From the Office of the Communications Secretary, 25 Nov. 2016

This is in reference to a news story, entitled, “Duterte: US allowed same-sex marriage, where are their principles?” published 24 November 2016, where the President had been depicted as against same-sex marriages and which had offended our allies in the LGBT community.

There is absolutely no truth to the insinuation that the President was questioning the principles of the United States of America in upholding same-sex marriages.

The statements of the President referred to countries such as the United States, which gave aid and assistance to those in need, but only upon certain conditions. The President was calling out the United States, which, he said, would offer aid and assistance to countries in need, such as Liberia, but only upon compliance with certain conditions lobbied and thereby imposed by local pressure groups, such as LGBTs. The President found it appalling that when such conditions were not met, the United States would unilaterally withdraw the aid and assistance, regardless of whether such withdrawal would cost lives and cause damage to the beneficiary. The President then asked, “Where are the principles that they, the builders of America [espoused]?”

The President has remained steadfast in respecting the rights of LGBTs, evident in his pioneering programs while still a local executive. He will continue to uphold their rights and protect their well-being as the Chief Executive.

Moving forward, we hope that media likewise remain firm in your commitment to provide our country truth in reporting.