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Heeding the President’s Directive, MMDA Defers Imposition of Penalties for Prohibition of Tricycles, Kuligligs,E-bikes, and E-trikes on National Roads in Metro Manila

The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA), in compliance with President Ferdinand R. Marcos’ directive, will use the one-month grace period to inform the public of the prohibition on e-bikes, e-trikes, tricycles, pedicabs, push carts, and kuligligs from traversing national roads in Metro Manila.

MMDA Acting Chairman Atty. Don Artes said they received the President’s directive on Thursday morning to partially suspend the implementation of the MMDA Regulation 24-002 Series of 2024.

“Our president is a compassionate leader, and he is sensitive to the sentiments of the public, as some of the violators claimed that they were not aware of the regulation, do not know the alternative routes, and have not yet adjusted their routine in the use of their electric bikes,” said Artes during a press briefing at the MMDA Head Office in Pasig on Friday.

Artes said the agency will study how to go about the cancellation of citation tickets issued to 290 violators and the return of 69 impounded vehicles from April 17 until the suspension of the issuance of tickets yesterday morning.  “We will find a way to make the directive of the president retroactive.”

Under the grace period, the MMDA will continue flagging down violators of the ban but will not issue tickets and the vehicles will not be impounded.  Instead, they will be informed of the regulation and advised about alternate roads they can use.

“We will strengthen the widest dissemination of information through the media, social media platforms, and all other mediums of the local government units,” said Artes, citing that consultations and conferences have been conducted while announcements and advisories have been issued to the public prior to enforcement of the ban.

The MMDA and Metro Manila local government units will focus on informing the public on the alternative routes that users of the vehicles covered by the regulation can traverse.

“We will meet with the LGUs’ traffic officials for the identification of alternate routes in Metro Manila,” said Artes.

Before the grace period ends, Artes said they will submit a report and make necessary recommendations to the President.

According to Artes, the P2,500 penalty for violators will also remain once they resume the issuance of tickets, explaining that such a penalty is really “punitive” because repetitive violations of the law occur when the penalty is minimal.

Artes also brushed off criticisms on the strict implementation of the regulation, citing “ang batas ay mahigpit, mabigat; pero ang batas ay dapat sundin. Just like any regulation on traffic rules and policies, we will strictly enforce them, without partiality.”

Artes said the Land Transportation Office has released guidelines on the registration of light electric vehicles, which users should all follow.

Under the Metro Manila Council (MMC)-approved MMDA Regulation No. 24-002, e-bikes, e-trikes, tricycles, pedicabs, push carts, and kuligligs are banned from traversing national roads, circumferential roads, and radial roads in Metro Manila. #