27 November 2016

From the Office of the Communications Secretary on the Death of Fidel Castro of Cuba
The Palace extends its sincerest condolences to the family and people of Cuba on the demise of former President Fidel Castro.

Mr. Castro was a revolutionary who upon assuming his island’s highest political office reasserted his nation’s dignity and self-worth, stood up against the West and capitalism.  As it extols socialism, Cuba is one of the few societies that remain untouched by commercialism. As his nation’s father, Mr. Castro focused on health, education and literacy.  His achievements in social development, such as establishing a universal health care and providing free education, became models for many developing nations with limited fiscal resources. 

The passing of former President Castro will surely be felt by the peoples of Cuba and the world.  We are one with the family of Mr. Castro, the Cuban Government, and the Cuban nation during this period of deep mourning.