President Duterte attends 9th Belenismo sa Tarlac, 12 Dec. 2016

TARLAC CITY – President Rodrigo Duterte highlighted the current thrusts of his government during the 9th Belenismo sa Tarlac on Dec. 11, Sunday.

The Belenismo is considered a grand festival in this province where local and foreign tourists can witness various sizes, colors and designs of the Belen.

In his message during the event, the President mentioned the initiatives of his administration to fight drugs, criminality and corruption.

The President reiterated that he will not allow graft and corruption while he is president, stressing he has no debt of gratitude to pay since very few politicians supported him during the last presidential election.

The public can call 8888 hotline and the PTV4 will also air complaints from the public about erring officials, he said. He also vowed to fight red tape in the bureaucracy.

“Ngayon, 8888. Maglabas iyan every morning sa TV — sa PTV. ‘Itong si Mayor Duterte kumikikil daw sa akin ng ganitong negosyo.’ Kasi sa siyudad ko three days lalabas iyang permit mo,” the President said.

The public should trust his administration, he said, because he has chosen brilliant people to be part of his Cabinet.

The chief executive also highlighted the ongoing peace talks with the rebels, noting it is the time to put an end to decades long Muslim rebellion.

At the same time, the President also opened the Malacanan Palace to the public, adding anyone with grievances or those needing help could visit him at the Palace.

“Everybody is invited to go to Malacañang. Sabihin mo, pati sundalo sinabi ko, ‘pag may problema ka tapos sabihin mo itong gobyerno puro salita-salita wala na,” he said.

The President said there must be a reasonable number of visitors coming to the Palace and he especially wants students and young people to go first.

“Gusto ko ‘yang mga bata. Iyong grade school iyan. They should be allowed first. Student, high school ganun. Gusto ko sila muna,” the President said. ### PND