President Rodrigo Roa Duterte’s Statement during the Acceptance of Donation for Typhoon Lawin Victims from Chinese Ambassador Zhao Jianhua
Reception Hall, Malacanang
24 October 2016
…and he came here to bring these news to us—the Chinese Embassy itself using its funds has donated fifty (50) million pesos for the victims of ‘Lawin’ and another fifty (50) million pesos from.. no, it’s a… from the embassy and 100,000 dollars from the Chinese Red Cross- that’s 4.8 million. And from the government of China itself it’s five (5) billion Rmb from the Chinese government and it’s about thirty five (35) million pesos for a total of 89.8 million pesos to help the victims of ‘Yolanda’ (Lawin), particularly in the matter of restoring the livelihoods of those who were hardly hit. This will go a long way to rehabilitate and return the people—our countrymen to their normal life.

With this money, I am sure it would go a long way. This will go to the National Treasurer (Treasury) and for all of the things we’ll just wait for. But these are the amounts that the Chinese government has given us by way of help.

By the way, no strings attached. It’s completely out of benevolence.
Mr. Ambassador, thank you.