Speech of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte during the Integrated Bar of the Philippines Regional Convention
Pandango Hall, Manila Hotel, One Rizal Park, Manila
04 November 2016
Kindly sit down. Thank you.

Eh, hindi tayo sanay Presidente, you use your own podium. (laughter). Small time.

Attorney Rosario Setias-Reyes, the National President-IBP; Attorney Romeo Igot, Governor of Greater Manila-IBP; Attorney Felipe Egardo, President Quezon City Chapter-IBP; Attorney Raul Landicho, President Manila I-IBP; Attorney Alvin Cuñada, President Manila-IBP; Attorney Norman Versoza, President Manila 3-IBP; Attorney Rogel Wong, President Manila 4-IBP; Usec., Erickson Balmes Department of Justice; the members of the Integrated Bar of the Philippines; fellow workers in government, my beloved countrymen.

I’d like to talk about governance and the heartaches and, of course, the down side of just being President. It is not that I am not happy. What motivated me to run was simply my sense of patriotism on a simple reason that at that time, the issues that were really critical to the country would never brought to the fore before the national arena. And I was thinking that if somebody won’t do it, then Mindanao could probably be a fractured island; if not totally lost from the rest of the Republic. That was one, and if you remember, nobody was really talking about it, about the issues. How serious it is and how wasteful it is to the lives of so many Christians and Moro people. Mahirap po kasi para hong nakalimutan it was general … of good governance. Thank you. Gwapa ‘no? (laughter) And about infrastructures, but the real meat of the matter for us—of us really, our survival in Mindanao.

You have to understand that in 1521, when Magellan landed in Leyte, Islam was already thriving as a religion for the whole island of Mindanao. And therefore, in their conquest and everywhere, the Spaniards, of course, comes with the territory massacred there and massacred here. And maybe the Visayans and the guys from Luzon were not so imbued, kasi medyo malayo eh. It was not a contiguous place like Mindanao, easy to travel and easy to conquer. But along the years, the Spanish tried, and the most that they could do was to build that Fort Pilar in Zamboanga.

But more than that, they were not able to enter or traverse the entire—iyong tinae nga, tawag ng ‘Bituka ng Mindanao’. And it continued with the Americans but more forcefully this time, because aside from the cannons, noon ang mga—well, the natives never had any gun powder. So the first time we heard the cannons, of course, it really drove them crazy and supplicate in surrender. But not Mindanao, because I said, Islam was already spreading fast into the islands. Kaya hindi makuha-kuha iyong Mindanao because there was a post, may poste sila, and that is Islam.

So they fought the Spaniards, they resisted the Americans and until now, they are fighting us. It is the same mother lode, kung gamitin mo iyong kay Trump – the mother lode is really the hatred that was created because in a war, in a rebellion, in putting down sedition, you have to kill people.

In Mindanao particularly, not really to offend any conquering but there were lots of killing and massacres and this has contributed to the old age problem of hatred. And so, it is not really entirely correct to say when you have this picture, depicting the bodies of the Moro people in one pit, all naked, lumped together, men, women and children. And they would say, “Oh, wala na iyan Duterte,” and even the commentators in Manila. Easy to (clicks finger) “ah, wala niyan, that’s one century ago. Why bringing it up with this dead?” It never died. And that is why pati tayo, how many years after the Americans left, it’s not a problem of territory and—ang hindi nila medyo siguro alam, it is the strong sense of nationalism of their old empire, the ruling dynasty noon sa Malaysian, the Malay race was the Sri Visayas. And Mindanao was part of the Sri Visayas Empire. Para silang na-conquer at separated from their motherland. Not is the story. It is not a simple as a rebellion there, as the bandit here, as the drug lords, and they abound; all forms of lawlessness, even among officials, na kayong mga Moro dito if you are around do not begrudge me. Because you are the only one na Moro.

My Lola was a Marano. My grandfather, Chinese. So huwag kayong maghinakit kung sabihin ko na kung ano ang totoo sa harap ng ating kapwa Pilipino. There’s only one thing there, that’s— its lawlessness. And I have to or I had to decide to call in the military for the simple reason that I am short of warm bodies, kulang yang PNP, 130 and I take care of all the islands, 7, 000 islands comprising the Philippines. I had to, kulang eh, even in the matter of just being there for punitive police action. Pero kung sabihin mo talaga, prangkahan ko kayo, that my burning desire would be really to be President. I’m telling you now, is God is there, Allah, hindi ho.

And if Congress can craft a law of a federal structure within two years and that they said, they would provide for a strong presidency and I would agree with it. You will have my resignation right away. I give you my word. If I think that I am no longer necessary, I will not stay or tarry a moment. Magkaintindihan ho sana tayo. I am old, I never dreamed to be the President. Well, ang ambisyon ko sa buhay, small time ako. I’m just a mayor of little city down South. I never dreamed to be a President or a higher calling more than just the mayor. Humbly I would say even— buhay pa naman sila lahat, Ramos wanted to take me in, and DILG, right after he won. So, with Arroyo and so with Estrada, buhay pa iyan sila, pati si Nonoy, Ochoa, on the day of his oath-taking, Ochoa and I were talking and he was asking me if I could help, kung makatulong ka sa amin.

Sabi ko, I’m not cut for that kind of—hindi ako national player, I’d rather just stay here and I’m counting the years and had I not been able also to convince Inday to run. I would not be President now. Iyon talaga ang totoo, alam ng taga-Davao iyan. I was not ready to let go of Mindanao because of the problem of Mindanao. Baka hindi ako makatulong kasi kung tatakbo ako ng presidente, wala ka namang pera, wala akong machinery. I only had 3 governors: si Imee, Governor Abet Garcia sa Bataan and a lady governor sa Mindanao. Wala nga akong barangay captain ni isa dito.

And so, that was really what was playing in mind. That even if I get too ambitious, tapos matalo, and I was worried about my city. Kasi inaalagaan ko iyon eh, pinalaki ko, of course, I was very strict, and of course, I made threats, of course, I intimidated people, mostly criminals. But then, they were happened … with the other politicians in my place. It was all saliva. But iyong criminal eh talagang—and I was made the favorite whipping boy of the human rights community, good. You have your duty, I have mine. We are all lawyer, at one time, I was also defending a client, securing to him all of his constitutional rights. But when I became mayor, I had to take care of the community.

At noong nag-Presidente ako, I used the same threats, yung nanghimago dito sa Maynila and the cultured people, sinabi ko, “putang-ina kayo, pag hindi kayo umalis ng Davao, if you continue to play drugs, I will kill you.” Sinabi ko sa mga kidnapper, “if you do not leave Davao, by the time I take my oath of office, I will kill you, pag makita kita.” What’s wrong with this threat? Uncultured? Unstatesman? Is it wrong to threating criminals? Give me a law which says I cannot threaten to kill bad people. And when, I say, “Do not destroy my country because I will kill you. Do not rob us of the next generation because we need them for this Republic to continue. And I will kill you.” Eh, kung hindi pa naman klaro iyan, was in Davao and same here. And now—

Alam mo sa totoo lang, I’d like to gather, I’d like to host a dinner for lahat ng human rights and the bleeding hearts. I will tell them, “I will commission you, I’ll appoint you officially, Presidential Advisers and I will raise you to the level of a Cabinet member. You prepare a plan” at saka iyong mga military na who do not agree with me because they think that I’m closing my ties with America. Ano kasi mga sundalo natin, most of them, talagang nag-schooling iyan right after in their days along the career, pupunta ng Amerika iyan kasi nag-aral iyan doon. And some of them really, well, fundamentally nothing because police work, just my tirades against America.

So if you think that you can help, sabihin mo sa akin because I will appoint you a group of Presidential Advisers with the Cabinet position or without a portfolio but with the rank of a Cabinet. And I will follow your instruction ‘to a t.’ Kayong iyong ayaw sa akin, madali iyan. And if the military or the police thinks that I do not—no need for a coup d’état. God, you are wasting your bullet. Go to Malacañan, we’ll have coffee then I will, myself will swear you to run this Republic and solve the problem. Walang problema iyan. Then the next year, there will be mass demonstration, for all I care. Wala akong illusions. Do not give me a reason to go out because you might have—you might get your wish.

Alam mo, pag-Presidente ko, ah ito pala. And I cross the river at one of o’clock in the afternoon and last night slept at—went back, alas tres. Araw-araw iyan ha? Kung ganoon naman ang trabaho ibigay mo sa akin, I can only endure that much. Pagdating ko doon, lahat ng department, may folder iyan. So naka—that is the work for the day. And I read it until morning time, making marginal notes, disapproving, oh that it is.

I do not allow iyong mga ang financer magpunta doon, mag-courtesy call. You want a project, go to Tugade and if you something sa—go to Yasay. Kaya ako, I live in a cloistered room which I am not really used to and maybe just in my mind, I’ll be frank kasi it’s a live telecast, that I think that I deserve a little rest. I’ve been a prosecutor for 10 years. I did trial work for 8 years. And then, I became mayor for 23 years sa Davao, one term with Congress and another term 4 years being the Vice-mayor of my daughter, iyong may anak ako, iyong nanuntok ng sheriff, iyon iyon.

So, let us say kasi mayroon next year a certain financier, mayayaman na babae, who married a black and now, she’s now the millionaire, and she’s planning to do massive demonstration. Among those who are of this Western persuasion. Kung bilib kayo sa Amerika, kung tignan ninyo nagka-utang kayo ng loob, please join. And hindi na kailangang mag-coup d’état, mag-coup d’état. Ibigay ko sa iyo. I, myself will swear you sa Malacañang, that this—and I mean to do, these are the new rulers of the Republic and they will run the country. Fine. Wala naman tayong problema, karami kong kaibigan na military pati police. Eh, iyong iba, sinakrispisyo ko pa. They were my friends, but you know, I have to fire them because ako, magka-diperensiya na tayo, magkamali ka na, except basta bayan, hindi ka talaga papalusutin. But if somebody now, at this moment in time sa buhay ko, I’m 72 years old. Do not ask me if I am sick, every 72 years old in this planet is sick. (laughter). Well, that would be a very silly question.

Well, you know, sometimes you’ll be, try to— tanong sa iyon, how’s your health? And I would say, “Oh, I’m fine.” Pero deep down, alam mo bulador ka. Eh, kung mayroon ako, mayroon ka rin. And the greatest— maybe, just maybe, I don’t know. But the greatest sa tingin ko that’s loss for a man, to ask is, when you still make it with the lady? That is a very hurting question because were it not for the—itong makers ng— company ng blue pill. Eh, kung wala na iyan, wala na. Then, it’s time to go, really. I mean, pag wala na akong silbi, right after—right after the presidency, if I think or if I—you want to remove me, fine. Then, I’ll just go to the forest, mayroon akong hunting lodge doon. Marami ang alimatok doon, iyong linta. I’ll just spend my days there praying.

Ako naman sa totoo lang, I do not believe in religion. I have never stopped believing in it. I believe in God, pero iyong religion, wala na yata. And, I don’t know if the God that I am embracing is the same as your God. Hindi makapaniwala kasi for all of the— on my little belief in life, at the end of my existentialism, then of my earthly— it is really a planet which is full of agony and horror and everything and you’ll think where is God.

I could probably swallow a beautiful mutya being raped and ravished, but I can never accept a one month, 18 months, 1 year child being rape and killed. Now, you know why. So those are the things, sabi ko nga sa— which are totally unacceptable to me, as a matter of belief in life, but sometimes, it can always go wrong. So I do not confess here and say that I’m the pinakamalinis ako na tao na nakaupo dito. I would be lying to my teeth but ako, I tried my best.

Itong droga, General Santiago, 3 years ago made some projections or gave us a figure of 3 million Filipino addicts sa drugs. Sa panahon ko, when I was mayor, I was strict. And so people died, people went out of Davao and made my City safe. And that’s why, Davao grew and it out smarted everybody by having a growth rate of 4 then 5, then 6. That is hard to achieve in an island full of violence and explosion. And yet, we made it. And the last blast, did it affect us? No, because why? Because I told them, it’s coming.

I’m in the second chapter of my speech and about to end it. Basta kami, survival of the fittest, and because of my hard stand. Well, if you do not want to follow the law, then follow the Bible. Kasi sabi ko, “umalis kayo, huwag kayong magbenta, sinisira ninyo ang mga anak namin”, iyan ang batas. Ang batas, nagsabi bawal iyan at makukulong ka. Now, kung ayaw mong sundin yang batas, susunod tayo sa Bible. Anong sabi ng Bible? An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth, simply means a life for a life. Anong gusto mo? We have to live by certain rules. Hindi mo lang masabi, iyo lang. It could not be your own philosophical theory about—

Ngayon, ako ang Presidente, gusto nilang tanggalin ako, eh di tanggalin ninyo ako. Andiyan iyong Congressman, nakikinig sila ngayon. Go ahead. Be my guest. All that I need is a statement that you will remove me because I was doing my duty period. If it sabihin mo, mali ang pagka-diskarte mo, then how do you solve the problem? So I go back now to the set of Presidential Adviser. It could include the police and the— How? Three million, panahon ni General Santiago.

In my time, when I became mayor, first day, I began to squeeze everybody. Then, it was an appalling sight even for a hardened mayor like me. Ang pumapatay talaga ng tao na makita ko, hundreds of thousands surrendering— all users, and pushers. Because when you are a user you have to push, unless you are part of the oligarchs here in this country running the show for everybody and wrecking all the money and profits.

Iyong bungo kailangan, pero kung ganiyang bagay, you have to push, you have to connect because he will finance your monkey and this another guy with another victim also to take care of his monkey when the urge of shabu is there. So, huwag mo na lang iyan because they are still surrendering. And now, we are hitting 800 plus during my time. Huwag muna iyan kasi at the end of the year, I predict, it would breach the million mark. Okay? O hayaan mo iyan.

Dito tayo sa 300—ah 3 million. Oh how do you propose? Eh sabi, eh bakit namatay iyan? Iyong iba, pinatay talaga. You must remember and I’ll tell you that we are now a narco-politic country. Maraming pulis, general pa, and did you even realize that the earliest stages of my mayorship, we had nothing to do with the killing because they were purging and making a cleansing on their ranks.

Noong pumasok kami, iyong lahat ng pinatay either murder or talagang sinalvage o tinatalian ng plastic. And why would we do that? If you are a policeman, why would you waste your time balu—we are not here to produce mummies. Eh, bakit mo balutin ng plastic. Eh di barilin mo na lang sa ulo isang beses, iwanan mo. Eh, tapos pati iyong mga handicraft na binabalot iyong victim naka-charge pa sa— you know, remember man. I am not declaring a police action. I am declaring “war” because ako, for 23 years, I’ve been dealing with drugs and criminals and I know where I come from.

I have been prosecuting them in court almost every day. And when I was mayor, I was directing the operations of the police. Ngayon, ako ang may kasalanan—look, inspirado ako, kasi matahimik kayo eh. Kasi minsan, nakita ko nagdadaldal. Sabi ko, “Sige man, babay, kasi—” Thank you for actually giving me a privilege to talk first. I’m flying—I’m catching a flight. Ngayong gabi, uuwi ako.

Three million. At three million addicts, wala pa iyong one million ko. Two hundred ang growing rate. So, ilan iyan? Three million, that is 6,000 a month, times 3 million, that is 18 billion a month. Times 12, that is 216 billion a month. Money that should go to the food on the table, expenses of the children, wala na. If it’s the breadwinner pagka tinamaan, then the family starts being dysfunctional. Maghiwalay ang mag-asawa, mag-away, and eventually, mag-asawa, tatamaan and then you have this horrendous and despicable crimes of rape, patay.

Kita mong— what’s it the other day? Binaril niya ang nanay niya kasi ayaw siya bigyan, at it has happened not only yesterday. It’s happening all over the country. Bugbugin iyong nanay/tatay kasi maghingi ng pera, ipagbili iyong kung anong ma— Mabuti’t na lang taguan ninyo iyong ano ninyo. Sabagay walang mga adik dito, mawala bigla iyan. Kung anong mapulot diyan, kaya nakawan. So iyong iba, and because the mind is warped and somebody should tell you that using shabu for even at least six months on a regular basis, hindi naman sinabi na ano, that’s the forensics study. On a regular basis, the brain of the person, of the user will shrink. If it has shrunk, then rehab is no longer viable.

So of the 3 million, ilan ang buang doon? Ilan ang hindi mo na mapakinabangan? Ilan iyong mga anak ng mga kaibigan ninyo na wala na? Ilan ninyong mga anak na paying— kilala ninyo iyong paying for 300,000 Medical City, it’s about 300— 400,000. Anak ng mayayaman. You try to look doon sa baba. You should try to—yung old Medical City. Kita mo, mag-silip kayo, naglalakad. Puro bata, puro— hindi pa ako mayor noon. May hinatid ako diyan na taga-Davao na mayaman. Kaya niyang magbayad, sabi ng pamilya, sabi ko, “Sige hatid natin.”

Iyan ang mahirap diyan. Iyong nagsabing, “Oh bakit maraming patay?” “Noong wala pa si Duterte, bakit walang patay?” Puwede akong magmura sandali? (laughter) Put ninyo. Ang pulis noon, hindi nagtratrabaho. Ang pulis noon na live and let live. “Basta huwag mo lang kaming isali.” Tawag na mga ‘ninja’, and of course, the generals. Loot, yung region— assigned siya sa Cebu, accumulated 100 million. Sabi niya, pabili daw siya ng— buy-and-sell siya ng bahay. Kung nagsabi siya na nagpapabili ako ng subdivision, maniwala ako. Magpabili ka ng bahay? Mag-ahente ka ng bahay? Bakit pag-akyat mo doon sa pinagbibilihan mo, bayad kaagad?

Ang una, bakit patay? Eh kasi nagtatrabaho ang pulis. Pero hindi lang lahat patayan. Ako, ilang beses na. Ilang beses na. I’d tell you that—hindi naman ako nagyayabang but I was just three months old ako mayor, bakbakan na. Tsaka hindi ko pinapatawad, why? Sabi ko, this is the time that I can kill na wala akong problema. It’s all there for me to enjoy iyong— Pero lumalaban talaga iyan. But it would also be stupid of me to say that walang sina-salvage. But remember, na kung ako, civilian lang o maski nung fiscal ako, ‘pag tinamaan iyong anak ko na halos mag-utang ako sa GSIS, halos na iyong mga baril ko na mga secondhand na pina-repair ko, mahilig ako. Every enrollment time, sinasangla ko o pinagbibili ko. The things that I enjoyed most, I deprived myself because of the children.

Kung ako ang anak ko, na-rape, buhayin kita maski na civilian lang ako o fiscal ako, o abogado lang ako? Anak ko, rape-in mo pati patayin mo? Ay putang— Yung tinatamaan, iyong nagpunta sa Middle East. Ang nanay, sa Qatar; ang isa, sa Riyadh, all working hanggang sa ikamamatay na. Iyong iba nga, walang tulog, totoo iyan. I’d like to say so many words about it someday, pero parang hindi ko na matiis eh. Makatulog lang apat na oras, kasi iyong pinsan niya, hihiramin iyon, patrabahuin pa. Tapos iyong anak pagdating, magbihis pa, so ang pobreng Pilipino, matulog lang dalawa-tatlong oras tapos magising, magluto na naman. Tapos ang ano, padala niya pera para lang makapag-aral ang anak tapos ganunin mo ang kanilang pagod. Sino bang Pilipino na hindi magalit niyan?

Kaya nasabi ko, the police can do it, go ahead. I will give you all the power, gusto ninyo kayo magdala, military, go ahead. Gusto ninyong mag-takeover, go ahead. You line up in Malacañan and I will swear you to office. Huwag na tayong magbolahan dito, then solve Mindanao. Eh kaya nga tayo nagkakaroon, iyong iba griping and— Well, is it wrong to talk to the communists? Na walang nang giyera ngayon, wala nang mamamatay sa inyo? What did we harvest in the meantime? Makagalaw kayo, and maybe if you are not destined to die this year, then you might live for another ten years.

What is wrong to talking to Misuari and embracing him? Eh Moro ako eh, and I want to talk to him because ang sinabi ko, “Nur, we have been fighting for 40 years. Do you want another 40 years?” At sinabi ko sa mga komunista and the soldiers, kayo, “We have been fighting the NPAs. I was joining the Left when I was young. Do you want another 45 years?” Kayo, kung iyan ang gusto ninyo. Because if you do not get the federal system to work, then babalik itong— I assure you, as sure as the sun will rise in the east, babalik iyong komunista, Nur will go back to mountains and we will have a problem ‘cause this time, there is the looming threat of mindless violence without any purpose but to kill— ISIS.

When? I really do not know. But are they coming? They will come. Itong ISIS ngayon, they are being edged out of the Middle East. The heaviest fighting now is in Aleppo and in Mosul. ‘Pag nawalaan iyan ng bailiwick and they do not have the mass lands, where do you think will they go? Malaysia; Brunei; Indonesia; Philippines, where do we belong there? For lack of a better world, saan tayo diyan? Me? I will say to the Christian, “I’ll fight you, because I have the Moro blood.” And my son married a lady who is a—with a Maranao mother and a Tausug father. So I’d look at my grandchildren and say, “Anak, nasa inyo ako,” malalaki na eh. Oh, do I tell the Mayor now, si Inday and the brother, “I cannot be with you, because I can’t have—to have the younger ones to protect.”

Ganoon ang Pilipinas. Ang droga, hindi nadadala ito ng tapik-tapik. Saka hindi lang ako makasalita eh, at kung mayroong isang tao dito na gusto ko, maybe Joey Lina because I respect him and galing siya sa gobyerno, DILG iyon. May ipakita ako sa kaniya, “Problem? Solved.” Matagal ‘to. Pero ang promise ko sa inyo, inshallah, inshallah – God willing. That promise you, that this campaign against drug and criminality will not stop ‘til the end of my term. I want to see every pusher/user out of the streets and all the drug lords killed. Hindi ako hihinto.

What do I bargain in return? Oh, pakinggan ninyo akong mabuti, I’ll say it before the nation: Even it will cost me and the presidency, even it would cost me my life, bet talaga ako. Itong corruption na ito, it has been going on for the last so many generations. We have not lifted a finger to give the Filipino a respite kung kailan ito matapos. I will assure you, I will stop corruption during my term. Kaya nga nag-ano ako— 8888. Text mo lang, department of what? Si Secretary o Undersecretary or si Usec., naghingi na ganito, ang papel niya nandiyan sa desk niya. Text mo iyan, no need to give your name, okay. If not, iyan automatic, lalabas iyan after the news sa PTV4, but it’s a government-owned, it will dedicate about 30 to one hour, lalabas iyong mga pangalan ng mga tao na corrupt.

Libel, go ahead. I don’t care. If you want, file as many as you want. Ang problema, kung mahuli mo ako. Eh walang ibang choice diyan eh, I just fired the Deputy Commissioner for Intelligence and Investigation, and that policemen na nangongotong diyan sa mga turista, sabi niya na mga—na listahan sa drug list— Sinabi ko, “Kayong mga pulis, I know how hard it is.” Alam ba ninyo ang entry pay ng pulis even in Manila is 14,000 with a family of 2/3/4. That is why, I promised them by the end of the year, maghanap ako ng pera, double na iyong salary nila. Sabi ko muna sa ibang gobyerno, “Huwag muna kayo.” You know, because these are—these guys, they are the person who we would rely as to enforce public order, that everybody behaves, that diyan ka iyong puwesto mo, traffic dito. Then they maintain order and peace. Sila iyong nagpapakamatay, these are the guys na sinabi, “March to Mamasapano and die there without any question.” “Yes, sir!” Nakakaawa naman.

I feel strongly for them, but I know that there are guys na iyong of western persuasion. But if they think that the interest of America is greater than our own, go ahead. Kasi ang Amerika ganito, you know when I was mayor, I was already the subject of— I was the whipping boy of the human rights community. Pati na iyang senadora na siya pala ang may-ari ng shabu sa loob, tang-ina niya. Tsk. What a— I cannot really, but totoo iyan lahat, but ako, ako mismo, hindi ako makapaniwala na may taong ganoon. With all the pretentions na ganoong crusading, righteousness, tang-ina, behind this, ano? Mas mabuti pa ako, magmura ako, talagang nilalabas ko. Pero ako, hindi nagsisikreto ako. Ang sikreto nasabi, ito namang may mga ulol, may mga ulol talaga sa Pilipino eh. Sinabihan ako, kung nagmumura ba ako, kasawa na, ganoon ako sa Davao. Iyong taga-Davao, maniniwala sa akin ngayon.

Are you— after this trip, are you still cursing? You know, I was looking at outside sky, in the plane everybody was asleep, snoring and somebody whispered to me, “Huwag kang magmura uli kasi ihulog ko iyong eroplano.” Alam mo ang mga buang, naniwala rin (laughter). Hindi naman ako bar topnotcher pero hindi naman ako ganun kagago. Anak ng— Sabi ko nga, ang paborito ko sa Davao, magbiro ng kung anu-ano. Tapos sabihin, “Ha, ganoon ba?” Tapos bawiin ko, “Eh, naniwala ka pala. Kaugok mo eh.” Ito, noong presidente ng Pilipinas, sabi pa ‘tong isa, maniwala daw siya kung ako ang makikipag-usap sa Diyos, pero kung ang Diyos daw ang makipag-usap sa akin, sabi niya “schizo ka.” Eh di dalawa na kaming schizo, ang Ginoo pati ako. Kung hindi ka torpe. Tatlo na tayo: ikaw, ang Diyos, pati— ay, naku buhay.

Computation, naggawa kami ng computation sa Finance, pinagawa ko sa Finance. We would be spending something like one trillion a year, para lang sa rehab, doktor, medisina. The most difficult part is detoxification, very expensive. Wala ho tayong perang ganoon. The mining industry, akala mo malaki, gold-gold iyan, gold bars. It only gives us 70 billion a year. Talo siya sa 80 billion doon sa kita ng ano. You know these guys, they get the money from their pockets. They’re supposed to support the family. Iyong iba naman, kita mo, wala nang masyadong krimen, kasi nagtatrabaho na ang pulis.

Pero ako, this is my advice to mga kababayan. Alam mo, may trabaho, at tingin ko, hindi pa kumpleto. Kayong lahat na suspect, o alam namin na nandiyan ka sa mga kanto-kanto, tatambay-tambay kayo diyan, umalis kayo. Pumunta kayo sa loob ng bahay ninyo, isara mo iyong pinto at maupo ka sa kama o magluhod ka at kausapin mo iyong Diyos, parehas sa akin. Tapos huwag kang lumabas, kasi ang mga bata-bata ng Diyos, nandiyan sa labas, madidisgrasya ka talaga. Madidisgrasya. Better of you, iyong talagang nandiyan pa iyong— nag-aano ka, it’s a monkey on the back. Ika nga, may unggoy na nagkakaladkad sa likod mo, tiisin ninyo iyon.

There’s a very low supply of drugs now. But nag-shift na naman sa kidnapping ang mga gago. So bagong laro naman ‘to. Magti-three weeks, we have about six kidnapping sa Binondo. So be careful, give me time to talk to God then, hindi ko talaga akalain na—buti pa kami sa Davao, kasimple iyong utak namin. Eh elementary school-elementary school lang ako eh. Pero kung bolahin mo ako nang ganoon, tawanan lang kita. Pero kung i-seryoso ko na magsulat pa ako, panahon— gastusan ko pa ng panahon, bobo. Ayan ang problema, hindi ko naman sinasabi bright ako pero—

Now, so that is my simple story for you. I’d like to just mingle around and to say a few words sa law. Problem is, I’m trying to catch up a flight at nine. So, now the only reason why I accepted this truthfully, really, is because mga abogado eh. I do not accept invitations here. Kung gusto ninyo, doon na lang sa Malacañan at ako na ang magblow-out sa inyo. Kasi ganito iyan eh, if it is really that urgent, I know that you want to have a— to have discourse with me. Ang problema, ‘pag iyong maglabas ako, traffic talaga yan. Because minutes or… maybe four, sasarahan na iyang kanto. And every kanto, has always mag—exponentially, magpara nang ganoon iyan. Lahat ng kanto, masarahan at pag-alis mo, ‘zoooom.’ Akala mo naman kung sino. Ayoko iyong ganoon, Davao kasi, nako-cor— sa Davao kasi, nagmo-motor lang ako.

Alam mo totoo, nagda-drive ako taxi kasi nag— kunwari, kasi hindi mo malaman ang totoo ‘pag may mga security ka, ganoon. Kasi dito, iba ang security. Pagtingin ko noong bago ako magPresidente, when I was proclaimed, hindi pa ako presidente, nagbabaan na kaagad ang PSG, “We’re taking over,” so pinagtutulak na iyong mga pulis, iyong security ko, wala na, “kami na.” Eh medyo nagkakaroon ng munting alitan, eh bayaan mo lang. Sabi ko, huwag na eh, sabi: “Sir, gusto namin maniwala sa iyo kaya lang, iyong aming mandate sa batas eh hindi naman sa iyo.”

So iyan, pag-alis ko naman for the first day ang haba ng linya. Itong— sabi ko, “Puwede ba natin itong tag-isa na lang? Isa sa likod, ikaw sa…?” Ay, hindi maari kasi kailangan pa iyong mga ka-armour, ganoon.” Sige ako tingin, “Napakahaba naman nitong putang—.” Ganoon, ang traffic kasi, ang tao eh. Ano ako sa tao? Magtanong kayo ng taga-Davao, ayaw kong anuhin iyong tao. Sabi ko, may nakita ako, iyong bubong niya, nasa itaas. Sabi ko, “Ano iyan?” “Sir, ambulansiya.” Puta, puwede bang sabihin sa PSG na dagdagan na lang ng punerarya? Para kumpleto na.” ‘Pag hindi ka talaga, namatay ka doon sa—ilipat ka doon sa— anak ng buhay na ‘to. Hindi ako sanay ng— nako-corny-han ako actually. Tinatayuan ako ng— kaya I do not want special attention, and even while as mayor, maglalakad ako dito. I would rather— you do not notice my presence.

Kasi may magsabi, “Mayor,” mahiya na ako, magtinginan iyong mga tao. But this time, out of respect sa kapwa ko tao, hindi talaga ako nag-ano. If you want really to talk to me, malaki naman iyong Malacañan. Puwede ba kayo kung gusto mag-raffle tayo, doon kayo matulog para makita mo si Mr. Brown at makita mo iyong— oh may Mr. Brown diyan. Even si Kris Marcos—si Imee. Kaya ako natutulog doon sa at bank— tabi, ah sa kabila, sa harap. Kasi that building there was constructed when President Clinton came here. So siya ang maliit, simple lang but the sala is very spacious. Pero may isang kuwarto na maliit, siguro sa aide iyon tapos, a very simple affair ang— Doon puwede rin tayo, pero masyadong marami, dito. Iyong iba, puwede kang magdala ng mga swimsuit. Malaki ang Pasig River eh. (laughter) Puwede tayong mag-picnic-picnic doon sa riverbank.

You know really, it gets to be a very lonely life. Kaya ulitin ko, I’ll close by saying that— do I appreciate your trust in me? Yes, very much. Salamat po. Are you happy now? Are you happy with your work? No, I’m there to work because of that, were it not for that clause there, hindi ako— tayo-tayo: Ilocano; Bisaya; Samar; Moro; Maranao; eh kung wala iyan, hindi tayo magkakaintindihan nito. It was our forefathers who made the decision that we get together, be one as a nation, Filipino. Iyan ang sinasabi ko sa Moro, huwag ninyong sirain iyan because most of the Moro at that time also signed.

So, that flag is the symbol of our unity. Were it not for that flag, ah wala, watak-watak na tayo. Eh sa salita lang, pati ugali magkaiba na eh. Sa pagmumura, iba rin. Ang ano ko is— but will I survive the six years? I’d make a prediction, baka hindi. I’ve been at one time, ang hinihintay ko lang iyong gusto po akong paalisin, sa about China. Nothing was really, except purely economics doon. I made the— walang alliances forged there.

Itong America— alam mo, ganito pala. Bakit minumura ko ang America? Ganito ho iyan, hindi ho ako ganoon kabastos. Pero when I reached a point na parang—ako, ‘pag tinatakot mo ako, takot ako. But there is certain point in my fear, na ‘pag tingin ko, parang mamamatay na ako or dehado ako masyado, inaapi-api mo ako, nagwa-wild ako. I really lose the civility in me. Ang sinabi ko, I need to fight the drug. Maraming patay, totoo iyan. Marami nang gumaganti, maraming naglilinis sa ranggo nila, iyong mga grupo-grupo at iyong iba namamatay dahil sa engkuwentro ng pulis.

But kayo, you are— abogado man tayo lahat, to lump it all against me as extra-judicial killing without even a report that this guy was really murdered, and all you can show is iyong, what is being portrayed in the newspaper. Iyong mga— parang duguan na tao na, you know, life is life. Life is never fair. Ang buhay hindi talaga, eh kung gumawa ka ng ganun, hindi ka puwede magsabi na, “Alam mo, nanay ko kasi puta lang iyan. Tapos tatay ko, holdaper kaya ako nagkaganito.” The world will never stop to just to listen to your story. It twirls endlessly. Ikaw ang mag-adjust dito sa buhay na ‘to where you want, your place.

Kaya ito sila, ginusto nila. Tapos ang human rights dito, yellow iyon eh noon. It was not an issue to me, you know that. I was campaigning, it was never an issue. It became only a bomb when on the last days, iyong malapit na ang eleksiyon, I was hitting the 36/37 rating. Wala man kayong narinig niyan noon sa kampanya. Sila nagbabatohan eh na, I never— corruption ako? Sus maryosep.

You know, extra-judicial killing, ngayon ang Amerikano nakisali, eh maraming mga sosyal dito, mga NGO na funded yan sila. Itong Human Rights Watch ng New York, kay Soros iyan. Soros, iyong financier. Siya iyan, grant niya iyan. So dito, mayroon yan silang funding money, maghahanap talaga sila to justify. Ako ang nakuha nila, they pound, they’re pounding on me. Okay lang iyon, editorial araw-araw, I can swallow that. I’ve been mayor, I’ve been eating newspapers as a part of my diet. Pero itong sa Amerika, when you criticized me as mayor, okay lang. You know why? I do not represent any entity, except my city. No big deal. But, iyong Presidente na ako, do not reprimand me or criticize me publicly, especially if you belong to another government.

Kung ika’y—NGO ka lang sa America, all right iyan. But for the State Department, at a human rights ng— you can go to the United Nations, isuka mo iyong ano, isuka mo doon, then ask for a motion that it be referred to the Human Rights Commission which is an entity under the United Nation and investigate me first before you talk in public. Iyan ang dapat.

Hindi ko puwedeng atakihin si Obama, sabi ko “Ikaw, ganoon ka. Ang paraan mo sa federal budget, ganun.” I cannot do that. And they knew that I became a President midterm, that the budget that I’m operating now is the very same budget that was started by Aquino, which he prepared the other year – which is implemented now.

Sabi nila instead of killing, bakit niya hindi ilagay ng mga rehab iyan. Saan ako maghanap ng pera? I get the funding from Yasay, or get them from Dominguez, or get it from the Transportation and give it to the police? That would be robbing Peter to pay Paul. Wala akong makuha, what is left now to me is MOOE: maintenance and operations lang. Wala talaga akong makuha. Ngayon, sino nagtulong? China. What did China do? Sabi ko sa military, open up spaces sa mga kampo ninyo, because ang military camps, malaki talaga ang mga lupa nila. So just give me about 300 square meters, 500.

Now in Fort Magsaysay, halos tapos na. They are supposed to inaugurate it October, but I’ll be going to Malaysia on a very important discussion. Importante talaga ‘to, that I have to talk to Najib. Ngayon tapos na iyong— good for 10,000, courtesy of the Chinese.

America, anong sinabi niya? “Duterte, stop the extra-judicial killing. We hold you responsible for the 3,000” Ni wala silang ni isa naipakita, the 3,000, iyong listahan ng killed. Tapos then, “If you do not stop, the assistance and funding will stop. We will stop it.” Noong sinabi iyong sa State Department, pati nagsalita si Obama, sabi ko, “You can go to hell. Letse kayong lahat.”

Pagtingin ninyo sa aming Pilipino, parang aso. You are— I’m being depicted in your criticism as a dog tied to a leash at magbigay kayo ng pan, ilalagay ninyo sa malayo. Ang Pilipino naman parang aso, hindi maabot kasi nakatali. Sabi ko, “Putang-ina kayo. Letse ninyo.” Putang ina talaga kayo, because you violated our dignity as a Filipino people. (applause) Matter of dignity. So, Mr. Obama, what’s wrong— what went wrong? Get your dictionary, find out the right meaning of ‘dignity’. Huwag ninyo kaming ilagay na parang aso, na matakot ako na mawalaan ng aid.

Kaya nga, sabi ko iyong mga pro-western, if you think that America is still good for you, if you want to be a territory of America, go ahead. If it is to your personal interest, go ahead and join the demonstration. And maybe, you’ll convince me to leave the presidency. Pero I’ll leave, at least, hindi ako nagpababoy ng Amerikano. Ayaw ko iyong ganoon. Ngayon, ako lang ang naka-putang-ina ninyo, eh kasi ako lang ang taga-Mindanao eh. If they are to, I said, too civil about it, if they are to be prim and proper, that’s your business. If you can accept those insults, and keep silent, I maybe just say, well, to forgive is divine.

Because foremost also, I have to protect, kung hindi na lang pride, o di ego of the Filipino. Kita mo sa labas, mapahiya iyong mga Pilipino eh. Sabihin na, “you president ha. Killer pala iyan, pinatay iyong mga tao.” Without even really getting into the core of what ails this country.

Maraming salamat po. (applause)
* * *