihin mo lang anong nangyari, anong—We can always talk about the nicer things in life but do not b***** me with a lie, lying through the teeth in front of—

Nakakaloko ka. Sino mag-respeto sa akin kung ganon? Mabola ako ‘nong mga g***** ‘yun. Nirerespeto ka isang Presidente na nabobola. Would your respect a President who’s gullible? O kung hindi, takot mamatay? Hindi ito para sa iyo. This is not for you.

I’m not asking [unclear] for respect. Ako mismo, huwag mo kong bolahin. 

Not because I… I want to feel important as President. Personally, I have this burden of protecting the people and country and you b****** me with lies. Alam ko naman talaga, [unclear] kita, when the time comes.

When it comes to a [unclear] do not, do not expect something nice. Yes?

Ina Andolong (CNN Philippines): Good evening, sir. I’m Ina from CNN Philippines. Sir, maliban po doon sa pag-protesta sa paglilibing at the Libingan ng mga Bayani, the protesters have a number of sentiments they want to air. Among them sir, how do you respond to their call on you to stop what they’re saying is an effort for the Marcoses, to get the Marcoses back in Malacañang. How do you respond to that, sir? 

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: I don’t have anything to put the Marcoses back. I never said it and I will not. ‘Yung election sabi ko baka mabaril. Magastos ang election time, kung mamatay ako, I said it in Ilocos. 

You know, they are there putting me to stop some statement that I made. I’m (unclear) a freedom of expression right. Do they realize that they are asking me– What are they for? Also exercising what? Freedom of expression. 

This is a free country, I said. I may not agree by what you said but I will protect and defend to death your right to say it, that this relay ‘yang statement na ‘yan. 

There was a politician of I think, is it in England or France? Sila mismo. Why should I stop when I’m supposed to be, you know, policy ‘yan. Bakit? 

Kahit taga-Davao man kayo, kayo Regalado. What was my role? Ito sabihin ko sa’yo ang totoo, kayong mga taga-Davao. I was a prosecutor when my mother was leading the Yellow Friday, out of respect, I tendered my resignation three times. 

But Fiscal Galicia, who became Councilor Galicia, turned it down, at nakiusap sa akin, because I was the only one willing to investigate the rebels and the military and the police.

Ako lang, there only, I was only handling three cases. Walang nagtanggap ng fiscal doon kasi takot. Takot sa pulis, takot sa military, takot sa rebelde. 

Kaya nga nakakaibigan ko ‘yang mga ‘yan eh, because during court trials… then I have to smile to them. Eh, the sparrows were everywhere. Eh kayong taga-Davao…. ‘di ba? 

When my mother was marching down the streets against the Marcos dictatorship, so they say. I was in government and my mother was there on the streets. 

Sabi ko sa boss ko, ‘Sir, I cannot stop my mother and since I do not want to continue with my services in government, I’ve been here for the last nine years doing trial work everyday. Gusto ko na rin mag-go to practice and make a, make a better income for my family.’ ‘Yan ang totoo, prangka-prangkahan tayo. 

Kayong, mismong protesters, taga-Davao, who were with you? [inaudible] and my mother, and my mother spoke on Plaza Rizal. Ang kaharap niya military lang pati pulis, siya lang mag-isa. 

She had no audience but she was– Nagsisigaw siya, ‘kayong mga pulis, kayong mga militar.’ 

Eh, bakit ako nagresign. Well, that would give you an idea of my sentiments at that time, but I could not have stopped my mother from opening her mouth. 

Well, maybe, I got that trait also from her because my father was, he was very strange guy, he was all quiet. 

I could even count the sentences of his lifetime when I was with him. Eh, ‘yung nanay ko ang–

Ms. Andolong: Sir, last from me. This is about your fight against corruption. Do you have any directives to the PCGG about the pursuit of alleged, remaining hidden wealth of the Marcos family? 

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: No, I will expand it…what I say the PCGG is limited to the ‘yung Marcos wealth. But I want it broadened and with more power. 

Ito sila pag hindi ito magresign, I will conduct my own audit at idedemanda ko talaga ito lahat in court. I will see to it that they will be. Pagka-plunder, then be sure, be sure that I will make it definite that you go to jail with no bail. 

Ayaw ninyo kayong mga corrupt, sige. Pag nahawakan ko ‘yang mga dokumento, papaano? How can the people be comfortable with you? 

‘Yung mga rates ninyo, that’s why you are called quasi. That’s why you have fixed terms, because you are to hear cases about the increase of electricity and all and here you are wallowing into corruption with so many– Bakit? Ang consultants ninyo? Eh p***, pag wala kang utak, umalis ka diyan. Why do you have so– Sayang ‘yung, consultant dito, sayang. Where’s your brain?

Kaya nilagay ka diyan, marunong kang mag-isip. Uubusin niyo ‘yung pera ng– I will review all, all government corporations. Mabuti nandito si ano—si Bong.

I will limit your ability to acquire consultancy. Just to make the government. Karami ko kailangan sa mga national defense and all. I have to buy this rifles and everything. I want to increase our assets in the air and sea. 

Those are to the interest of the Republic of the Philippines tapos magsayang kayo ng. I will review how many. Maybe I will prohibit everybody from getting consultants. Ganon na lang. Ipaputol mo na lang ‘yan– Tomorrow, we’ll receive millions every month. B**** itong yawa. 

Ano na? So, what, what can the people expect from you idiots? How can you protect public interest? I know that you must be neutral, but public interest is paramount. Kaya mahal na nga lahat eh, ni-reklamo, hindi na nga makabayad ng, pinuputulan na ng electricity, tubig tapos nandiyan kayo. Sige kayo parang nagbibigay kayo ng pera ng galing sa bulsa ninyo, yawa kayo. 

Q: Sir, you said that you’re finalizing plans of opening the ICT sector and the energy to new players. 


Q: When would this happen? 

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: During the APEC, I was trying to listen to them. Of course we had that in mind already. Kaya mga economist natin, nandiyan na ‘yan sa kanila. But you know. I’d like to tell you the truth, it’s there because they have to protect the players there. Who are the players? Multi-billions ang [unclear] pangalan nila. Multi is the first name. Billion is the last name. 

So bakit ako magda-dalawang isip? And I do not owe you anything. That’s precisely I was avoiding you during the last election. Tabla tayo. 

Alam ko ‘yung iba nagbigay. Binigay ninyo sa mga campaigners ko. Well and good. But I am not trying to destroy you. You will have, you have the advantage. You are here already. Be content with that. Okay na ‘yan para sa inyo. But let us open everything para matapos na itong kalbaryo ng Pilipino.

Q: Sir follow-up. Have you receive, did anyone express interest to invest on this sector during your meetings in APEC?


Q: To invest here?

PRRD: Magbaha yan dito. China… and everybody. Energy is really big money. Iyang cellphone na ‘yan, I do not want to have a quarrel with the Ayala’s and Pangilinan. 

The same protection given to all. But I said it’s the Filipino. Now, kung i-dive ninyo ‘yang presyo ninyo, walang problema. I will forget my statement. I-dive mo lahat ‘yang charges niyo. Then it’s sabi kayo, eh mahal eh kaya… Eh then, papasukin ko ‘yang iba ‘yung magsabi okay na kami maski mura lang.

Yes, sir may I help you?

Q: Mr. President, John [unclear] from Channel 4 News: There’s a lot of talk these days about a new world order and you have chosen to realign the Philippines with China and with Russia. Is there room within this realignment, do you think, for America led by Donald Trump and have you forgiven him for what he said about the Philippines being a terrorist nation?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: No, it’s not really world order of [arms?] The world order alliance is economic. You know, as you have noticed now. Korea was pissed off because during the last rebellion, America did nothing to help, even a word or two. 

Then the most serious is that they wanted a guy he is an Islamic preacher, I think and he’s in the States and they wanted him to be extradited to Turkey. 

So Turkey got pissed off and said I will go to Russia and China and will try to join the bloc and that is only business. I’m sure Turkey is not interested in war. Turkey, I think is still a member of the NATO.

So he cannot be an allying alliance with another militarily if he has his membership with NA-TO or NATO.  [unclear] that’s why I said I’m redirecting the policy. 

Usually, in the, even in the past years, when you talk about purchases of arms, it’s always the ‘made in America’ period. Ships, hand-me-down. Those given to us were not really given free. They were the mothballed vessels, say assets, not needed by America anymore and were then given to us where they… not really for a song but for a price.

I said it’s some time that we redirect our– if Senate — I forgot, Cardin?– Does not want to sell rifles with us, Putin said that you can have, I’ll give you, buy one and take one. Almost like that.

Q: And Trump?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Yeah, he said, if you cannot buy arms anywhere, go to me. You buy one then take one for free. So I get double. 

Why should I, why should I have to belabor the point with Cardin? If he does not want us to be allies, we’ll go to Russia and China. You don’t deprive your ally with arms because your ally has to protect its public and to keep the order internally and to foreign aggression, to repel.

Now, if you do not want to sell arms to us on a question of– I just had my figures when I was flying in, I was reading something. The deaths of America was 40, annual. Forty thousand. Why is it? 

And the moment they talk about– That’s the vogue in the US Congress. What’s a popular view because there are pressure as I have said. That State Department has– Because of your multi-racial population. 

They have groups there. The LGBT, they go to State Department guys, they go to Liberia. And offer aid and assistance but they said come out with the law that would allow sex, same sex marriages.

What’s happen? Where are the principles that the, the builders of America– They are lost along the way. Why do you have… the Philippines.

You don’t even know that the first two months of operation, even before the elections, there were already a lot of killings. 

Even before I was elected there were– Look at the records. The first two months were not ours. We do not wrap people with plastic tape. There’s no need. If you want to kill, just shoot him in the head. Why do you have to carry him from there and there?

Those were the purging and the cleansing of– I said there were a lot of generals there. As a matter of fact when I came in I said, I named them publicly. I told them before the elections, leave the service because if I get to be there I will name names. So it was a free for all. You now realize that there are so many municipal and city– One died in prison. I don’t know. 

Maybe I’ll do research and give you the answer one of these days. So how do you expect to just say, make the—[unclear] thought to assume rather that it’s all killed by people of government, when the mayors themselves were into it?

And there are still mayors, still there blaming the narco-politics game and I’m warning them again. You might not want it, to hear it but you will not only lose your funds, you’ll lose your life.

Q: Mr. President, just before you go sir, you did raise earlier the comparison with Latin America and narco-state. The narco-states of Latin America were as you know were associated with the term death squads too. And in this country, since you became President, in the five months since you became President, more people have actually been killed than died during the nine years of the Marcos dictatorship which result… which also been talked about?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: I could ask the same question, why is America losing forty thousand lives, drug-related cases? What makes the Philippines different from America? May I ask you? In terms of drugs, what is my, what is my, my color with the color of America, the number of people–?

Q: [unclear] sanctioned in America. With respect, it is not sanctioned by the President, sir.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Yes, it is not. That is what you say. But who supply the arms?

Who invaded a country? Nicaragua? Was it—Panama? You want to talk about the law? O, look what America did. They invaded Panama, the President still  imprisoned in the United States. 

They invaded a country on a question or in issue because drugs were flooding America and they have to take out, forgot the name– America went to war. 

So they destroyed not only the sovereignty they fractured the country, it’s non-existent actually.

And they have to kill Saddam to get the leader. So who is the hypocrite here? Where is the hypocrisy here? The Iraqis are dying. They are against each other and because America went inside on a pretext that there were weapons of mass destruction, only to admit to the world. And by the way, why is America  not a member of the International Criminal Court, let me ask you?

They are invoking extrajudicial killing, calling upon the Human Rights Commission and defining extrajudicial killing which is in the charter of which is not a signatory.

Do you know that, that America is not a member? And yet they threatened leaders and presidents. You do not do that to me. When you are a hypocrite to me, you are a hypocrite, by what standard or language do we use. 

So I would say, do not talk about it, lives about people, my own citizens. You have destroyed countries and deprived their sovereignty.

So where is the, where’s the moral basis? Tell me. What is the moral basis of the so many things that America did in the name of human rights?

Let us, let us, you know, when we talk about national issues, international issues. We have to set the parameters or else my country, hindi naman ito ilalabas, I am not sure you will publish it or let it out in the air. 

So I might tell my countryman, ‘yan, we are being called by names everywhere with no proof and here you are America invading a country, bombing it killing people in the process, children, adults, and all and even the dogs and the goats and the lambs, only to say, ‘we’ve committed a mistake, no weapons of mass destruction.’

So I call upon how the human rights or America to consider this.

SEC. ANDANAR: Thank you Mr. President.


SEC. ANDANAR: No more.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: You can think of questions? Give me the meaning of hypocrisy and I would address myself to the international viewers. Sumibat o, tingnan mo.

SEC. ANDANAR: Just a last question.


Evelyn Quiroz (Manila Bulletin/Balita): Good evening, Mr. President. I’m Evelyn Quiroz from Manila Bulletin and Balita. Mr. President, bale, ano na pong status ng magnitude ng drug problem sa bansa? And number two, this morning po kasi nag-testify si Espinosa, sinabi niya na po niya ‘yung mga names ng mga police officials na involved. Tapos po ‘nong tinanong si General Bato kung ano ang ginawa, kung ano ang status po, sabi lang po niya eh nasa Crame naka-floating status. Sa tingin po ba ninyo, sapat na ‘yung floating lang po sila or meron pa po siyang dapat na gawin against these police officials?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Ganito ‘yan eh. Pag ako ang pusher, drug lord or drug pusher, big time or ‘yang pinakamaliit.  Alam mo ma’am, kailangan mo akong hulihin hawak ko itong– Pag naiwan ko ‘yan at sisitahin mo ako at sinabi ‘nong isa na partner kami sa droga, kung wala ka namang nakuha sa akin. Kaya nga hirap eh, kaya nagkaabutan sa ganitong sitwasyon.

Ms. Quiroz: Follow-up question lang po. Sir, may na-mention din siya ‘yung mga suppliers. Ano po yung gagawin ninyo doon sa mga minention niyang suppliers ng drugs? Kasi po sabi ni Kerwin Espinosa, maliit na ano lang po siya– ibig sabihin may supplier pa po siyang pinagkukunan ng mas ano, na supply ng droga niya. Thank you.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Ma’am, ang unang rinig ko niyan, si Hudas, pangalawa siya. Kailangan ipako ko siya sa krus para lumabas ang totoo. Ang mahirap kasi — pero ang Pilipino, mamili kayo. Maniwala kayo sa gobyerno o maniwala ka sa kanila. 

Ang gobyerno hindi naman magpalamon sa inyo ng droga. Ang gobyerno nga ang nagpapatay diyan sa mga — patay rin ang taga-gobyerno. 

If it is extrajudicial killing, why am I losing two, three policeman everyday in this country? 

Kung extrajudicial killing, [unclear] explain to me, why there are policemen and military men killed in the drive against drugs? Para sundalo na nga, binabanatan pa, inuuna na tuloy sila.

Ms. Quiroz: Thank you, Mr. President.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Ako sa totoo lang, pag nandiyan kayo sa bukid, alam ko sa bukid meron. Ako hindi ako nagbibiro. Stop it, kung hindi pahulugan ko kayo ng bomba. 

Well, if America decided to invade Panama and arrested Noriega on drugs, then why can’t I bomb you out of this world if you continue doing it? Hindi kayo nakinig eh because you never listen. I said in this fight against drugs, taya ko dito buhay ko pati trabaho ko. Walang problema ‘yan.

SEC. ANDANAR: Thank you Mr. President. That concludes our press conference for today. Good night.