Speech by President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. at the Launching of the National Innovation Agenda and Strategy Document (NIASD) 2023-2032

Event Launching of the National Innovation Agenda Strategy Document
Location The Metropolitan Theater, Manila

Thank you very much. Thank you our NEDA Secretary, Secretary Arsi Balisacan; and of course, our partner in all of this, the United States, represented here today by the US Ambassador to the Philippines, Her Excellency MaryKay Loss Carslon; the other members of the Diplomatic Corps that are here with us; the members of the Cabinet who have joined us here today; Senator Sherwin Gatchalian; the National Commission for Culture and the Arts Chairman Victorino Manalo; fellow workers in government; distinguished guests; ladies and gentlemen, good afternoon.

I am glad to see all of you today for the Launching of this National Innovation Agenda and Strategy Document or the NIASD 2023-2032.

I must begin by offering recognition to the members of the National Innovation Council and all the dedicated stakeholders who have played pivotal roles in the formulation of this important document.

Your strong dedication has brought a visionary roadmap that will guide our beloved nation towards progress in the coming decades.

Encapsulated within the NIASD is the blueprint that will accelerate the country’s innovation governance as well as promote a culture of innovation among scientists, researchers, entrepreneurs, engineers, and of course citizens.

This document is not just a plan but a commitment to making innovation an indispensable component of our nation’s development agenda, and a key driver in our vision to achieve a truly smart and innovative Philippines.

We shall reform our education curriculum design and learning platforms to develop the creativity, curiosity, problem-solving skills, and entrepreneurial abilities of Filipinos for the 21st century.

Likewise, we shall bolster spending for research and development (R&D); support local enterprises; ensure food security through smart agricultural inputs to empower local producers; facilitate efficient and secure financial services; accelerate digitalization efforts to boost manufacturing processes and commercialization of products and services; improve mobility through better urban-rural linkages, and reduce carbon footprints of our transport systems.

We also assemble here today not merely to mark an event but to celebrate the potent force of innovation.

By this, we acknowledge that the Philippines has earned recognition as an innovation achiever that truly stands tall amongst our Southeast Asian peers, and as an exemplar that creates an environment of meaningful opportunities for citizens to seize and for them to flourish.

We likewise take pride in our people’s strength, resourcefulness, and resolve as they will help us develop our undeniable potential and realize comprehensive development through innovation.

We are hopeful in the journey that we have taken, as it positions us to become a stalwart of innovation in this dynamic and promising region.

This initiative promises the long-awaited transformation for our nation. It also represents the collective efforts of a society that is coming together in synergy.

Indeed, collaboration remains our most effective tool for achieving holistic and positive development.

Invest in our local enterprises. Support our research institutions. Embrace the corporate responsibility of financing innovation-driven programs and projects.

These undertakings serve as catalysts to achieve our overall developmental agenda.  Your involvement will be instrumental to their success.

We also call on the academe to be at the forefront of innovation.  We recognize your role as incubators of talent, of skills, and ideas that will shape the future.

Continue to develop the minds and the sensibilities of our youth so that we can set them up for success and harness their talents for national development.

Rest assured that we will remain supportive of your endeavors that will make these all a reality.

Our government, both at the national and local levels, remains steadfast in its commitment to nurturing innovation and sustainable development.

We also understand the crucial role played by infrastructure development and cutting-edge facilities.  They serve as the crucible for innovation and the foundation of our glorious future.

And that is why we will remain aggressive in our drive
to invest in our infrastructure system. We will likewise encourage our counterparts in the local sector to pursue projects that will meet the requirements for their own localities.

To further nurture this innovative spirit, I, therefore, extend our call for collaboration amongst all stakeholders, including those coming from our partners abroad.

Let us join hands to advance our shared positive development goals. Let us foster unity not only here in our country, but also across the globe through the transformative power of innovation.

And with the National Innovation Agenda and Strategy Document guiding our way, I am certain that we will not only achieve our goals for the Filipino people but also for the entire Filipino populace.

In closing, let me reiterate the importance of innovation as the transformative agent of our time. It will help us shape a future that is progressive, sustainable, and safe.

Let us aspire to see a global economy and society that is characterized by progress that is innovation-driven.

And as we embark on this transformative journey, let us do so with unwavering determination, unbreakable unity, and boundless hope for a brighter future for all Filipinos and for all humanity.

Maraming salamat po. Mabuhay tayong lahat! Magandang hapon po. [applause]


— END —