13 November 2016

Andanar: Duterte up to the task as Chief Executive despite grueling sched
President Rodrido Duterte is up to the challenge of being the country’s Chief Executive and will work more than 24/7 to make the Philippines better, according to his Communications Secretary.

In a radio interview Sunday, November 13, Communications Secretary Martin Andanar said the job of the President, including the Cabinet members is 25 hours and 8 days a week. “So, we cannot complain. We took this job. We accepted the challenges and the role, and we are up to it,” he said when asked if the President still has time to rest.

When it comes to taking a rest, he said the President and the members of his Cabinet plan it well considering the huge task that they handle.  

“We work all-year round. Kasi dito ‘yung trabahong tinanggap namin, just like me, even if I’m in, if I take a leave, official leave from the Palace, you still catch me on my phone and I answer you,” Andanar said.

Despite his hectic schedule, including his successive foreign trips recently, the President is not complaining, according to the Palace official. “There  was never a statement from the President that he’s complaining… These things, when the trips and the long hours when they take their toll, it’s beyond a person’s… control,” Andanar said.

So far, the President has not changed his schedule to attend the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation meetings in Peru, but Andanar said the President’s delegation will have a stopover in New Zealand to take a rest. “I think the stopover will just be not more than 24 hours or it is really just a stopover to take a rest because you know, it’s difficult to travel more than 24 hours going to Peru,” he said.

Answering questions whether the President will have other activities in New Zealand, Andanar said he is not aware of any activity that the President will attend like meeting the Filipino community there, adding however that things could change with regard to the Chief Executive’s itinerary. PND