Meeting of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte with the Inter-Agency Task Force for the Management of Emerging Infectious Diseases

Location Malacañan Palace

PRESIDENT RODRIGO ROA DUTERTE: I would like to invite everybody to break bread with me at least before you go home. If you want, you might want to hear, you know, ito ang problema that’s why it took — I was late because I signed the budget with the presence — the Cabinet — ah no the members of Congress.

Iyong sa ibang programa ko po sa Talk to the People I had it only the other day so ito ngayon kay Monday — usually it is Monday but I arrived Wednesday, 26 I went here. I flew in to discuss these things with you.

I also — Talk to the People, in my exasperation actually sa corruption na sabi ko kung sinong may alam diyan na corruption, huwag mo nang — huwag ka nang magbigay ng pangalan kung takot ka. Ibigay mo lang ‘yung pangalan sa mga opisyal sa gobyerno.

Ang problema as I said to the congressmen — to the members of Congress, I do not want a quarrel with you. We are independent of each other and this is not really my work. This is the work of people who maybe obeyed my guarantee that they will be protected so long as they give us the… Ang dumating ditong isa…

Well, we start with the Customs. Customs I terminated about 72; Immigration, 62. Wala ng — wala ka ng trabahante. Skeletal force na lang because Bureau of Immigration is under the Department of Justice. Marami na akong sinibak. And sa PhilHealth, there will be another round of dismissal. Kinukumpleto lang nila ‘yung investigation. Marami na ho akong na-ano.

Ang problema dumating sa akin dito ngayon Congress. So sabi ko sa kanila much as I would like to avoid a — you know, a bad blood with you, a quarrel maybe… So that you would know this is a in obedience maybe to my call for people who know of corruption kasi talagang exasperated ako sa corruption ng gobyerno.

Kung hindi mo ganunin wala talaga. I have been appealing ever since I — my first day. Wala because it’s all — anonymous incorporated eh. Wala talagang ano — takot ganoon.

Ngayon may nagbigay kay Belgica, he is a commissioner sa Presidential Anti-Graft, may nagbigay sa kanya. Ang problema is I — I said I will let the public know who are the corrupt.

Pero gusto kong sabihin ito — not that I’m afraid of, not that I do not want any quarrel with them, so be it if that would be the result of this mine — my, my — what I intend to do now.

Ang ano ‘yan is the public should be aware that there is no hard evidence, that’s one; that it cannot be translated by just reading the names that they are already guilty because presumption of innocence would lie all throughout until conviction or acquittal. Hindi na ‘to ebidensiya na ano sila. Kaya lang lumabas ‘yung mga pangalan nila eh kailangan ko sabihin sa mga tao or else I’d look stupid.

Kaya sabi — tama ‘yung sinabi ni I think it was Mike Defensor, “Eh bakit ba pina-submit niya tapos ayaw niyang basahin ngayon?” So which is also correct. The right to information — to access to information applies to any government agency irrespective of the department. As a matter of fact, it is my sworn duty to do it.

It has come to me officially recorded, received, recorded in the books so it becomes a public document. Whether ako ang magbasa o hindi lalabas talaga ‘to because they have the right to have access sa information. Maski sinong tao.

Wala ‘yang media, media, maski sino for that matter. So basahin ko ito. I just want — I just want to assure everybody that ‘yung pagbasa sa pangalan ninyo is not a condemnation or an indictment that you are guilty of something. In the same manner that I would tell the people that do not take it as a gospel truth na totoo talaga ‘to.

Lumabas lang ito sa investigation ng PACC and I said I promised — diyan ako eh, diyan ako nakagat diyan because I said I promised that… But I’ve been reading a lot of names publicly. So whether you are a congressman, a senator or a president, kasali ka dito.

And I assure you, my son is a member of Congress. ‘Pag nandiyan ‘yung pangalan niya, I will read it. I will read it.

So anong gusto ninyo kumain muna tayo o — ? You might lose your appetite. Baka kilala ninyo ito or relative ninyo. Kumain muna siguro tayo. Kaya nga I said I’m inviting you to break bread with me. So you can get your food and we can pray. I will lead the prayer or it is for the sinners to implored the…

Ah wala ako dito, I can assure you. Maski piso. If there is any person magsabi lang siya naghingi ako ng piso o singko sentimos and he will stand up and accuse me and if it’s true, I will resign. I will step down as President. In the same manner, ‘yung mga relatives ko and my son is there, ‘pag nabasa niya nandiyan ‘yung pangalan niya, I assure you I will…

Tutal anyway after this puwede man ninyong basahin. Hanapin ninyo kung nandiyan and that will be the rule of the day. No sacred cows.

So I’d like again ha members of Congress, this is not indictment, this is not to destroy you, but be careful because you might… It works both ways. There might be somebody using your name or gumagawa hindi mo alam pagkatapos nire-report doon.

But you know during the campaign for the presidency, I kind of forgot the place where it was. Maniwala ka, Bot, pagbaba ko ini-landing ko ‘yung helicopter doon eh.

Kasama kami ni Bong o. Sabi ko, “Ano ‘to?” Sabi niya sa akin… Longer than a basketball court but it could not qualify for a runway. But anyway, I… I… I asked, “Bakit ito? Ano ‘to?” Alam mo ang sinabi sa akin? “Mayor, runway ito.” P***** i**. Runway. Hindi makaabot ng a few meters. Katagal-tagal.

That’s the… And kung may mga tao na ano… Basahin ko na lang? Kasi ‘yung iba hindi na magkain ‘yan. Mag-uwi na lang. Sige basahin mo lang kay mag-uwi na kami. Hindi na kami kakain. This is not… Walang ebidensiya ‘to. Walang ebidensiya.

Congressman Josephine Ramirez-Sato of Occidental Mindoro – alleged ghost projects in her district. Her alleged bagman is the district engineer. Has been staying in position for at least 10 years.

Secretary Mark issued an order for the transfer of the said district engineer. But until now, it has not been implemented due to the intervention of Congressman Sato.

Well, the Secretary of DPWH is listening now, maybe. Somebody should relay the message na itong si district engineer, kung sino man itong y*** na ito, you are relieved beginning tomorrow. If you are listening, this is nationwide.

Secretary Mark Villar, kindly implement the order. Get him out of the office by tomorrow, noontime.

Former Congressman Teodoro “Teddy” Baguilat Jr., Ifugao Lone District – allegedly receiving kickbacks from contractors for construction projects located within Ifugao in connivance with former district engineer Lorna Ricardo.

Ricardo has been removed from her post due to the exposed — it should be exposé made by the — by Commissioner Greco Belgica regarding the involvement of DE Ricardo in corruption activities being perpetrated in your province.

Now, District Engineer Ricardo, you have been assigned in Davao City for the longest time. Mayroon ka ng beach house, mayroon ka ng lahat. Sa Davao, you stayed there for the longest time because of the congressman also.

You are to report tomorrow to the Office of the Secretary. You are relieved. Ayaw kayong magpa-relieve, then I am ordering you — I’m ordering the relief of Secretary sa…

Sus kinabahan ako p*** kay may nakita ako Paolo. [laughter] P***** i**. Maka-resign tayo ng… Really, it’s a matter of honor. Pagka sinabi mong ganoon-ganoon. It is never too late to just be honest.

Congressman Alfredo Paolo Vargas, 5th District of Quezon City – allegedly demands for one-time enrollment fee amounting 1 million in addition to the 10 and 12 percent SOP before the project can be awarded to the contractor.

DE… Marlyn — Marlyn Inguillo, District Engineer, pati si District Engineer… Kaya pala sabi ko sige ako basa “DE-DE”, district engineer pala itong y*** na ito. District Engineer Devanadera, Ramon Devanadera pati Marlyn. You are relieved and report to your secretary by tomorrow.

Congressman Henry Oamil — Oaminal – allegedly owns a construction company HSO Construction Corporation, its name, and has several construction projects in Misamis Occidental. Ang ano doon, sa district ‘yan so it covers quite a lot of…

DE Ana — District Engineer Ana Lee Manzano, Misamis Occidental 1st District — 1st Engineering District and District Engineer Car — Carol Lyn Abinales, OIC, Misamis Occidental 2nd District Engineering Office. You are relieved, ma’am, tomorrow. Huwag mo nang hintayin. Tomorrow is tomorrow. By noontime you should be talking to your boss.

Congressman Alyssa Sheena P. Tan, 4th District Isabela – allegedly owns a construction company that has several construction projects in Isabela. Kay Alyssa Sheena, District Engineer Editha Baran — Babaran, Isabela 3rd District Engineering Office. District Engineer [Edmund] De Luna, Isabela 4th District Engineering Office. Rami, Bot.

Congressman Paul Daza, 1st district of Northern Samar – allegedly determines all the winning bidders in his legislative district; receives 20 to 25 percent kickback from contractors.

Congressman Angelina Helen Tan – anomalous national road project in Quezon Province, a newly-constructed road — [panglayo kasi ito] — a newly-constructed road that has not been open for public use was already broken at the onset of storm. It looks like beyond repair.

Congressman Eric Yap, ACT-CIS Partylist, legislative caretaker of Benguet – alleged rigging of bid through his agent. Exerting influence in choosing his district engineer to be able to control the awarding of projects in the district assigned to him. Intervened in the investigation against Ricard — si Ricardo, lumabas na naman ang pangalan. She’s a — babae ‘to — she’s already a millionaire — Ricardo, by calling up Commissioner Greco and requesting him to drop the case against District Engineer Ricardo.

Alam mo, by just mere calling that simple call can you — can send you to jail. Ano ‘yan eh punishable by Republic Act 3019 Anti-Graft Law.

District Engineer Ireneo Gallato, Benguet, 1st District, Engineering Office. District Engineer Romelda A. [Bangasan], Benguet, Engineering Office.

Congressman Geraldine Roman, 1st District Bataan – allegedly asking for 10 percent kickback for all DPWH projects in her district.

Ito, congressmen and DPWH officials to be determined. PACC received an email asking whether it is normal for a congressman to get 20%, SOP from every — maski ballpen man, anti-graft iyan eh. Dito, DPWH, ghost projects involving construction of bridges in Camarines Norte.

Now, itong mga engineer na I mentioned, just for good measure, they are the same. I — I do not condemn you. I give you the presumption of innocence just like the congressman. It so happens that your name has cropped up during an investigation.

Lahat ng… Now, I would like to ask Secretary Villar to give me the list of all district engineers and the districts they are assigned all over the country. I will reorganize the assignments. Iikutin ko kayong lahat. Kayo ‘yung mayroon talagang ano — ito, itong si Ricardo, I’ll assign you to Basilan kasi pinaputok ng IED ‘yung mga sundalo ko doon. Nasisira iyong daan.

Itong pangalan, this is a validation and that — ma-validate ko itong si Ricardo. May beach house ito, mansion, malaki. Kilala mo ‘yan, Bot. Igsuon man ni ni kuwan Zozobrado. Ito marami itong… Bilyonaryo na ito sa totoo lang. Kaya ako ang mag-ano — i-reshuffle ko silang lahat. I — baliktarin ko tapos baliktarin ko ulit para… Iyan ang…

Mayroon kayong mga picture dito pero puro man magagandang lalaki pati babae, puro doktor ‘to. Hindi ito ano — listahan lang ito kung sinong present.

I… To the Filipino people, kindly listen. The general community quarantine hanggang ngayon is, NCR, Isabela, Santiago City, Batangas, Iloilo, Tacloban City, Lanao del Sur, IIigan City, Davao City, Davao del Norte. Modified general community quarantine for the rest of the country. January 1 up to 21 — 31 rather, nandito. Subject to LGU appeals.

Wala na eh kung talagang… If the medical statistics would show that there is really a spike, it is better to I said, better part of prudence is to just leave it as that.

Dito sa COVID strain na… Ano, it is not the same, ma — the year — the rule is kung maaari hindi ka lumabas ng bahay, huwag ka nang lumabas. Kung marami kang utang, huwag kang lumabas talaga, mas lalo na. [laughter] Kung may inano ka na anak na babae na niloko mo, ah ‘wag ka ring lumabas, talagang hiritan ka ng tatay.

So it’s a stay home if it’s really possible. Kung kaya mo lang. It’s for your own good. And then the washing of the hands.

Ngayon, itong mga — mga drug lords pati mga kidnapper, drug pusher, ganoon, dalhin ninyo sa hindi masyado — wala masyadong taong maiskandalo. Buhusan ninyo ng gasolina at sindihan ninyo. Iyan ang dapat sa mga tao na ‘yan.

You said… I — I repeatedly — itong Human Rights, I said do not destroy my country. And if you destroy the youth of my land, you are destroying my country. So that I will kill you. Totoo ‘yan. Maya ko na sagutin ‘yang ICC-ICC na ‘yan. Puro kabulastugan man rin ‘yang inyo.

In the first place, why are you interfering in the affairs of my country and other countries? And who gave you the authority? By what divine law gave you the authority to — to prosecute me in a — in a foreign land tapos ang nakaupo puro kayo mga puti na ulol.

You must be crazy. I have a — we have the courts here functioning. And if the courts says that I should go to jail, I will go to jail. Walang problema ‘yan. I — I did what I embarked to do. It was an election promise.

‘Pag ‘yan ang suwerte inabutan ko, so be it. Iyon na ‘yon. Salamat po.


— END —