Palace officials to gov’t workers: Give public what is due them

Executive Secretary Salvador Medialdea and Presidential Spokesperson Ernesto Abella told palace employees that in order to help President Rodrigo R. Duterte achieve his goals, the support of everybody, particularly those in the government service, will be crucial.

During the new administration’s first flag-raising ceremony on Monday morning at the Kalayaan Hall grounds in Malacanang, Medialdea said, “The thrusts of President Duterte’s administration are peace and order, good governance, the fight against corruption, the fight against illegal drugs, and the upliftment of those who have less in life and in law.”

He requested palace personnel and all workers in government to extend their solid support, regardless of their personal opinions and preferences, to President Duterte’s administration. “He is a good person. This forward-looking administration is committed to keep on supporting those employees who have performed with competency, efficiency, dedication, and integrity, whether permanent or co-terminus.”

Medialdea related the beginning of his friendship with the President which goes back several decades, which started when he sat on the chair of a prosecutor in Davao, and that prosecutor turned out to be Rodrigo R. Duterte.

He said, “The story is not about friendship but of a public servant willing to give courtesy or comfort to the public he serves. His giving up a seat was a gesture of a public servant.”

In the same event, Abella said, “We are here today because people who felt excluded believe the promise that we made, that they too could have a comfortable life — life unbounded, unburdened by corruption, a life unhampered by crime, a life unthreatened by illegal drugs, a life free to pursue their dreams of a better world. So let us not let them down.”

Abella said, “People who lost faith in government are willing to trust in it again and should not be disappointed by doing what was promised, compassion or ‘malasakit’ and change or ‘pagbabago’. They want their leaders to care about them and they want the miserable conditions of their lives to change. So let us inspire them.”

“Together, let us build a nation that is righteous, peaceful, and joyful. Let us trust God who placed us here to enable us to be worthwhile servants. So why are we here? In the President’s famous words: ‘Because we are ready to begin the work right now.’ So let us do so. Let us begin the week and the next cycle of years with excitement in our hearts to do what we have been told to do,” Abella further said. PND