Arrival Statement of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte after an Official Visit to Japan
Davao International Airport
27 October 2016
I am glad to be back from my official trip to Japan.

My meetings in Tokyo were productive and, specific gains in various areas of economic, socio-political security and defense cooperation.

I discussed with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in full detail the state of Philippines-Japan ties and we identified points of collaboration that would lead to a common path towards the achievement of shared objectives.

By all accounts and by any measure, Philippines-Japan ties today are excellent and we agreed that we can take things to a higher level by harnessing our respective strengths and using these so both countries can have their economic strength further grow and our countries can continue play their rightful role in the region.

In security and defense cooperation, we recognized the importance of vibrant political and defense exchanges as we seek to build a stable and secure environment in our region.

In this regard, enhancing capabilities in maritime security and maritime domain awareness is a key priority. Japan will play a vital role in modernizing the Philippines’ capacities as a nation with maritime interests to protect.

The acquisition of our maritime and air capability assets are crucial in addressing traditional and emerging threats to our nations, including piracy, criminality at sea and terrorism, as well as in responding to disasters.

As countries that share the values of democracy, adherence to the rule of law and peaceful settlement of disputes, the Philippines and Japan agreed to work closely to advance the rules-based regime to maintain stability and security in our region.

Everyone in our region and beyond has a stake in the South China Sea. Both governments committed to ensure the freedom of navigation and overflight in these waters. We have a bilateral and multilateral venues at our disposal to ensure that commitments and responsibilities are complied with under international law, including the 1982 UNCLOS.

Economic cooperation remains a linchpin between our dynamic relations. As I sought greater partnership to create an enabling environment for both our businesses to thrive, I encouraged private businesses in Japan to invest in the Philippines. Among the deals signed between the businesses were the investments in manufacturing and agriculture that will generate considerable number of jobs. Japan is well-placed to remain as the Philippines top trading partner.

We also agreed to harness Official Development Assistance to support inclusive growth and sustainable development in the country. Japan is our number one ODA partner and under the JICA, high-impact projects benefiting our urban and rural areas will be undertaken.

I sought and received Japan’s continued support for the peace and development agenda in Mindanao, as we move a step towards the goal of the just and lasting peace for the peoples of Mindanao and for our country.

In all my interactions in Japan, it was clear to me and to everyone that Japan is, and will always be, a true friend of the Philippines. Considering our shared meaningful history and the amazing transformation of our relations to its excellent level, my official visit was another defining moment for the solid and strategic partnership between our countries.

This relationships stands on unshaken and firmed ground, cemented by mutual trust and confidence.

The Philippines and Japan relations can be best viewed as an exemplary partnership that can only gain greater strength in the years to come.

These are the relations that we value as we seek to implement our independent foreign policy consistent with our Constitution, protective of our national interests and beneficial to our people.

Maraming salamat po. (applause)

Now, a few questions as always, so can we can generate news and intrigue and all and— But this time, I felt that— I was looking in the skies; well, I was coming over here, and I just— everybody was asleep, snoring but a voice said that, you know, “If you don’t stop epithets, I will bring this plane down now.” And I said, “Who is this?” Of course, it’s God. Okay. So I promised God to—not to express slang, cuss words and every— So, you guys, hear me right always because as promised to God is a promise to the Filipino people. (applause)

‘Wag masyadong pakpak, baka mapalpak pa tuloy. (laughter) Yes?

* * *

FROILAN GARCIA : Good evening Mr. President, I’m Froilan Garcia from

Sankei Shimbun Japanese daily newspaper of Sankei Shimbun. My question is about your closed meeting with Prime Minister Abe. Can you share what was discussed, especially there was mention about the current relation between the Philippines and US. And my second question is, was there any recommendations made by Prime Minister Abe with regards to your estranged relationship with the United States?

PRRD : Yes, we always do. I cannot avoid talking about it. And so maybe, the Prime Ministers has … questions but we have agreed that these things should remain confidential as of this time. No specific or affirmative discussions taken. No negative ones actually, but we agreed that it would be best just to let it thaw of for sometime.

GARCIA : Sir, follow up. How do you view the relationship of Japan with US?

PRRD : Again?

GARCIA : How do you view the relationship between Japan and US?

PRRD : That is the business of Japan and the US. I have nothing to do— my business was with Japan and the Philippines, excellent as to the other side, you ask the United States. I refuse to answer questions for them. It was sort of a sub-rosa thing for us, both of us.

RIA FERNANDEZ : Good evening Mr. President. A week ago, the DOLE reported some 16,000 private contractual workers who have been regularized. I would like to personally ask, to personally hear from you, how about those contractual workers or workers in the government who are working under Job Order, talent status and contract of service. What is the government’s plan for them?

PRRD : I’d like to congratulate first, where it is really due, to Secretary Bello. The fact that there are number of Filipino employees already regularized is something which is— augurs well for the country actually. The second questions is, ano nga yun? Nakakalimutan ko?


PRRD : I know the—I want the meat of your question.

FERNANDEZ : The government has been successful in four months for those contractual workers in the private sector. Ano po ang plano naman natin doon po sa mga nagta-trabaho sa gobyerno under the same nature of work: Job Order, talent status, etcetera?

PRRD : Sigurado ka iyan ang tanong mo? You know, it would be incongruity to discuss it fully. And you keep on asking why until now there are so many thousands of casuals in government.

You know, government provides employment, kung maaari lang, thousands upon thousands of employees to run the state. Eh, iyong kanila ba naman eh tag-ilan lang, even if with 500. We employ millions. I have yet to buy the printing press that can print money plenty. In other words, at this time of our national development, we are not as yet ready to assume the burden of providing everybody with a salary that can compare with the— and even in the matter of managerial level, wala pa ho tayong— ako ang suweldo ko 130 lang eh. Tapos pabalik-balik, ilang beses na tayo nag-uusap dito.

I should be— I’m having my headache. Hindi kaya ng gobyerno. Kasi, as we progress, the state affairs also gets to be bigger and more employees needed but our income, the GDP, that’s the income actually of government, GDP is not that good.

Maybe in the fullness of God’s time, but if—I assure you pag ginamit lang ito lahat, to the last centavo, ang pera na binibigay sa atin o pinapahiram natin, I am very sure, I’m not talking as a politician or as a President, pag nagamit lang ito ng husto at wala lang graft and corruption, ang buhay ng ating mga kababayan, gaganda within the next 3 years. Sigurado ako niyan. Huwag lang kurakutin ang pera at talagang aakyat tayo.

The one thing that was really—or that is pulling as now and until now is graft and corruption. And I would like to announce to all and sundry, I will be harsh. I will be harsh in dealing with the people in government or in the private sector dealing with government in a corrupt way because then, pinagsayangan ko lang itong pagod ko. Ilang beses na akong pabalik-balik dito tapos ganunin lang ang—you know, it’s time to stop, it’s time to stop.

Our levels of income, maybe before, you can afford this, you can do that, you can send your children to far away places, you can graft but this has to stop. Prominent among the offices in government which is usually the object of anger and hatred by the Filipinos: ang Customs, pati BIR.

And in the highest levels iyong mga tax exemption that could only be given to the rich and the oligarchs. No special privilege this time. No special privilege. Tsaka iyang lahat ng gobyerno, taga-gobyerno pag wala kayong pera, pasensiya kayo, you ride the economy class. Pag may pera ang opisina ninyo, pasensiya rin kayo. You ride the economy class.

Ayokong makita ang mga taga-gobyerno. And I’m warning you, there is a rule, it’s still in effect about seeing you in the casinos and because I’ll begin to— Ito na ngang NBI, tamang-tama naman itong— we have the police there. I think the NBI will be re-directed to investigate lifestyle check, corruption.

And I said, I will be harsh. Huwag na ho ninyo akong tanungin kung ano iyong harsh. Kasi iyon iyong ginamit ko noon when I was asked: “What will you do if?” I said, “I will be harsh,” in all of my— medyo ano tayo. Tiis-tiis na lang muna tayo. And the corruption has to go. Lahat, and local governments are encouraged. I suppose that I do not have take stronger measure. I do not want to pick a quarrel with the local government’s executives, pero kung mayroon ka mang kasalanan. Do anything there, huwag kayong pumasok sa droga. Madidisgrasya tayong lahat nito.

I’m telling you I’m not joking. Madidisgrasya ka talaga, because if you do drugs, pati kayong mga police pati kayong mga— do I have the—may nagdala sa inyo ng—where’s my aide? Dala ba ninyong pinakakapal? I do not want to make this public because it will just make the Filipino cry. Kung nandiyan iyong, sinong— tingnan ninyong mabuti ha? That’s why, I want to talk to Congress, I want to talk to the Judiciary, Supreme Court. I want to talk to the military, the service commanders. Hindi ko kaya ito. Ganun mga listang labas niyan, mga pangalan. Ito na iyon, this is the drug industry ng Pilipinas. Hindi ko kaya ito.

Kasi ang taga human rights mag-commit ng suicide. Kung tapusin ko ito lahat. So— ang aming estimate is per person, iyong detoxification plus the medicines and the rehabilitation could reach trillion, almost a part of our budget. Ito na iyong—if not controlled and when I am no longer around, try to remember me because you read this. This will convert our country narco-politics very thoroughly. Nandito na tayo sa narco-politics; pulis, wala masyadong army; pulis; barangay captain; kagawad, pati barangay captain dito, and I will not—it was submitted to me for validation and re-validation and re-validation. Ito ang dumating sa akin. Each space there has a name. I’m even dumbfounded. Ito ang nangyari sa Pilipinas, nahayaan eh. I’m not blaming anybody, for after all I was also Mayor of the City for 23 years. Pero at least dito, kung hindi ang tama, not so many, kasi takot mamatay.

Dito sa Davao, huwag na lang tayo magbolahan, walang gumagala dito kidnapper ganoon— I mean, mayroon pa naman diyan, kasi takot mamatay. Eh, tama ka talaga. So, dala-dala ko ito, hindi ko alam pero it’s always— iyon ang drug industry. So, sinong gustong— instead of sending me to prison, or likening me to a dog with a leash. Parang tinalian mo ako sa poste, tapos o pag hindi ka nag-behave, may patay pa diyan, itatapon mo iyong pan, medyo malayo. Eh, iyong aso na ano, ginawa akong aso na Pilipino na gutom na hindi ko maabot kasi ‘ooop’— assistance, aids, hihinto iyan. Anak ka ng—whatever happened to your humanity and to your—hindi mo na lang inisip na yang 3 million na iyan, masisira lahat. You know, it will destroy my country, that’s why, I’ll going to kill you. Iyan, it will destroy my country. Wala akong ibang mapuntahan eh.

Pero kasi, hinto-hinto lang ako because my mouth would ramble on to some other words, eh di mag-ano na naman ako. Iyang ang— iyan talaga ang tama na ginawa nila sa atin. Liken me to a dog, na ang sabi ‘no. So, I will throw the pandesal faraway but you have to jump at it. Choking you in the meantime because ang pagtingin nila sa atin, patay gutom.

Iyon namang kumakampi doon sa mga—hindi nila naintindihan eh, because— you know, it’s easy to criticize, libre iyan eh. Walang bayad, and you can say anything because you have at your disposal, the clause of the guaranty sa freedom of expression.

We will swallow everything there. Eh, kami iyong naghingi ng trabaho na ito eh. And we were conscious of that and maybe as a lawyer, all alone as a mayor also, I was really—may kaba na ako na, but it was not until after I became President na piniga ko na talaga lahat, lumabas na.

Eh, sabi nila, it’s a medical problem. Susmaryosep. Pati ba kami na nakatapos ng high school, bolahin mo pa ng ganoon. Whoever taught you to buy sickness there, binibili mo iyang shabu. You give me that— pakihawak nga ng tainga ko—ah tainga, yung bunganga ko dito banda. Para hindi mag— iyan ang ano.

The magnitude and the enormity of the problem will sap and sabi ko sa iyo, I gave you the computation, I will repeat it so that they can hear. Huwag na iyong aking coming ha. I will breach the million mark at the end of the year. Iyon na lang kay Santiago sa PDEA noon, 3 million.

Ang Finance Secretary made a computation, it amount to trillion: Detox; medisina; doctor; tapos sabihin mo lang, may namatay diyan na 3,000. Hindi mo nga alam kung sino, mayroong namatay, then you’d look at me as if I am—I enjoyed killing my own countrymen. How I would love to do it to somebody else’s territory. Pilipino ako, bakit kayo lang ba ang may puso na—when you have a sordid history of your own civilization and yet, you try to be prim and proper. Let’s cut the hypocrisy of this world. That’s why, after this, I have to talk to the Malaysia—I’m going there to complete the tour. Because those are the only countries that would really matter to me.

Malaysia because we have the Moluccas Strait, we have this piracy going on. Every now and then, it puts to shame everybody so it’s high time that I talk to, again, President Widodo and the Prime Minister Najib. We have to do something about it. And, walang sisihan dito ha? Because ang propose ko talaga ganoon din. It’s always the ultimate. Why would I waste chasing you? I’ll just blow you to pieces. Huwag mo akong bigyan ng—just like what they did in Africa na mga malalaking barko, puro oil. Ginagawa na ng mga—well, I’m warning you, doon kasi kina-capture kayo. Dito ang tataba dito, ang isda ninyo. I’m not joking. I always go for the face. Bakit ako mag—I have to talk to Malaysia, I don’t know their standard of justice but Indonesia and Philippines, more or less, mga hardliner kami sa ganoon.

Anything that is really out of this world that creates an outrage in a human being. Hindi man tayo nagkulang sa ating spirituality, morality. But enough is enough. And kung makuha ko iyong gusto ko na magdating, there’s gonna be a real— mag-razzle-dazzle ako diyan banda at pati itong shabu, nandiyan na kasi.

So, I have to study very carefully how now to balance our money because they have to be treated. Akala lang siguro, ganoon lang. At 3 million, assuming that Santiago was correct, General Santiago. Iyong detox period niyan, alam mo ilang bayad lang itong mga private rehab? It’s almost 100 to 200,000 a month. Ang alagaan ko, may mga pera ito; eh ayaw naman ng human rights na patayin natin, pero pumunta kayo dito, tumulong kayo; kung gusto ninyo, kayo na ang magdala sa—just give me the advice and the instructions and I will do it, per your saintly objectives. Next question.

Q : Good evening, sir. First question: Apparently, in the recent days, you seem to be leading us from strategic dependence to a strategic independence stance. But then, there are times does it signals our— sometimes so mixed that people find it hard to understand.

So I would just like to ask you if up this point, since people are— importanteng point iyon eh. Ang tanong ko lang po, sir: Is there a need for government to effectively or better communicate government to the people when it comes to that.

And second question sir, you’re bringing home the bacon with that much from China and Japan and everything. Now, do you think, there is a need to have a comprehensive inventory of all those aids, all those even past ano, kasi there have been problems before especially about ODAs with government not being able to put up the necessary counterpart so that those projects were not being implemented. Now, iyon lang, sir, dalawa.

PRRD : Ang nalaman ko lang na kataranduhan dito ay iyong bangka ng mga—sa D.A. Pag-assume ni Secretary Piñol, Secretary Piñol, nakita niya maraming bangka doon pati iyong mga tractor farms, iyon ang aid. But you have to put up the counterpart. Ibigay mo sa farmer, saan siya magkuha ng counterpart?

Nasaan iyong mga bagka, iyong binitawan ko sa Basilan. Sabi ni Piñol kasi counterparts, sabi niya, ang COA, eh never mind COA. Isakay mo iyan sila diyan sa bangka, dalhin mo doon sa malayong dagat. You waste money, yung—I have to deal on these things, the requirement and they are there in the warehouse, the bodega, hindi nagagamit dahil walang counterpart ang pera ng—ang partner na beneficiary.

It’s the most— hindi ko talaga maintindihan, bakit ganoon. Alam mo kung meron akong Sekretaryo na ganun, barilin ko sa harap niyo sa Cabinet meeting, pellet lang sa ulo niyang paintball. Napaka-istupido mo naman. Hirap na nga, saan magkuha? So when he assumed, sabi niya, “Mayor, napakaraming tractor diyan, pati iyong—” Sabi ko, “Bakit? “Eh hindi nga maka—“ Sabi ko, ‘adre, you know bright ka man. Eh si Piñol, Magna Cum Laude yan, totoo. Pero mahilig lang sa boxing, pero Magna Cum Laude. And he is just a farm boy ha, but he is very well educated and maybe you have already you have the chance hear him talk. He can really dish it out with anybody.

Iyan ang sabi ko, itong counterpart,-counterpart, we’ll have to rationalize it. Same thing din, I would say to the donor, if that is the way how we do it, we can never give it back down to where it belong. So in the meantime, kung wala kang counterpart, di ang gobyerno. Ang pinag-usapan naman dito, ang tulong sa tao, hindi naman ang gobyerno. Then, if we have the money, I will spend all the money of government, ako ang mag-put up ng counterpart. So, total eh, nandiyan na rin lang. Pero at least, maasahan mo ito, iyong tinakatakutan nila, those were also the misgivings of— I would not mention the name. Sabi niya iyon, sabi, we’ll put it up on a— sabi ko, hindi mangyari iyan. It will never happen. That is why, I’m warning you, pag hiniya mo ako doon sa nagbigay niyan, eh tang— hihiritan kita.

Do not humiliate me because just like what the Americans did, hindi ko kayang mag-ano, na pahiyain mo ako sa tao. Gagastusan kita ng panahon. Lahat ng corrupt, pati anak magdadala, from the director’s down and one thing is that, there will be a government monitoring everyday and I want a chart made big enough to—magkasya diyan sa Palasyo ng Malacañang, hindi naman ako nakatira diyan. And I will— including lahat, sa pulis, lahat.

And pati iyong mga gasolina-gasolina, time to stop, time to stop. But in return, I promise you that I will give you a clean government, an efficient one, and which holds a promise to our people for their tomorrow.

Q : Sir, iyong communication po, sir, na aspect?

PRRD : Do not whisper, I cannot hear you.

Q : Hindi, sir. Iyong communication na aspect po, sir. The first thing that I asked you.

PRRD : Aahh.

Q : Yeah, oo. Do you think government should better or if more effectively communicate?

PRRD : Well, if you have a problem with Finance, you can go to Sonny Dominguez. If you have anything that cannot be solved by any other guys there in Malacañang, you can go to Medialdea. If you have a legal matter to, which you cannot solve, the man on the blue suit there, Atty. Panelo. He is sartorial—

Q : Sir, it has something to do with the strategic independence that you are pursuing.

PRRD : Ahh, ganoon lang iyan. But alam mo ang nakakaintindi lang niyan, iyong—lalo na iyong, like Sonny, nakuha na nila. Yasay. Ngayon, sabi nila naiintindihan ka na namin. Sabi ko, sus ginoo ko. Istorya man lang iyan. Naniwala pala kayo. Ano lang yan, but you know, it’s always a—it’s always a timing.

You know, calibrated moves and everything because you carry the burden of the peoples’, it’s always timing, calibration, but, but and I would like—it applies to every whether a human being, your decisions, the military or whatever. Watch out for a miscalculation, iyan ang pinaka-dangerous sa lahat. You miscalculate everything, because you will drag down the Republic of the Philippines.

IAN/PNA : Welcome home, sir. My question is. Sir, there are offers of commitments to support the Philippine government on infrastructure development. Does this include the Mindanao Railway System and the Samal Bridge Project? Japan, is there an offer from government—Japanese government to do the Mindanao Railway System and the Samal Bridge Project?

PRRD : Actually the huge amount, a greater part of it is addressed to Agriculture. And I remind, again, everybody. You better—do not fall into the trap about democracy and election. As it is, nandiyan na iyong mga barangay captain na iyan, nakahawak na ng puwesto iyan and they have the money to know intricate programs down there, unless we can solve the problem of the narco-politics which is already in the country. And the national government, again, the portals of the national government, it gonna be a farfetched idea if somebody, next election, three of four, just like what happen to a Senator who was responsible for the mess that we are into, diyan sa mga prisohan.

Tayo lang, classic example if you read the book of Ioan Grillo. Saan ka nakakita dito na ang mga nasa ilalim—sa loob, tapos, by sheer negligence or whatever everybody was provided with a means of communication to enable them to carry on the shabu industry to its new heights. Saan ka nakakita ng ganoong gobyerno? And why would you tolerate it? And to say that I should behave. I keep on harping on that… I’ll tell you, I will triple it. Pag hindi nasunod ang gusto ko, to get rid of my country, you can expect about 20,000 or 30,000 more. There is even a war going on. I’m losing two or three policemen a day. It’s a war, how could it be a purpose genocide of killing a helpless person there, kneeling and—walang ganoon. We do not gather children and young men and shoot them. It happened in our country, 10 years old and above, pinatay, in Samar—Balangiga. Alam mo kung sino ang gumawa? Amerikano.

Next question.

Q : Sir, what’s the commitment of the Japanese government on the narcotics, the Philippine government’s war of drugs?

PRRD : Yes, it was included. Meron din sila and they call it the narcotics problem. They have the same problem. Marami kasi iyan, especially I warned them about drugs because shabu can be easily cooked. Unlike the poppy, cocaine and heroin, you have to process it from its original— derivative na lang iyan eh. But itong shabu, it can be cooked just beside a factory and—sabi ko sa kanila, “Be careful, be careful. Wag kayong mag-kumpiyansa diyan.”

RUTH/RGMA : Hi President. Good evening. There are about 500 local government units who are facing investigation right now by the Office of the Ombudsman, President, who failed to comply and implement the Solid Waste Management Act. What is your thoughts and maybe your order?

PRRD : Well, you cannot say that for Davao. We were one of the first. Problem is money, the problem is money. But there are so many grants now, around the world, if it is a project about environment, maraming pumapasok. It’s a matter of managing the offers and putting them in place. Iyon ang kulang sa atin, it’s a topsy-turvy thing. So maybe, dito sa ano, I will assign from a cluster sa Cabinet, one guy. For example, lahat na itong mga pera, it will be Sonny Dominguez and he will account for the money until the last centavo.

And Foreign Affairs, for example, itong mga trabahante namin. I want people going there once or twice only. As I have said, kayong mga Director, matagal naman kayo diyan. Eh mga Civil Service eligible naman kayo, find a way, there is the computer at your disposal, pag may mag-apply na tao, you give him the lists, the shopping list of the documents that he has to produce, then refer to your computer and give him a stub, marami, iyan, balutin lang ninyo ng plastic, mura lang naman iyan and give him a date and the time where he can go back there to claim his papers.

I do not want, kagaya diyan sa likod ng SM, iyon sabi ko kay Jun, nawala na iyon, Jun ‘no? Iyong nakatulog diyan sa Cotabato, nakaawa ‘no, most of them from Cotabato. Iyong mga Moro na gustong magpunta ng Middle East, nakahiga diyan sa pavement, anak ka ng—Mayor ako noon, para ako—nakatingin ako. Napaka-miserable naman nitong Republika na ito. Karaming computers, we have been buying computers. I can look at the budget and kung ipagdikit-dikit mo iyong computers diyan, kung nabili, if at all, makalakad ka na sa buwan, naglalakad ka lang, baon ka lang ng oxygen.

So why is it like this? So ayaw ko gustong makita and for example, kay Bebot and he is doing it, si Secretary Bello. May kiosk, NBI ka, you put your kiosk there. So the guy wants to have a clearance? Eh di gamitin mong computer na iyan. BIR, issue the clearances. Wag ninyong pabalik-balikin and do not add or take anything from there, because PTV 4, right after the news, would have about 30 to one hour, bakante iyan. That is for the people of the Republic of the Philippines. You dial 8888, sabihin mo anung opisina, sino iyong tao, magkano ang hiningi and I will act immediately, in 24 hours.

Ito si Alfred Valenzuela, sir, transaction ako dito sa Davao City sa…. Of course, it’s a local government concern. But as President, I can always have my way. Wag ninyo akong pilitin na to take a punitive action against you. Iyon lang. Dial, i-dial ninyo, Tagalugin ninyo, Bisaya, Ilokano, whatever. Somali, ‘wag iyan kay sa Africa iyan. Any dialect; Waray, whatever isulat mo lang; Ilonggo, te. “Te kakadto sang opisina ne way siya ngadto pagbalik ko gapangayo pa siyang kwarta. Ay lintian.”

We have to—ganito iyan eh. We’re all Filipinos, I will challenge you: Gusto ba natin ng bayan na matino? Mga anak ninyo maligaya, makapag-aral, makapaglabas na hindi sinasaksak, nakapaglabas ng walang hold-up, walang—gusto ninyong bayan na iyan, o puwes, ibigay ko iyan. Ibigay ko sa inyo.

Kaya, I hope that the Supreme Court would rule in it, but I am just hoping that the curfew against minor is not really a criminal proceedings. As we have insisted, it is a mechanism where we take the child out of the streets to protect him from predators, from being utilized as runners sa shabu, being raped. Kita mo lalo na babae, so iyan ang ano ko sana. It is a custodial, but isauli sa nanay. And I’ve been telling—kagaya nung nakita ko na natulog dito sa ilalim ng kotse, so I had that night, I had the parents arrested. Pero if not for the intervention ng Gabriela, hindi ko talaga bibitawan. There is abandonment of minors, that’s the case. So paigtingin, pinahuli ko talaga. Sabi ko, katukin mo, drag them to— place them under arrest. You are being arrested according to Duterte because you abandoned your children. Abandonment of minors, arrest them, bring them to jail. Ganoon lang iyan.

So gusto ba ninyo ang bayan natin na maganda? Gusto ba ninyong makatikim talaga ang mga tao natin, masyadong gutom; gusto ninyo iyan? Ibibigay ko sa inyo iyan, tulungan lang ninyo ako. And I’ve been warning even abroad. I’ve been adamant about this corruption. If you give in to the demands, you will just create more problems for my country. The slightest whisper even about asking this, asking for that you, report to me.

I will—pagka ganoon, ‘pag nalaman ko Bureau of Fisheries ‘pag may nagreklamo, kunin ko iyong papel. Ang Malacañan ang magpa-process ng papel. Kami ang magpapalakad ng papel ninyo. Wala kayong gawin diyan, umupo na lang kayo. Whatever department, do not, kasi ‘pag may narinig ko, Central Bank o ano, kunin ko iyong papel, ako mismo. Hiyain kita, I’ll go there, “Oh ‘ayan. Anong kulang diyan, sabihin mo, ilista mo. Oh, sobra diyan.” Gagawain ko iyan. I do not want to humiliate anybody. Hanggang magdating tayo diyan, gusto ninyo iyan, eh mangyayari talaga iyan.

Iyan ang deal ko sa inyo, but in return, I will try my very best na this—you can walk along again on the streets. Pero itong three million na ito, they’re lurking in every corner. Magastos ‘to and it would take time for us to treat them.

Q : President, I just want to find out if you are aware of the resignation of GCG Jaime Maria Flores? Governance Commission for GOCCs who resigned today.

PRRD : I’m not aware of that.

Q : Jaime Flores.

PRRD : Why? What’s wrong with the guy?

Q : Walang reason na binigay eh. Kung sinong papalit?

PRRD : Ah, ang papalit? You just wait. Kung papalit, eh ‘di magdating iyan. kung maghingi ka. I mean, mga director ‘to? Higher ano, that’s one of trust and confidence. Kaya iyong mga pera-pera, I’m very careful. PAGCOR, I give it to both; si ano, Balutan, pati si—hindi, hind. Yong ah, PCSO. Why it’s so rotten. You, know they have—ang jueteng, ginanun nila, sa small time lottery. So nangyari lang noong, you know George Corpuz is retired. You know, I had to call him, siguro mga three or four times.

Halos mapaiyak-iyak iyong mama. Sabi ko, “Bakit ayaw mong—bakit ayaw mo?” We have to serve our country, wel, beyond sa retirement days mo. Iyong si pulis, and isa pa, if I would mention, si Wong. I had twice, he had to come on, because I said “You come here and talk to me. Bakit hindi puwede?” Then the second time, hindi ako kuntento, tinawag ko uli, sabi ko “Napakaano mo naman.” Sabi ko, ayaw. So finally, I—it’s not really a matter of a second choice but gusto ko lang talaga ng ano, then I remembered that I have a guy. Kasama ko sa dormitoryo noon iyan, ka-room mate ni—you know, isang Ilokano rin. Puro sila Ilokano. Si Billy naman, Dulay is from Baguio. Bebot sa Isabela.

You know what? I went to Isabela, sa mga goods. So I was directing the flow of goods; ganoon, pera. Pati pera, si DSWD, si Secretary Taguiwalo, and we were talking about drugs. Nandoon iyan mga congressman. Nandon si Bebot. Pagkatapos, lumipad ako ng Isabela, then to Laoag. Alam mo, pag-landing ko sa Laoag, magkakain na lang kami kay Governor Aimee Marcos, magkain kami doon, tinawag ako ng aid ko na— “Sir, mayroon doon shabu factory, sa Isabela.” “Saan iyan banda?” sabi ko. Pero tama, sabi ko kay Bot, “Bot, ano ang sitwasyon dito sa ano?” Sabi niya, “masama.”

There you are, that’s your answer. Regions I, II and III pinakamaraming shabu na tinatapon from the international seas or near our inter-territorial waters. May mga GPS, iyong isa nakita mo sa newspaper na mga kaldero na sealed, doon tinatapon sa mga barko iyan. Hear me right everybody. Hindi lang China, iyong sabi mga Chinese dito. It’s a global thing, kaya’t para ang Pilipi—I cannot just show you for the life of me kung paano ko ano, na iyong matrix ng flow ng droga. Tinatamaan lahat, and the Philippines is also a critical, para sa kanila ay transshipment.

Kaya dito iyong isang container bumigay, 67, ganoon bricks, cocaine. Nawala lahat. Tapos, pinasara ko iyong pantalan. Sabi ko sa pulis, “’Pag hindi nasauli iyang 16 bricks na iyan, i-firing squad mo lahat dito. Lahat, pati—then little by little, the bricks were returned, dalawa lang ang missing. But iyong nakadalawa, wala na dito. Pero I was shocked to learn na lahat na bricks, ganito kalalaki. Bumigay iyong ceiling, bumagsak iyong—and 67 bricks were all missing. Kasi malaman namin, ke para itlog. May ano sila, compartment.

Sinarahan ko iyong gate, sabi ko sa pulis “Pagka hindi ito masauli, sorry na lang Human Rights. You better come for the mass funeral.” Sabi ko, “Patayin mo ito lahat dito. Walang bubuhay sa inyo, isauli ninyo iyon.” Isauli, o ‘di dapat ang Human Rights, matuto rin mag—pinulis ba. Tapos sabihin na “Duterte, istorya mo lang iyan.” Maniwala ka pala. Ganoon, ganoon lang iyan. Istorya lang ito sa lahat, buhay na ‘to. Human Rights, story-telling, it’s what it is all about.

CEDRIC CASTILLO : Mr. President, good evening po. Cedric Castillo from

GMA 7: GMA 7 sir, welcome back. Sir, no less than the Russian Ambassador said na they know that they have a negative image dito po sa Pilipinas, particularly as portrayed by Hollywood. Now, sir, my question is, how do you plan to allay the fears of some, if not many Filipinos of the Russians, the Chinese, may mga comments particularly sa social media na ‘communists’?

PRRD : Hoy! Hoy, wala nang komunista. That’s an ideology that is long, of long gone. Ang mga komunista, naghihiram nga tayo. I do not have to answer these simpletons. Wala nang komunista ngayon. The communist party is just for really the control para hindi sasabog. There are billions of them. Pero kung sabihin mo na sa commune, magtrabaho tayong lahat, those were the propaganda days of the Americans during the Cold War, I tell you. Hindi ganoon kalupit ang mga tao doon kasi kababayan, kadugo nila eh.

But you know the Cold War, right after the Second World War, that was the main—pumunta nga kami sa Russia, anong sabi ng Russia? Eh tutulungan nga tayo. “Magsabi ka lang, Duterte kung ano, tutulungan ka namin kasi naaawa kami sa iyo.” Komunista? Kaganda ng— kita mo ang yaman ng—lahat doon, ang Lexus, taxi lang iyan doon sa Beijing. Totoo. (laughter) Lahat doon naka-sports—

GEM AVANCEÑA : Mr. President, good evening. Gem Avanceña po ng TV 5 para daw po sa last question. Mr. President, ngayon lang po kinoronahan si Kylie Verzosa bilang Miss International 2016. Ano po iyong message niyo sa kaniya?

PRRD : Well of course, I am happy. I am always happy if our beautiful women win all the titles sa— kasi Pilipino tayo eh. It gives us a— konting hambog. It lifts the— parang mayabang tayo na “Oh kita mo, magaganda ang mga, aming Filipina.” Pero lahat kayo diyan sa Human Rights Commission, mga pangit. (laughter)

I’d like to congratulate again. I’d like to congratulate the Miss International. Mabuhay ka at I’d like to meet her just to congratulate her personally. Yes? Can we wind up?

INA/CNN PHILS.: Hi, sir. This is just a follow up to what you said earlier about you, promising to God that you will no longer say cuss or curse words. Does this mean that we will no longer hear tirades or harsh words from you directed to the US, to EU, and even maybe, to Senator Leila De Lima?

PRRD : There is always a time. Actually, kung kilala mo ako, magtanong ka diyan sa mga kababata ko: Sonny; Yasay; Bebot, kasama ko ngayon for the longer—; ‘ayan si Panelo, matagal kaming nagsama. Superman, ‘I can read your mind’ ika nga.

There’s always a time. There’s always a timing, a time for everything. Time to be foul mouth, and a time to— anupaman, ayaw ko mambabasa. I do not want anybody reading my mind because hindi na ako makadiskarte eh. But it’s all calibrated, it’s all—but timing. Just watch out for one thing in life, that’s what I’ve learned. Miscalculation. Okay?

Thank you. Maraming salamat po. (applause)