President Duterte vows not to compromise with terrorism

Tagum City — President Rodrigo Duterte on Saturday, July 1, assured the public that the government remains committed to fulfilling its promise in giving an equal share of the national wealth to Mindanao.

“Rest assured that the government remains committed in fulfilling its promise in giving an equal share of the national wealth to Mindanao, including Davao del Norte,” President Duterte during the 50th founding anniversary of Davao del Norte.
“Use the money to uplift the lives of your people and realize your great potential. All I ask in return is that you remain committed to the continuing war against illegal drugs, corruption, criminality, and terrorism,” he added, saying that both the government and the public must remain “steadfast and united” against the threats in the way of life. 
President Duterte added that Davao del Norte, under the command of Governor Antonio Rafael del Rosario, will continue to become one of the fastest-growing provinces in Mindanao.
“With its vast resources and strong, resilient, and vibrant people, the province will be able to achieve greater development at par with the rest of the nation,” the President mentioned.
The Chief Executive also underscored that he does not want to compromise with terrorists involved in the Marawi crisis.
“I will never, never, never, compromise with terrorism,” Duterte said, adding that the government will fight until the “last terrorist is executed.”
The President also expressed that he had a “heavy heart” knowing that many of his troops and police were dying because of the crisis in Marawi City.
“If there is one person in this Republic and this country who is traveling with a heavy heart, it’s me, because I ordered the Armed Forces and the police to go there and fight and perhaps to die,” he said.
President Duterte added that he had to do it because it is his constitutional duty to preserve and defend the Filipinos, adding that as President, he cannot accept the existence of terrorism in the Philippines.
He also reiterated in his speech that he would not negotiate with terrorists.
“You are living witnesses to what is unfolding in the Middle East. Wala… there’s no redeeming values I know… We will not go out there until the last terrorist is executed. ###PND