Media Interview of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte

Event Media Interview
Location Heroes Hall, Malacañan Palace, Manila

Henry Uri (DZRH): Mr. President, magandang gabi po sa inyo. First question po, after 13 days na maitalaga si Vice President Leni Robredo as ICAD Vice Chair, kamusta po ‘yung assessment ninyo sa kanya? Masaya po ba kayo o tatanggalin na po ninyo siya?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Kindly sit down.

Mr. Uri: Thank you po.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Okay because this will take a little bit longer to answer.

You know she had so many qualms, complaints about the drug war and probably she wants to know why persons are killed and why we are being blamed for such deaths.

We kept on denying because it is the truth that we have no hand in extrajudicial killings. And that is why I required PTV-4 to post part of my briefer the previous night because it is there where all arrests and incidents about drugs all throughout the Philippines are being posted.

So you would know, makikita mo kung sino ang namatay, sino ang hindi. I noticed that probably in two or three publications there’s one, two or three namatay. But it is not really that many as you can see the symbol there is “A-A-A-A-A-A” that’s arrested at saka ‘yung “N” it’s neutralized, so ‘yon ang patay.

Added to that, sinabi ko sa kanya tingnan mo kasi malalaman mo. The other deaths you cannot attribute it to the drug situation. Hindi lahat ng patay itapon mo doon sa parang — when you say extrajudicial killing it really means that it is the government doing it. That is what is it all about.

So ‘yang lahat ng patay na walang suspect eh gawain mong extrajudicial killing, eh lahat naman talaga ng killing are extrajudicial.

Ngayon sabi ko ngayon tignan mo. You might want to join, participate, cooperate, why don’t you take the other — ‘yung sa ICAD?

Well, I cannot create an office. I do not have that power. It is only Congress who can create government positions. I cannot do it. Even if it is a delegated power to me in some of the laws, the rule is I cannot delegate what is delegated to me.

I am a delegated authority and I cannot delegate another authority based on the authority of my delegation in the first place. Ganun ‘yan.

So sabi ko tignan mo ‘yung definition ng position diyan and it says there about cooperation and all. Pero ang gusto ko sana sa totoo lang — I mentioned it actually earlier and I said that to give more teeth to her powers so that maybe she can have her — whatever she wants there. Sabi ko as long as there is a security clearance from the government, from the military and the police, go ahead. Kaya sabi ko “cooperate”. Sabi ko sa lahat ng pulis, “you obey her.”

Ang problema kay Robredo is this. Right after she was appointed, she began talking publicly about inviting the Human Rights Commission, she was talking to the United Nations, she would want to talk to the European, at marami na siyang pinagsasabi.

Kung ganun sabi ko, I cannot appoint her as a Cabinet member. If that is the way her mouth behaves, there can never be a position for her. Kasi kung Cabinet member sana siya you know upon the authority because she would be an alter ego of me.

Ang problema kasi dito ganito. I cannot trust her not bec — not only because — not only ha — so ‘pag nag — not only because she is with the opposition. I do not trust her because I do not know her.

Hindi ko alam kung sino ang kausap niya noon, kung sinong mga politiko, kung sinong mga tao, probably… You know one of the biggest ah — one — the biggest actually of a drug manufacturing apparatus was in Bicol, sa Naga. But not ano I’m sure but in Bicol.

So hindi ko alam politiko siya hindi ko alam kung sinong kausap niya. Maybe sabihin mo that her being president qualifies her to be — of course not. I disagree with that statement that just because she is a vice president, she has already a clearance by virtue of the fact that she is the vice president. No sir, I disagree with you. That cannot happen.

As a matter of fact, the military has to know and the police has to know where of you — you started and where you came from. Hindi na lang basta na — naging o na-vice president ka.

Karaming mayor na kriminal namatay na nga eh. The fact of an election is not a security clearance. So nung sige siya nagsalita sabi ko I will just forego with the appointment of — appointing her as a Cabinet member.

You know what? She’s with the opposition and she would be attending Cabinet meetings. In that Cabinet meetings, we discuss mundane matters, we discuss day-to-day matters, we discuss security matters, we discuss critical issues.

Ngayon siya kung nandiyan, hindi ko man talaga siya kilala and the way she behaved right after I appointed her does not inspire — it’s not inspiring.

Natakot tuloy ako baka pakitaan niya kasi she was questioning noon “ah ‘yung extrajudicial,” ganun na, kasali na ang pulitika. You know I’ll tell you what, election is noble. It is a practice of democracy that you elect leaders to guide the nation.

Election process but sometimes be you know tinker and that is why you have election cases, barilan diyan. The process is abused and trampled. Kaya delikado ‘yan kasi doon siya sa kabila. Nandito ako. Nagtatapunan kami ng basura.

Ngayon kung Cabinet member siya and she goes to look into the records that are classified matters, China or whatever, kung hingiin niya ‘yan being a Cabinet member she would have access to everything which is not…

Alam mo sabi ko election is a noble thing. But politics is always dirty especially if you are the other side. Huwag mo na lang akong bolahin.

“No, you know, wala. I will…” Kung anong mapulot mo dito balang araw — two years na lang, and she wants to aspire for the presidency.

If that is the way her mouth behaves, that is the way — scatterbrain eh. I will talk to this, I will talk to this, tapos sabay… And there are there in the Senate who are fishermen. Diyan sa Senate, may mga fisherman diyan. Now, ‘pag maglabas siya, magtanong, eh kapartido niya, they will fish something from her mouth. Tapos, if they can have this you know thing, they can always prepare for you during the election.

Ako wala na akong problema. Wala ka namang eleksyon. Siya ang may problema. Kaya sabi ko kay Leni, “Leni, noon pa hindi kita sinasagot. Pero ‘yung — ‘yung knee-jerk reaction mo palagi na…” Hindi ka talaga mag-presidente nang ganun. Hindi ako boboto sa’yo maski kaibigan tayo.

Pero right after I — it was a delicate matter. No, I will talk to… She invited even ‘yung mga prosecutors ng Human Rights Commission which we rebuked. Bakit niya papuntahin dito ‘yung prosecutors and all, observers?

She was grandstanding na eh. It was — it was like a carnival after. She was talking right and left dito ganun. Presidente ka, mag-ganun ka?

You will… You will just place the Republic of the Philippines in jeopardy. Alam mo bakit? It’s your penchant. Knee-jerk ka eh.

Minsan, may issue. Tinanong ako ng media. “Ito bang pulis makatanggap ng regalo?” Lacson pati siya, automatic, “That is illegal, unconstitutional. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah ganun. Unlawful for a president to do that.”

Sabi ko sa kanila, “Just a minute. Kindly look at the Anti-Graft Law because I was quoting the very words of the Anti-Graft Law which allows public officers to accept gifts as token, minimal…”

Tapos to — abogado ka magsabi in public, diretso ka, “Ah wala illegal ‘yan. Bastos ‘yan. Bakit mo turuan ang pulis maging…”

Look. Before you open your mouth, kindly think. Dito, puro imbita ka na,
“I will invite the United Nations…” ‘Di imbitahin mo silang lahat. Pero sabi ko, barahin ka na.

Ang sa iyo, need to know ka lang. But as ICAD, you can direct. Sabi ko you can give the directions, you can give the guidance. But you do not have to go there and waggle inside the law enforcement process.

Magsama ka — magsama ka doon sa mga… Mabuti. I suggest you go there — tutal mga pulis. Ako I suggest. Henceforth, itong mga pulis. Basta, you — if the drug raid, invite every network. Magpa-cover kayo diyan sa likod para makuha ang pagkatigas ninyo. Mga pulis kayong y***.

Simple lang man ‘yan. You could have requested somebody. PTV-4. “I-cover mo kami. Diyan ka sa likod.” Para pagputok, sabay na tayo.

Akala mo naman walang namamatay na pulis. Sabi ko… Now, she is treading a very dangerous ground. I leave it to her to continue. Well, Leni, you give them the proper guidance, the direction to which they should proceed. Ganun. The way they’re reporting, it must be clear. Have it reported.

Ako — nandiyan sa TV, PTV-4, ‘yung extra time diyan. Nandiyan lahat ‘yung incidents regarding drugs. Kay makikita mo, sino ang mga tao sa Pilipinas. That is everyday.

[May briefer na ba ako ngayon? Do I have a briefer now?]

Ipakita ko sa inyo. First page ‘yan, ‘yan, nakalista. ‘Yun ang ipinapakita ko. Tingnan mo kung ilang patay. Huwag ‘yung ibang patay. ‘Yung — that is the official record. When they go out of the — nandiyan ‘yan sa logbook. Operation, target drugs ganun. ‘Di maka-countercheck ninyo eh.

Kaya kung mag — makinig kayo sa basura… So it’s really between — kami and ng opposition ano. I am inviting the Filipino people to choose which is good. ‘Yung namatay na mga kriminal o ‘yung mga inosente? Mamili kayo.

Ilan ang namatay na inosente na walang kalaban-laban? Ilang bata na namatay na ni-rape? At ‘yung gruesome thing about you know. A one-year-old child in Makati, tinuhog ng — at sinira ‘yung because he’s he — the boy was attacked including the anal of the body. Mamili kayo.

If you believe them, continue believing with the opposition, it’s graceful.

Ito, may briefer ako. This is today. Summary report. Presidential…

Ibigay ko — ibigay ko sa inyo. Ayan, makikita ninyo. Ano ‘yung A, A, A? [Rodel Sagun?] [Jason Aquino?] [Alegre?].

Makita naman ninyo. Ibigay ko ito sa inyo. Paki-kopya mo itong first page. Pati itong second page. Ito lahat ito. Lahat ito puro drugs ito. These are the — this is the summary. This is a part of — parang syllabus.

Ayan, ibigay ko. It’s posted for the information of the entire country, people. Itong ito, gabi-gabi pumapasok ito sa akin. Mayor ganun din. Sinunod lang nila ‘yung style ko.

May mga patayan noon, pero lahat walang — ito drugs lang talaga ‘to. Dalawang pages. Two pages — the first two pages. [Have it reproduced and — electronic copies — so I can give it to them.]

Back to Leni, masyado kang ano eh — too… Pati ba naman ‘yang — ‘yang prosecutor and the tweet. Nakita ko ‘yung tweet eh. “I am… I am packed and ready to go and arrest Duterte.” ‘Yan ang imbitahin mo? Ganun ang salita sa akin. P****** i**, Leni, sa harap mo sampalin ko ‘yan. Dalhin mo dito.

I dare you, invite him. Sinabi ko kasi sa Immigration, papasukin ninyo. I dare you. Kung talagang dedicated ka, papasukin mo dito ‘yang p***** i**** ‘yan. Puntahan kita sa opisina mo, sampalin ko ‘yan sa harap mo. Ito isampal ko. Totoo.

Lalaki ba ‘yan, babae? Lalaki. O mas mabuti. Please invite him and accord — and I’ll order a VIP treatment.

Dalhin mo sa opisina, pupuntahan ko kayo. Sampalin ko ‘yan sa harap mo. Bastos ‘yan.

Kaya ako ang reaction ko ganon because I am not being given the opportunity to be heard. Of course I tried answering. I tried to — mga disclaimer. Nobody is listening. So pati ‘yung mga yellow sige sulat diyan ng mga bastos. O kaya ako, ‘pag gusto kong marinig… Ayaw man ninyo ng tamang behavior. So sabi ko, “Mga p***** i** kayo.” O ayan. ‘Di napansin na ninyo ako.

So ‘yan ang… Sandali lang. Patapusin — just let me round of the — kay Leni. Pareha… ‘Yan ang ano. So ang election maganda. Pero ‘yung election process p** — sinisira ng mga politiko. Terrorism, vote buying, kung ano-ano na lang. But the election itself provided in the Constitution is a noble one. It’s a sacred exercise.

Pero ‘yung politics na nagdadala ng election is rotten dito sa Pilipinas. Kaya ang sabi ko kung ano ang makain sa bunganga ni Leni dito, makuha niya, including gawain ko siyang member ng Cabinet… If I make her one of the Cabinet members then she would participate in the discussion and would know everything that is classified, I said mundane and just an ordinary thing, it’s all discussed there.

But sometimes there are crises days when we have to go into the records again and try to elicit from the military and the police. “Anong nangyari diyan?” They will say, “ganito, ganyan.”

Eh delikado ‘yan kasi may mga tao rin ang gobyerno sa loob including ang mga military. Have you heard of deep penetration agents? Well okay. We are a republic. We are practicing good practices to safeguard the country. And so I cannot jeopardize those things.

If I make her a Cabinet member, then she would demand, “Cabinet member na ako, you gave me this job, then I will have to dwell on the records and everything that I wanted to know or I want to know.”

So, to my mind, in my own estimation, it’s not good for the country. Well, I don’t care. She tinkers with classified matters, secrets, bahala ka. Ako, bahala. Huwag mo lang akong galawin. But then what do I…

Again, what should I do if those matters are leaked or if it is a good issue in politics? “O because ito siya ang nag-order ng killing nito o siya ang nag-order tapos namatay.” And then they would develop a story and they would twist it. Then you come up with some accusation.

I do not allow people just shooting — naka — nakaluhod na ‘yung tao. What for? Why do you have to get yourself into a worry — worrying situation? You have to answer. ‘Di dalhin mo na lang sa istasyon then throw him to the slammer.

Yes, please.

Mr. Uri: Clarification lang po, Mr. President. So your instruction to ICAD inter-agency is not to give the Vice President a classified information.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Need to know lang siya. What is the — need to know to complete her… If she asks something, then you give her — you give her half of it. The other half, if it’s a classified information, there is no need for her to know.

Mr. Uri: And why keep her if you don’t trust her?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Wala ako. I am not keeping her. She is there. I appointed her. She is working. As a matter of fact, she’s been issuing statements everyday.

Sinabi ko lang, I am just saying the parameters. But she is there. I do not have to fire her. She is there. She is working.

Ano, in the first place actually, what she should have done and should understand that is to give the direction and the guidance, and of course instruct the law enforcement agencies to make it more transparent to her liking. “Paano ba ito, ma’am? Ano ba ang gusto mo? Picture? Pagkatapos — o ‘yung testigos muna. Pakinggan lang sa recorder o. Ito ba ‘yun?” Make it more transparent for the people.

I never said I’m firing him. I said I decided not to appoint her as a Cabinet member because I think I will jeopardize the whole situation including records, classified which are secrets. Tawag nila diyan state secrets. That includes everything from sensitive matters with our relations with China then with the United States and what happened to the equipment that we bought, that it went down. There are analyses there that…

Remember helicopters that crashed? Two or three. We paid for it and our soldiers paid it with their lives. I’ve been asking for an information, I’ve been asking for an investigation. Nothing. So I have this, we have this… Where it came from. Paano nila ni-repair and who repaired it.

Kagaya ba ng noon. Refurbish it and present it as new. Ang ito nahulog itong… Those are matters that are classified which we — because we have to investigate why. Because I demanded an investigation. Kung ayaw nila, tayo lang. Why? Because my soldiers were killed in the performance of their duty.

Mr. Uri: Thank you, sir.

Mr. Ian Cruz (GMA 7): Good evening, Mr. President.


Mr. Cruz: Mayor, mayroon na po kayong napiling PNP chief — ?


Mr. Cruz: Na susunod po — ?


Mr. Cruz: Pwede niyo pong ibahagi sa amin kung sino po ‘yung mga napagpipilian niyo sa ngayon?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Well, there are the rankings. I was given a list. I think there’s Cascolan, Eleazar and another one.

They’re all good. They’re soldiers. They came from the Academy. I have no doubt about their integrity but I am taking my time appointing one.

Mr. Cruz: Sir, bakit po medyo natatagalan po kayo? You said na you’re taking your time.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Because he would be appointing the heads of every department there especially the controller and the finance people.

Sino ‘yung gusto niyang mapunta doon, sino ‘yung kaibigan niya. Ako kasi ‘pag binigyan kita ng puwesto, hindi na ako nakikialam.

Kagaya si Bato. When I appointed Bato noon station commander, I do not anymore… Magsabi ‘yang barangay captains, “Huwag ‘yan kasi ganon-ganon hinuhuli kami.” No. You go to Bato o you go to itong si — itong mainit na ulo, MPD, si Danao. Mainit ang ulo ng taong ‘yan, bata. Pero he’s good. Worker talaga ‘yan. Pareho ‘yan sila ni Bato. They can solve a kidnapping overnight.

Sabi ko, “I want that kidnapping…” Ikaw, Danao, nambubugbog ka ng… Sabihin ko, “Ito, hala hanapin mo. By morning, ikaw na ang bugbugin ko kasi nambubugbog ka ng pulis.”

Ms. Chona Yu (Radio Inquirer): Good evening, Mr. President. Sir, point of clarification. Are you officially ordering Secretary Dar to suspend rice importation?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Yes. Because it is harvest time. Ganito kasi ang laro niyan, ma’am. Kindly sit down and you can stand up… Just ask your question sitting down and I will stand for you.

Itong sitwasyon, devil and the deep blue sea. Kung walang pagkain, halos kabahan ang mga tao. Nagra-riot na. Tapos sige na magugutom na ang mga tao, wala ng bigas, next month wala ng kainin. Mahal na.

Ito namang mga ano producers, sige sila tanim tapos ‘pag harvest time nagko-compete, wala nang bumibili sa kanilang produce. It is really between… I will simplify it with you. Itong problema natin sa bigas, ganito ‘yan.

Ang elements diyan is producer; ang mga farmers, ang nagtatanim; ang consumers, tayo. Tayo lang ang naglalaro niyan. Wala ng iba. Ang producer ang nagtanim at ‘yung kumakain.

Ang problema, itong kumakain, marami masyado na itong si producer, ang tanim niya kulang up until harvest time. Magkulang talaga ang supply. So kung panahon kung wala na, kung hindi ako mag-import kagaya nung nangyari, wala na.

Sigurado gutom ang abutin. Magra-riot ‘yung tao. So mamili ka kung ikaw ang nasa puwesto ko: magutom ‘yung tao o galit ‘yung mga farmers? Hindi man magutom kay may bigas man, ‘di kainin mo. Ganun ‘yan.

Ngayon, sabi ko ‘pag harvest time, huwag tutal seasonal naman talaga ‘yan. Ang problema hindi ka kasi makaasa dito sa mga producers. Magsabi sila “Makatanim kami. ‘Pag ma-harvest lang namin, we can fill up the two-thirds or one-third of the requirements.”

Correct. ‘Yan ang sabi mo. Pero hindi mo alam ang sitwasyon ng mundo mo lalo na sa climate change ngayon na ang tanim mo baka aabot talaga ng harvest time o ‘yung tanim mo warakin ng mga bagyo.

You cannot predict. No prediction can be made of that. Just like earthquakes. No one can predict when an earthquake would…

Ms. Yu: Sir?


Ms. Yu: Hanggang kailan ‘yung suspension? Kasi hanggang ngayong end of…

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Hindi, ganito. Ang simple niyan. Ganito. Kung gusto talaga natin walang problema, bilihin lahat ng produce ng producer — farmers. Bilihin. Ngayon, mahal. Farmgate nila.

Babawi sila. Hindi na bale. Gagastos tayo bilyon? Bilihin natin. Tapos wala, palugi tayo para ‘yung mga farmers may resulta sa pawis nila. Sinong nalugi? Wala. Tayong Pilipino. Bilihin natin lahat ‘yan tapos dagdagan natin kasi kulang talaga.

That’s why ang rice mahirap noon. Alam mo bakit? If you im — if you import rice noon, bawal. Kung hindi man bawal, magkuha ka ng quota. Quota sa kurakot. Maghingi ka ng permit sa gobyerno, patay ka na.

Dadaan ka ng ilang opisina, hingi-hingi dito hanggang pagbili mo sa rice. Pagdating doon, ‘yang Customs, hingi pa. Handlers, hingi. Tapos maghingi pa paglabas mo may mga pulis diyan maghingi ng… Checkpoint. ‘Pag doon sa taas, hingi ang LTO. P***** i**.

Meron pang isa. ‘Yung Department of… Tanggalin ninyo ‘yan. Tutal may mga NPA diyan. Hindi man kaya… Hindi man kaya kayo maubos? Eh di ‘yung mga nagche-checkpoint diyan you better hang them diyan sa checkpoint. I will give you the authority. Hang them. ‘Yung mga humihingi diyan sa checkpoint, hang them and I will be happy.

Ngayon, kung sobra-sobra na, ang ta — ang Pilipino sabi ko visual. ‘Pag makita niya ‘yung rice cavans hanggang ceiling, pagtingin niya ‘yan, okay siya. ‘Pag magtingin siya ang mga sako ganyan na lang, kakabahan na ‘yan. Tapos alam niya wala ng harvest na mabili.

Wala pang importation because it would take so many days and months to do it. That’s why may buffer ka. Sabi ko kay Piñol noon, and I would… I seldom talk to Dar. He’s a very educated man.

But sabi ko noon, I ordered Mr. Dar, “Secretary Dar, you fill up the warehouse hanggang diyan. Kung hindi makain, hayaan mo. Kainin natin ‘yan. Masira? Hindi na bale. Ibili natin na mura but buy the harvest of the farmers — farmgate price.”

Malugi? Lugi tayo. Pilipino? Malugi. Ilang bilyon? Three billion? Lugi tayo ng three billion. Bakit? Para ang farmers mabuhay. Kaninong gastos? Gastos natin lahat. ‘Yung nag-produce pati ‘yung kumakain. Kasali kayo dati sa three billion na bibilhin natin. Simple lang.

What is the other remedy? Nothing. I cannot stop tariffication. Why? To erase corruption. ‘Yun nga ang hinihintay kong opportunity eh. Dumating talaga. Because everybody — well not everybody but there are some — somebody na ayaw rin kasi masira ‘yung negosyo nila. ‘Yung mga rice importers, negosyo nagpapabili ng… Ayaw niyan.

Well, I’m sorry. I made you happy for several years. Now is the time that you have to come to terms with reality that I have to take care also of the few. I cannot abandon them. Walang — sabihin ko kay Dar and Congress, “You appropriate money and we will buy all the rice, farmgate price ng ating farmers.”

Mag-import tayo as a buffer because their produce will not be enough for the consumers — the 110 million Filipinos eating rice. Kaya mas gusto ko karamihan mga kaibigan kong mga babae, mga payat.

Hindi na raw sila kumakain kay nagda-diet. Sabi ko, “Maganda. Wala akong rice crisis nitong y*** na ito.” Sige, huwag kayong kumain. ‘Yung kaharap ko, nag… Every time I… Walang kumakain ng… Totoo ha. ‘Yung kasama ko sa table? Kita mo puro payat.

“[whistles] Saan na ‘yung ano ko? ‘Yung kasama ko sa table? [whistles]” Nawala. Mga ibon. Samahan mo pa ng mga feminists. T*** i**. Pati si Duterte gitaghoy-taghoyan (whistled). [whistles]

Ganun ako magtawag ng ano. Totoo ha. To tell you the truth, maski ‘yung unang asawa ko. Tawag ko sa kanya: “[whistles] Saan ka?” “Nandito ako sa kwarto ngayon.” Totoo. [whistles] Bakit butas ngayon ang bunganga ko? Ayaw magbuo ‘yung… [whistles]

Ano pa po? Dito tayo sa kaldero. Gusto ninyo? [laughter] Tama si Taberna. Ilang kilometro maggawa sa presyo sa coliseum ni Drilon? Is it used everyday? Well, if it is used and making money, fine.

But how many kilometers of those public structures there in Iloilo kung ginamit ‘yun to cement all the highways there? You know, there can never be corruption in that situation because you commissioned a national artist. Sinong pangalan niya? O ito si Ma — si Mañosa was commissioned by the government to create ‘yung nakita mo ‘yung kaldero ngayon. It is a product of the mind. You cannot estimate how much nalugi ka because it is the rendition of the mind of the creator.

Kung ‘yan ang singil niya, ‘di sabihin niya — ‘di ‘wag mong bilhin kung ayaw mo. ‘Yan ang presyo ko. Just like a painting. ‘Yung pintura magpakomisyon ka, sabi pagkatapos a family painting na ano talaga. Pati ‘yang mga mukha namin diyan sa ano — eh hanapin mo diyan sa taas. Iyong nakala — naka-gallery diyan. O ‘yang gumagawa niyan binayaran ‘yan. How much? We do not know. ‘Yung isang picture diyan ni Presidente Duterte ginawa ‘yan, it was paid for — mga ilan? Aabot siguro ng five million.

You cannot debate with the painter. Sabi niya, “Sir, ‘yan ang…” Now, magsabi ka you create a symbolism of the athletic activity. That is the mind of a… Walang extravagance diyan. Bakit ‘yung coliseum niya doon ganun kalaki?

Bakit ‘di niya diyan liit-liitan? Bakit ganun kalaki? ‘Yun ang plano eh. Wala kang makuha diyan. It is the rendition of the request of government for this national artist to build. Siya lang ang nakaalam kung ilang presyo niya. How much did we pay? Five — five million? Forty-five? Well, that’s about it.

‘Di sana kung [garbled] ‘di sinabi mo sana huwag na lang. Now, gaano ba talaga kaliit o kalaki ang kaldero? Be sige nga. Sino ba ang pinakamalaking kaldero? Alam ninyo kung sinong pinakamalaking kaldero? National Artist for Architecture 2018. Known as the architect of the following: Coconut Palace, Our Lady of Peace Shrine of EDSA. Shrine? EDSA Shrine? Ito bang EDSA Shrine gobyerno?

So just to be — magpasok tayo ng pinilosopo without really negating the holiness of Mama Mary. Sinong naggastos niyan? Kung ang naggastos niyan ang Katoliko… Pero ang naggastos niyan ang gobyerno.

Why? I thought there is a separation of church and state? So just because you were invoking somebody there and you attribute your victory to the lady, and you make a shrine. And I believe it is EDSA Shrine. I don’t know if it’s a — if it’s a donation, fine. But if it’s a government, I really would say that it is a violation of our church and state principle.

Memorial — ah memorial — ang mata ko dumodoble na ha. Metro Rail, Amanpulo Resort. Studied architecture in Santo Tomas, Father of the Philippine Neo-Vernacular Architecture. Talkatese na ito dito, I cannot understand. Ayan.

So if we agreed ang sabi niya ang presyo niya is 45, so how big is big and how small is big and how small is small? Tanungin ko kayo ngayon. And it can build so many schools. Well, that is debatable, my friend Senator Drilon. I said you have yours and you also can build so many kilometers of what you spent there — public money in your place.

Doon kontrata. Ito — ito binili mo ang utak niya. Kung pumayag ka sa utak niya, wala kayong usapan na kobrahan ko kayo ng ganun. Sabihin niya, “Sige gawain ko ‘yan presyo mo?” “45 million, pagandahin ko.” O ‘di sige.

We build schools, yes. We build infrastructures for an Olympic event, yes. You — you impose your whatever thing there as big or small, you begin to criticize the efforts of the people there. Ako, sabi ng ano niya na ito ganito kalaki ang gawain niyo, eh he’s following the wishes of the person who made it. And that person is valuable because he created something which you want to portray up there of the coming elec — Olympics.

Ano ba naman ‘yan basta walang corruption. Maybe 45 million. Nandiyan na eh. So how big is big? Magsabi ka na ilang eskwelahan na ang magawa niyan. Eh ‘yang coliseum mo ilan ring kilometrahe ang magawa niyan? Susmaryosep.

Even ‘yung sa iyo na when you begin to be too trivial about it, it’s 45 million but compared to the extravagance of everybody, lahat diyan sa gobyerno, including you, lahat tayo, because we have our own mind.

I want to bri — I want to borrow money and extend… Sabi ko nga ang problema ang easement kasi ayaw ibigay ng mga… Sabi ko we will — we will force it. Sabi ko you exercise the right of eminent domain, which is a fundamental power of state, get it by force.

Ang sabi lang nila mag-deposito ka sa korte bahala na kayong kwentada kung kailan, kunin mo. And I’m ordering them, “Buldosen (bulldozer) mo na.” ‘Wag kayong magbigay ng ano. DPWH, do not give me that s***.
You know that there is the right of eminent domain. You agree on something — everyone in the government. Alam mo meron diyan tumo-two weeks sa p*****… Look, every government office including the Cabinet pati ako, the papers must be out — ’yung mga projects, one month.

Pagka p*** hindi ninyo mapalabas ‘yan, wala na. That’s two years. Ang gestation period niyan sa grid sa gobyerno ‘pag galing doon, dito, permit, ganun. Then maghingi ka pa ng ‘yung road right of way. ‘Yung mga director I’ll give you three days. I will make an audit. If you cannot do it then let — tell me because I will assign you here.

Alam mo dito sa Pasig, hindi ako nagbibiro ha. ‘Yung mga sundalo ko, walang magutom dito sa Maynila, all they have to have is hook, line and sinker. Karaming tilapia diyan. Magsabi ka isang drum, isang araw makuha mo, meron.

Kaya kayo mamingwit kayo, ‘yung mga tamad sa gobyerno, I’ll give you three days. Directors, three days. Ilabas ninyo ‘yan. If you want to say something, deny it, then deny it or disapprove it or approve it but do not sit on it.

Ako, I’m tired. Two more — two more years to go. P*** idadamay ko kayo lahat sa perdition. I will whip you like a horse. Do it or you fish tilapia in Pasig. Maniwala ka.

Magpabili ka nga, Rocky. Sabihin mo. Pa-requisition kayo. ‘Yang ano lang tutal maraming kawayan. May tali na ano. ‘Di totoo. Magbili kayo, magpa-requisition ka ng ano and you dig somewhere there, maraming worms diyan. Kung wala kang makuha maraming worms na kriminal, adik. Itapon mo sa Pasig.

Maumagahan tayo ng istorya dito. Hindi… Look, I invited you to ask questions. Then you allow me to talk and talk pareho kay Gordon. Hanggang kung magka — committee meeting, siya na lang ang isa because lahat nagsialisan na kasi siya lang, kagaya ko, talking and not giving the time.

So, you should have called my attention, “Sir, we…” ‘Wag na sir, sabihin mo mayor, mayor lang. “Mayor, we are here upon the invitation of the press office. May conference daw. Kindly give us time to ask question.” Now is the time, my lady.

Tuesday Niu (DZBB): Yes. Good evening, Mr. President. Malapit na po ang December 31, ito po ‘yung deadline para doon sa effectivity ng martial law. ‘Yung security officials po ba ninyo meron ng rekomendasyon sa inyo hinggil dito? Will you extend martial law o kailangan pa o kailangan na itong tanggalin ang bisa?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: I will leave it to the military and the police to make the recommendation. Martial law is a military thing and it’s their assessment or their evaluation of the Mindanao situation.

If the Defense Secretary says that it’s no longer needed, I’ll wait also for the statement of the military and the police. Then I will decide.

Ms. Niu: So as of yet, sir, wala pa po silang fino-forward po sa iyo?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Wala pa po. Wala pa ho sa table ko. I was looking at the papers kanina pag-ano ko. Hindi ako kasi I’m — I am always behind my schedule kasi I have so many…

And this Korea, sabihin mo — sabi ko sa inyo I hate travelling. I don’t want to travel. It gives me headache and everything, but this is important. You know, so many things at stake.

One is that we are buying arms. Second is that there are many assistance on the way, coming. Third is itong Seoul is a vital partner natin. Alam mo kasi ang mga armas ngayon mahal but we can always buy. Our jet planes, ‘yung FA-50 natin galing ano ‘yun.

Now, we are buying Corvettes. How do you pronounce it? Corvette or corvey, or whatever. And buy the arms, I will look into the — para hindi ako mag-asa lang sa assessment. Ano ba naman ‘yan, pamasahe.

Mag-ano ako Bong, commercial lang ako ano? Papuntang Korea? Oo. Mag-commercial lang ako nang maliit na eroplano.

Ms. Niu: Thank you.

Catherine Valente (Manila Times): Good evening, Mr. President. Nakarating na po ba sa inyo ‘yung findings ng Presidential Anti-Corruption Commission regarding po doon sa investigation nila sa dalawang Cabinet secretaries na allegedly involved daw po sa corruption? Sisibakin niyo po ba ito or will you keep them?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Nakita ko na and they are investigating. I have yet to have the result. Alam ko na kasi sa briefer ko, nabasa ko. ‘Yung one — one day ano na — binasa ko.

Ms. Valente: Pero sir, sino-sino po itong Cabinet officials at ano po ‘yung corruption na — corruption issue po na involved sila?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Wala pa akong nalaman, actually. I do not know of any — I should know, actually, kung — if you are corrupt. Kasi ipapatawag kita dito sa opisina and we will have a one-on-one talk.

Wala akong… Kasi kung meron, I’ll fire you. Sigurado ‘yan. Pagkatapos na nung… But let us observe due process.

Alam mo ‘yung kay ano — let me go back in time. Kay Albayalde, kung ako ang fiscal noon, ida-drop ko talaga. At the time kung ‘yon ang ebidensya lang sa harap ko, because inimbistiga ito ng Department of Justice, si — I forgot the name, ang isa si Malcontento? Is that his name?

Pero nagdududa ako kasi drug eh. Drug money. Tapos si — ‘yung nabasa ko, sabi ko, “’Pag ako ang fiscal nito talagang ida-drop ko.” Tapos sabi ni secretary na — talagang wala eh.

Kasi wala pa lumabas lahat. ‘Yan ang problema. They filed it half-baked, half-cooked, or even it was to me as a prosecutor, a raw, hilaw talaga. So kaming nasa quasi-judicial, tawag ‘yung mga fiscal. Kung ako talaga, sabihin ko publicly, “You can go.” Ida-drop ko talaga. Tama ‘yung ginawa ng Justice department.

Pareho kami fiscal. “Droppable” ang tawag niyan sa amin. Walang g***** fiscal mag-file, pagdating sa korte mumurahin ka ng judge. “Are you a lawyer or are you a lawyer?”

I wish everybody would have his time to ask questions.

Ina Andolong (CNN Philippines): Good evening…

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Because if not then we’ll have coffee. May — ‘di ba sinabi ko sa inyo mag-ano kayo ng kape? Di ba we’ll have tea party after? Na — meron ba? Hoy, taga IHAO! Ihawon tamong y***.

IHAO ang tawag niyan. In — In-House something. Ang nagma-manage dito ang tawag IHAO. Sabi ko mag-prepare at least coffee lang naman siyempre magpunta ‘yan dito ‘yung mga kaibigan kong mga journalists.

They journey here late at night tapos wala lang man maski kape. Mabuti pa ang patay pala nito.

Ms. Andolong: We’re good, sir. Thank you.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Merong kape? saan ang mga tao dito? Meron? Ano daw? Coffee? Pagkain wala? Ayan pala eh. Sige na mag-break muna tayo. Totoo.

Ms. Andolong: No, sir. No, no.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Gutom ako. Hindi pa kasi ako kumain.

Ms. Andolong: Let’s continue, sir…

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Sabi ko nagbabasa ako kanina. Eh sinabi nandiyan na kayo naghihintay so sakay ako sa lantsa ko na walang patungong…

Ms. Andolong: Thank you for the offer, sir. Okay na po kami.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Walang radar ‘yung lantsa ko.

Ms. Andolong: We’re okay, sir. Thank you. Sir, the Department of Health has reported a confirmed case of a teenager who got ill because of vaping. I’d like to get your thoughts on proposals to ban it.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Buti — buti ka pa. Kaya ikaw ang gusto ko eh because you ask the question at a time when everybody is sleepy. This will wake you up.

I will ban it. I will ban it, the use and the importation. I hope everybody is listening. Paki-relay na lang. You know why? Because it is toxic. And the government has the power to issue measures to protect public health and public interest.

You know, ang cigarette, they confirm chemical there that’s not good for humans. It’s deadly, it’s nicotine. It’s a — induces a habit, habit for me, and it is toxic, and it kills people. And then even the Surgeon General of the United States said that it will cause cancer. That’s why it is there on the side of the — it will cause cancer.

Now itong vaping sabi nila is electronic. Don’t give me that s***. Better stop it because sa — I will order your arrest if you do it in a room. I am now ordering the law enforcement agencies to arrest anybody — anong tawag niyan? — vaping in public. That is like smoking. You cannot do it inside a room. That’s full of s***. You contaminate people na hindi pa pala panahong mamatay.

You know why? Mabuti pa ang sigarilyo kasi they confirmed toxic thing that causes harm to people. Nakalagay diyan ‘yung nicotine. Itong vaping it contains nicotine and other chemicals that we do not know. It has not passed the FDA — Food and Drugs.

And at this time, I said smoking is dangerous. So vaping is also dangerous and I am banning it. And if you are smoking now, you will be arrested. I am banning the importation so Customs you listen to it. You… I’m banning it altogether.

Ms. Andolong: Sir, are we expecting an executive order on this soon?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Yes, surely, but nauna na. Hindi na kailangan. You know, as a government worker here standing working here, I have that urgent power to do it. So I’m ordering it. The EO will follow.

Ms. Andolong: Sir, just to be clear, are you — is this an — a total ban or just a ban…

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Yes. Importation is not allowed.

Ms. Andolong: Okay, so hindi lang po siya sir na ipinagbabawal in public places? It’s more than that.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Bawal ‘yan. Kaya nga give me the wherewithals. It contains nicotine so what other… Sabi mo may — that there’s — there’s a taste there, you can choose the scent and even the… You know, just killing people for money.

I will ban it because it is not good and it is contrary to public safety.

Ms. Andolong: Sir, last.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Huwag kang mag-last, sige lang.

Ms. Andolong: This is still including the Department of Health, nakarating na po ba sa inyo ‘yung listahan ng DOH about the list of more than a hundred medicines na gusto po nilang ipababa ‘yung presyo. I understand you’re supposed to issue an EO also about this. When are we expecting it?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Wala pa ako, ma’am. No, wala pa. Hindi pa dumating sa akin. Kung dumating man hindi ko pa nabasa.

Ms. Andolong: Okay.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Mga ganyan kakapal ‘yan two days lang. I said I read it that’s why it takes time. ‘Yung — kasi ‘yung iba — I am not trying to attribute it to anybody — ‘yung iba ‘pag initial na, wala na sila. I do not do that. Maski na may initial, umikot na ‘yan dito, pagdating sa akin babasahin ko ‘yan. So that I know what I’m signing.

Ms. Andolong: Thank you, sir.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: No, it’s still early. It’s only 11.

Joyce Balancio (DZMM): Good evening, sir. Sir, kamusta na po ang inyong kalusugan? Were you able to rest these past few days?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Eh nakita ka ng isang — isang — isang — kam — isang tindig na lang ang ito nakala — nakapatong na. Ibig sabihin… Hindi may — may injury ako. Gusto ninyong makita?

Ms. Balancio: Saan po ito, sir?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Ito — itong visible ito o. The hematoma. When you are old, ang hematoma mo matagal ‘yan o. I walk with a limp pero wala naman akong fracture pero…

Ms. Balancio: Sir, nitong mga nakaraang araw na hindi po namin kayo nakikita sa publiko, were your really advised by your doctor to take a rest for few days?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Alam mo gusto ko ‘yan ang problema ‘yung trabaho. Kasi walang ibang magpirma niyan eh. So hindi mo — unless you go into an official leave of absence. I cannot do that.

Nobo — no president can ever do that. In between, far and wide your vacation kapag may nangyari… Alam mo it — ang Pilipinas continues to be a volit — volat — volatile o volatile, whichever. You have the insurgency, you have the NPAs, and you have the terrorists. Ang pinaka-dangerous diyan are the terrorists. Mahirap mag…

Ms. Balancio: But sir ‘yung pagpapahinga ninyo, was it advised by your doctor?


Ms. Balancio: Was it advised by your doctor sir for you to take a rest for a few days?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Hindi ako maka-rest eh. Mag-uwi lang ako, magtulog lang ako ng dalawang araw kasi para to make up the shortfall ika nga. Pero after that eh, matulog ako maski diretso gabi pati hanggang umaga tapos hanggang alas sais. Then I wake up with a more sturdy feeling of my body.
But, alam mo ma’am, I am 74 years old. I’d like to talk to the people of the Philippines. I am 74 years old. As a matter of fact, I’m happy that after this, I only count the days, the Christmas — two Christmases — and then I retire.

Huwag na ninyo akong tanungin na kung may sakit ba ako. Kasi lahat ng 74 years old dito sa Pilipinas — except for a few — lahat may sakit na ‘yan. Mamili ka lang, cancer, hypertension, diabetes, kidney, lung cancer, cancer of the colon karamihan. ‘Yung lahat ng sakit na ‘yan, nandito na sa akin. Matanda na ako eh. Pero nakakapagsalita pa naman ako. But when I’m no longer coherent, if I cannot articulate now the things that I want to relay to you, then it’s about time that you call the attention of my family, Inday, and said that your father is no longer capable of being president of this republic. Why? Because he’s not good anymore. Then if my family would say, “You retire. Do not wait for the expiration.” ‘Di sabihin ko, “If I cannot talk to you anymore, if I cannot be of help to you, then it’s about time to say goodbye.” Until then, and it will come, we just wait.

‘Yung mga gusto akong ipakulong, then walang problema. Ipakulong mo ako kung kaya mo.

Ms. Balancio: Sir, by next week lilipad po kayo sa South Korea to attend the ASEAN Commemorative Summit. Do you believe sir you are in good condition to fly and attend this event?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Hindi man ako ang makina, ma’am. Mag-upo lang man ako doon basta bahala na ang eroplano.

You know, I said I am 74 years old. And when I — when I decided to travel outside, it presupposes that I think kaya ko. But to worry about… I’ll give you one advice. Things beyond your control, do not worry about it. You’re just wasting your time. There are things in life beyond your control. So do not — do not kill yourself thinking about it.

Eroplano. You take a small plane. It’s cheaper. The people does not — do not rather — people do not have to share the burden of pain. So you want to be frugal about it. Well, you ride a plane. Korea is a little bit far. But your hands is sa Diyos at sa piloto.

Ang piloto kung i-dive niya wala ka talagang magawa. Kung ang piloto bagong nag-graduate lang tapos nag-take off kayo, sumakay ka, then it’s no longer your worry. So why worry? So I do not worry because I do not control life and death. It’s God.

Ms. Balancio: Sir, last na from me. In the sidelines of the ASEAN Commemorative Summit, will you be having bilateral talks?


Ms. Balancio: With state leaders, sir?


Ms. Balancio: Ano pong countries ito, sir?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Well, security matters. One, security talaga ‘yan. And it’s obvious. It is now the — the equilibrium of geopolitics. You know North Korea then the Spratly Islands. The South Koreans are also against the occupation of the South China Sea and the claim of China.

This will be taken up because one day, when we decide to really go for it, it will be the Western powers plus Seoul, plus Tokyo, and Australia. Malaysia — I do not know if… I’m not sure of Malaysia if they’ll join the fray.

Philippines, Philippines. I love the Philippines. It is the land of my birth, it is the home of my people. Alam ba ninyo ‘yan? Ha? Ganyan kami noon eh. I love the Philippines. It is the home of my people. It is…

Ms. Balancio: Sir, just to clarify…

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: I will decide when the time comes. I will not make any guarantees because I said we do not have the even the firepower and I will never commit to something which will just you know massacre. Bahala kayo diyan. Tayo cover lang.

Ms. Balancio: Sir, just to clarify. Bilateral talks with South Korea so that’s sure. And then may ibang bansa pa po ba tayong kakausapin?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: I’ll talk to Korea. But on the sides. Ganun ‘yan eh. Pull-aside ang tawag nila. Pull-aside is ‘pag nandiyan ka, bibirahin ka kunwari. “Dito, halika na muna sandali.” Then you’re in a room. ‘Yun ang pull-aside is kung gusto kang kausapin ni Abe o gusto kang kausapin ni ano. Usap kayo.

Wala ‘yan sa agenda. Karamihan security. I said if it is to the interest of the Republic that I will commit to any — then I will. But if it is not, I said, to the interest of the people of the Philippines, I will never commit to anything that would even jeopardize one life.

Mr. Uri: Opo.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Hindi na. Sus, kaaga naman.

Mr. Uri: Mr. President, in behalf of the Malacañang Press Corps, maraming salamat po sa inyo. Your Christmas wish sa ating mga kababayan, ngayon pong nalalapit na kapaskuhan?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Yes, that you will have your — anong tawag diyan ‘yung kain sa gabi?

Media: Noche Buena.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Noche Buena. I hope that you will be seating on a table having Noche Buena with your family and happy about whatever the situation finds us. I said we cannot control everything. There are things which is beyond our control. So just…

Magkape muna tayo. Bakit kayo na…? Inyo man ‘yan. Sasabihin niyo, “Huwag ‘yan kasi kaming mga media, hindi kami…” Hoy, loko-loko. Inyong pera ‘yan, hindi ‘yan akin. Bili ng gobyerno ‘yan. Ako pa magpabili ng kape ninyo? Maswerte kayo. Tara, kape tayo doon. Pera niyo ‘yan. Buang.

Huwag kayong mahiya. Wala akong hingiin sa inyo. Kaya ayaw ko kayong kausapin nga eh para wala akong hingiin.

And you know, nandiyan, buhay pa man kayo, you covered me, you covered my presidency. Never asked anything. Ayan si — taga-Davao.

Ikaw Rocky, tagal ka na… Tagal na… Nagka-syota na lang tayo. Noon. Wala akong hiningi na… “Write a favorable article for me.”

Ang hinihingi ko lang, kung sakali man na meron akong — I will decide one day whether to allow… Ang hingiin ko lang sa kanila, I will just ask for the truth and fairness. That is all.

You can publish anything as long as it is — huwag mo nang i-twist. Publish mo. You show it to the public, I would not mind. I guarantee you. I will even protect you. I am asking only for truth and fairness. That is all.

Thank you. Kape muna tayo. ‘Pag hindi, magsama loob ko sa inyo.

— END —

SOURCE: PCOO-PND (Presidential News Desk)