President Duterte graces Pacquiao’s birthday, 18 Dec. 2016

GENERAL SANTOS CITY- President Rodrigo Duterte personally attended the 38th birthday celebration of boxing champ and Senator Emmanuel “Manny” Pacquiao at the jampacked KCC Mall on Saturday, December 17.

“Senator Manny Pacquiao, happy birthday; to the wife, Jinky, happy birthday. The birthday of the husband is the birthday of the wife; the birthday of the wife is always the birthday of the husband,” President Duterte said in his message.

In his message, President Duterte advised Senator Pacquiao to remain humble.

“Stay humble. Mababa lang,” he said.

In the same message, President Duterte stressed anew his administration’s programs, especially the fight against illegal drugs.

He said the government’s efforts in waging war on drugs “Is the preservation of my country and to protect the next generation.”

“It is the preservation of my country. It is to protect the next generation so that there will be Filipinos with sound mind and sound body to run this country when we are no longer here in this planet,” Duterte said.

“I will solve this problem because I have to worry about tomorrow and being the President, I have to preserve this country for everybody or else we’ll go to the dogs,” he added.

Sen. Pacquiao, for his part, thanked God and his family as well as the millions of fans for supporting him for what he has become today.

A touch of religiosity and the grand finale of a Mindanao–wide Bisaya singing competition, marked Senator Pacquiao’s birthday.###PND