Opening Statement of Secretary Martin Andanar Presidential Communications Operations Office Secretary during the PCOO-WEF Joint Cabinet Presentation and Press Con on Dutertenomics
Briefing Center, Sokha Hotel, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
11 May 2017

Secretary Abella… Presidential Spokesperson. We also have here Secretary Mon Lopez of the Department of Trade and Industry; the newly-appointed Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Senator Alan Peter Cayeteno; Secretary Alfonso Cusi of the Department of Energy; Chairman Vince Dizon of the BCDA; and our Secretary for the Department of Public Works and Highways Secretary Villar; Secretary Tugade of the Department of Transportation; distinguished guests; of course Monck; good morning.

Ladies and gentlemen, the Philippines today stands on the brink of a dramatic transformation. We are emerging from our cocoon with a rapidly growing economy and a young and hardworking population.

We have enjoyed positive growth every year over the past 19 years. It is now time for us to level up and take the next big step in our national development.

DuterteNomics underlies our six-year development plan to achieve high middle-income status by the time our President leaves office.

Within a generation, we aim to eliminate poverty and rank among the 30 largest economies in the world. 

To do this, we will invest 160 billion US dollars in our physical infrastructure. We plan to build, build, build.

We will also invest heavily in our people, our human capital, to a better education, and social services.

Today, senior members of the economic team of the Philippine Cabinet will talk about their respective mandates under DuterteNomics.

You will be meeting the heads of these agencies. 

NEDA, our socio-economic planning authority, which provides the planning framework and screens individual projects.

The Public Works and Highways Department, responsible for roads, bridges, and all other public works.

The Transportation Department which looks after transport systems by land, sea, and air, Secretary Tugade.

The Trade and Industry Department which promotes greater trade and investment, Secretary Mon Lopez.

The Energy Department which oversees the power sector upon which our infrastructure relies, Secretary Cusi.

And, Bases Conversion Development Authority mandated to develop land that used to belong to the former US bases, military or military bases in our country, Vince Dizon.

We are also enjoined by our newly-appointed Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Senator Alan Cayetano.

You can tell us what a stronger Philippine nation or economy will mean for the relationships among countries and our region and the rest of the world. 

Our milestones are ambitious. We’ll spend five to seven percent of our GDP every year on infrastructure. We aim to reduce poverty from 22 percent in 2015 to 14 percent by 2022.

We intend to achieve economic growth of seven to eight percent every year up to 2022.

Let me give you a taste of the major projects we are planning which my colleagues in Cabinet can discuss in more detail later.

Secretary Villar of Public Works and Highways is building the Luzon Spine way express. This is a 650-kilometer network of new or improved roads that would let you drive from La Union province in the North to Camarines Sur in the South, in less than 12 hours.

Along the way, you will take bypass routes so you don’t have to enter the crowded streets of Metro Manila.

Secretary Tugade of Transportation is rolling out three game changers in the railway sector alone. One will be the country’s first subway system, running under those same crowded Manila streets.

The second is completion of long overdue rail projects running through the North and South of Manila. And the third will be the long-awaited Mindanao railway, which should make our President very happy. 

BCDA Chairman Dizon will oversee the transformation of Clark Airport and the country’s second premier gateway besides NAIA.

It is part of the overall upgrading of the country’s entire airport system under Secretary Tugade, with the development of Clark as an industrial and logistics hub.

We’re also building a whole new city to give residents of Metro Manila an alternative home. 

We would also like to acknowledge our National Economic and Development Authority Secretary Ernie Pernia.

Secretary Lopez of Trade and Industry is looking forward to the rapid expansion of trade and industry as we build new infrastructure. The roll on – roll off shipping route that President Duterte inaugurated the other week with President Widodo of Indonesia will bring our goods and services closer to our neighbors in ASEAN, including Cambodia.

Secretary Cusi of Energy will ensure that the construction and operation of our infrastructure projects can always rely on dependable and affordable power. Renewable and alternative energy is important to us and that will now also include nuclear power.

Ladies and gentlemen, last year we grew faster than China or Vietnam.

This year and next, the IMF projects us to be the fastest growing economy within ASEAN.

With DuterteNomics, with your support and participation, we will meet and perhaps even exceed the IMF’s expectations.

The Filipino people have waited long enough and they deserve no less from us.

Thank you and mabuhay!