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Department of Agrarian Reform

President BBM to distribute 4,351 land titles to 4,271 ARBs in SOCCSKSARGEN region

President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. will lead the distribution of a combination of 4,351 Certificates of Land Ownership Award (CLOAs) and electronic titles (e-titles) comprising a total of 5,918.44 hectares of land to 4,271 agrarian reform beneficiaries (ARBs) from SOCCSKSARGEN region together with Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR) Secretary Conrado M. Estrella III on Friday, May 24, 2024.

Marcos and Estrella are expected to distribute the land titles generated under the agency’s regular comprehensive agrarian reform program (CARP) and the Support to Parcelization of Lands for Individual Titling or Project SPLIT to be held at South Cotabato Gym and Cultural Center, Koronadal City, South Cotabato.

Estrella said the region-wide distribution is part of the government’s land tenure security program for landless farmers through the provision of individual land titles and support services to ARBs, which include among others the construction of infrastructure facilities and farm-to-market roads.

“This initiative is anticipated to have a profound effect on the security of land tenure for the ARBs in the region. By issuing these titles, the ownership of land will be recognized as a fulfillment to their long-held aspirations to own the lands they are tilling,” Estrella said

Mariannie S. Lauban-Baunto, DAR SOCCSKSARGEN Regional Director said of the total of 4,351 land titles to be distributed, 1,184 titles are under the regular CARP covering 1,001.91 hectares intended for 1,436 ARBs. At the same time, 3,167 are e-titles under the Project SPLIT covering 4,916.5321 hectares, for 2,835 ARBs.

From the 1,184 regular CLOA, the province of Cotabato will get 242 CLOAs covering 295.7374 hectares to be distributed to 291 ARBs; Sarangani with 57 CLOAs covering 133.8022 hectares, to be distributed to 201 ARBs; South Cotabato with 720 CLOAs covering 169.4408 hectares for 779 ARBs; and Sultan Kudarat with 165 CLOAs covering 402.9305 hectares, for 165 ARBs.

Of the 3,167 e-titles, Cotabato will be provided with 1,534 e-titles covering 1,979.1980 hectares, intended for 1,354 ARBs; Sarangani with a total of 536 e-titles covering 1,032.0886 hectares to be distributed to 506 ARBs; South Cotabato with a total of 946 e-titles covering 1,553.1523 hectares, for 840 ARBs; and Sultan Kudarat with 151 e-titles covering 353.0932 hectares to be distributed to 135 ARBs under the Project SPLIT covered by collective CLOAs that were previously issued by the DAR and will be subdivided and replaced with individual land titles.