Talk to the People of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte on Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)

Event On Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)
Location Malago Clubhouse in Malacañang

DOF SECRETARY CARLOS DOMINGUEZ III: This chart came out about two weeks ago and The Economist ranks the Philippines number six out of 66. So we are in the top 10 percent in the world in economic resiliency.

So we are also the best in Southeast Asia in terms of financial strength. The assessment shows that the country continues to enjoy the confidence of the international community which go a long way in boost — boosting our recovery efforts.

The President’s conservative economic policies and pursuit of economic reforms such as tax reform have kept the country’s financial position strong because we have strengthened our revenue flows from TRAIN followed by the sin tax adjustments, we have been able to slowly bring down our debt to 39.6% of GDP. This used to be 70%, so we are less than 40% already.

This approach of saving for rainy day has given us ample fiscal space to borrow money for programs to defeat the COVID-19 and revive the economy. We achieved the credit rating of BBB+, the highest in our country’s history which signals that the world thinks that we are very worthy borrower.

The credibility allows us to borrow more cheaply and from a broader range of sources. Rice tariffication has also continued to keep inflation low and stable. Inflation in April further eased to 2.2%, well within the low end of our target of two to four percent.

We have to do many things in order to revive the economy and I would like to propose the following priorities: Number one, after we are confident that — that we can — that we are in control of the death rate and infection, we should restart and accelerate the Build, Build, Build Program subject to compliance of minimum health standards.

The infrastructure remains to be the best driver of economic growth because it has the best multiplier effects in terms employment and shared prosperity. We should also hire contract — contact tracers en masse to boost our efforts to stop transmission and defeat COVID-19 while providing jobs.

You know we lost about 1.2 — 1.5 million jobs. They are temporarily lost but you know if we hire these guys to do contact tracing, which we are having a very hard time right? Doing the contact tracing. I think we can provide good jobs to people. Because sometimes it takes one contact tracer one whole day to do contact tracing for one case. So we need to hire enough contact tracers to match the numbers we expect that will come with more testing.

To attract investors who want to relocate from other countries and in search of resilient high growth potential economies like the Philippines, this will involve the urgent passage of CITIRA or Package 2 of the Comprehensive Tax Reform Program, which we now proposed to include flexible tax and non-tax incentives so we can target specific companies that we want to invest here. The bill has been with the Senate for a few months. We would like to ask for your support so that Congress can pass this before June 3.

Number four, we have to stimulate the consumer demand. We must promote manufacturing of products that have strong and inelastic demand such as those as food production. Inelastic demand means that you will buy it regardless of what your income is or what the price of the good is.

And that is food, number one. You have to eat food. So we must push food production and food logistics. We must be able to get the food here cheap. We must be able to store the food and so that — the fresh foods so it will last.

We would also like to support the whole value chain for the food products including food markets for efficient distribution similar to fruit and vegetable markets established many years ago in Japan.

The Duterte administration’s economic team and our legislators are finalizing an economic recovery program that will help us combat the pandemic and provide industries especially micro, small, and medium enterprises, the assistance they need to get back on their feet and our fellow Filipino workers — fellow Filipinos back to work.

So, Mr. President, our real problem is that the people are not buying things. So we must — because their incomes have gone down. So we must provide them the means of buying things. Because if they don’t buy things, it’s useless to help the companies. So we have to stimulate demand, and that’s through Build, Build, Build and push food production.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Thank you, Sonny. Now I’d like to hear from the DOH. Do you have something to say here, sir?

DOH SECRETARY FRANCISCO DUQUE III: Yes, sir. But I understand that the presentation of Secretary Galvez, the chief implementer, on the proposed general concept on — for ECQ transition. And then my presentation comes next.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: General Galvez then.

PRESIDENTIAL ADVISER ON PEACE PROCESS AND NTF COVID-19 CHIEF IMPLEMENTER CARLITO GALVEZ JR.: Sir, Mr. President, allow me to present our proposed general concept for the enhanced community quarantine transition. [Next slide, please.]

The purpose of this presentation is to seek approval on the general operational concept for ECQ transition.

In the absence of a vaccine, all what we can do is prevent and contain it and mitigate its impact. The government, however, cannot endure the ECQ for extended period of time as its resources are very limited. Hence, it has to balance between health and economy.

As a backgrounder, some precautionary measures have been given by the World Health Organization with the recommendation on easing of quarantine restriction. According to WHO, any plans to ease quarantine restriction should be carried out gradually and in a phased manner — parang ‘yung, Mr. President, na hinay-hinay lang po — to prevent resurgence of infection and that a strong and resilient health system should be in place like testing and tracing. Otherwise, this will likely lude — prelude to resurgence of the disease.

Also considered in the proposal is the World Health Organization Interim Protocol on Rapid Operations to contain the initial emergence of pandemic influenza specifically the zoning concept that can be effectively applied at the LGU barangay level.

As shown also is our updated National Action Plan operational framework to prevent and contain the COVID-19 virus. Our plan is COVID carrier-centric meaning to contain the virus, we have to focus our intervention on the carriers. Our revised operational framework added the prevention prior to detection phase and the adoption of the end-to-end T3 management system for COVID-19 carriers, which mean test, trace and treat.

With the prevailing situation, the following were the key consideration — [next slide please] — in coming up with the general operational concept for ECQ transition. Number one, how the concept can work within the bounds of the current IATF guidelines. Number two, how can we implement the DOH strategy that is nationally — national government- enabled, local government-led, and people-centered COVID-19 response. Number three, how can we protect the economic corridors and zones. Number four, how can we protect and sustain the gains of the current ECQ that we imposed since March 16.

Also, aside from the doubling time as consideration in determining what areas to be placed on ECQ, we also include the granular data of incidence rate and attack rate by barangay, municipality, and city.

We have also considered how can the government better address the influx of the returning overseas Filipinos and the transport of locally stranded individuals. For the information of the President, sir, we have more or less more than 20,000 OFWs stranded in Metro Manila. And there are also continuously coming for this month more or less 42,000.

And lastly, how can the government apply the economy of force on areas that have no record of COVID cases and relocate forces and resources with massive concentration on the critical areas that direly needs government action.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Sir, one question. Itong opening, limited movement which we allow the public to — maybe enjoy the — the freedom of movement, kailangan ho natin itong maintindihan ng lahat.

Have we communicated to the common man itself na ito ‘yung mga tao, ito ‘yung puwede, ito iyong hindi. O would you rather that the Presidential Spokesman would do it for us? Siya na — isa-isahin na lang ninyo siguro ito.

And para to make sure that everybody is heard or at least he knows where he belongs to dito sa category of “not being allowed and allowed”. Have this published or sa PTV-4? So ilagay lahat doon kung sino and then of course with your — your verbal narration, okay na.

SEC. DUQUE: Mr. President, kumpleto po ang DOH ng lahat po ng communications materials, lahat po ng mga advisories and the chairman of the National Task Force — Task Group on Strategic Communications is none other than your Spokesperson, si Secretary Harry Roque.

So we will make sure that all of these materials are — are submitted to him for cascading to the general public, Mr. President.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Yes. It’s very important that the common tao — the man — the man himself who is concerned with the — about his livelihood must understand that he is at present not allowed, at iyong iba, allowed.

So it must be — it must appear to him very clear that ito sila, he belongs to this category and why he is allowed to work. At ito namang mga ano — why they cannot be allowed to mix again with the — the outside world.

Mga kababayan, magandang gabi sa inyong lahat. Napag-usapan ho dito lahat kung ano ang gawin.

Now these things are not really very clear to you because it was brought up in a matter of discussion — out of a discussion things were decided.

So although nakasulat na it was put on the table to be decided upon. But most of the recommendations by the top guns of itong inatasan natin — General Galvez, General Año, si DOH, si Defense Secretary Lorenzana, Sonny — at makita naman ninyo kung makinig kayong mabuti dahan-dahan then you’d understand.

But anyway, ‘yung hindi ninyo naintindihan, ‘yung mga taong puwedeng lumabas at puwedeng hindi lumabas hanggang diyan lang muna kayo were enumerated in our papers which we cannot distribute to all of you. So that it behooves upon the Secretary of Justice — ah Secretary of — the spokesman, Secretary Roque to make it clear for you. Ang blackboard niya is PTV-4. He will be using that government facility to convey the message of what has been decided tonight.

Now I hope that you are all safe at wala namang pinsala sa buhay ninyo I pray. And I greet all the mothers belatedly though Happy Mother’s Day. At ‘yung mga nanay na nawalaan ng mga anak fighting COVID doing the — the highest, the noble endeavor that one can do in this world is to save your fellowmen.

You have our kind thoughts and prayers at saka masabi ko sa inyo na you know you live and die in this world that’s for sure. But to have been — to have been given the chance to serve your fellowmen before going to the universal sky is something which you should be proud of. Lahat naman eh namamatay pero ‘yung ginawa nila it’s something — iyon ang baon nila sa kanilang universal identity that they did something for their fellowmen.

Anyway, also I remember my mother Soledad. She was a very good mother to me. Look what happened naging Presidente tuloy ako. [laughter] Nawala ‘yung disiplina niya sa akin. My God kung paluhurin ako noon sa altar.

Well, ewan ko she must be smiling or she must be in state of wonderment now looking at the face of my father sabihin: ‘Anong nagawa natin sa anak natin itong g***** itong Rodrigo? Bakit — ?’

Well, anyway God has maybe chosen me to work for the national government to help my fellowmen and that is why we are here. Ito lahat amin trabaho ito para sa kapwa tao namin.

I assure you there is no corruption allowed. Kung meron man makalusot. Kung makalusot kapag nahuli ka, sorry ka na lang. Ganun talaga dito.And I have fired several undersecretaries, assistant secretaries, because we value the privilege of working for our country and serving the people. It’s not… It’s not… It’s a… It’s an extreme rare privilege to be in government. Not all are given the chance to be here deciding what is good for your neighbor.

Iyong — a lockdown they will explain there to you thoroughly by Secretary Roque at mayroon tayong mga tawag niyang “new normal”. Ganito ha for those who would be allowed to go out and work and for those na hindi pa talaga puwede remember na itong ‘pag — the easing up of the restrictions hindi iyan sabihin na wala na ang COVID.

Just because we allowed certain people — dahan-dahan lang, dahan-dahan lang sa ngayon para walang ano — hindi tayo madapa. Dahan-dahan lang. Because we cannot afford — we cannot afford a second or third wave na mangyari. Ito ‘yung mabagong mahawa na naman at rarami na naman dahil nga sa mayroon tayong rules na hindi sinunod. So kindly one is that… [wears mask]

Do not go out of your house without a mask. That is a must. Must comply. Tatapikin ka ng pulis. Hindi ka naman hulihin pero nakakahiya sabihin sa’yo, ‘Adre, tumabi ka muna. Wala kang mask. Where is your mask?’ Kung wala kang mask you endanger — ipapasubo mo ‘yung kaharap mo. Hindi ikaw. Kung gusto mong mamatay okay lang pero ‘yung kaharap mo at hindi pa niya panahon tapos mamatay lang sa ka — just because you do not want to comply. Kaya ako nag-comply ngayon lang kasi…

Then the social distancing. Ito ‘yung new life until such time na meron ng vaccine. Mayroong mga medisina but not vaccine. So ganoon ‘yon. Sundin lang ninyo ‘yan importante masyado. Whether you are really allowed to go out or not, if you are out, wear a mask. It is a must also. Kailangan. Ha?

Ngayon kung wala ka naman talagang gawin COVID is very lethal. Huwag ka talagang magsugal diyan sa COVID kasi ‘pag tinamaan ka, it can go either way. Mapunta ka sa punerarya o matulog ka sa bahay ninyo. Matulog ka punerarya, hindi ka na gigising. Kunin ka na doon para sunugin.

At saka walang punerarya ngayon, ‘pag namatay ka COVID — because the whole of your body is already crawling with germs, diretso ka sa… Ni hindi ka man lang mayakap ng — ‘yung mga anak mo, asawa mo hindi mo mayakap. Kasi hindi ka naman yakapin kasi kung magpa — eh ‘di ‘yon naman ang magka-COVID.

So iyan ang masakit diyan. Kayo… But take it from your — sa binigyan ninyo ng trabaho dito sa national government. Kumbaga ako ‘yung — huwag na lang ‘yung — parang mayor na lang kasi parang ano lang tayo city council. [laughter] You just address me as mayor mas komportable ako.

Iyong Mayor na mismo ang nagsasabi na sa inyo na gawain ninyo ‘to kasi makatulong ito para sa atin. Huwag mong gawin ‘yan kasi haharutin mo ang mga kapwa mo tao na hindi pa nila panahon.

May mga lugar na will remain sa lockdown, may contagion, maraming rate of infection. May magpasok ng ganoon tapos tignan nila, ng mga doktor, mga health authority, tingnan nila ang rate of hawa. Gaano kabilis ang hawa. Iyan. ‘Pag malaki ‘yan, sarado ‘yan at gagamutin kayo or you go to the hospital. Bantayan ninyo kasi ‘yang hospital, kasi ‘yang kama na dadalhin ninyo lima na ang patay doon. Ikaw ‘yung pang-anim kung hindi ka talaga magsunod ng batas.

Ay totoo lang. The — the injunctions given by government ‘yung anong — ang mga salita na “huwag”, “ganito”, “ito gawain mo”, “ito huwag mong gawin”, it is intended for your protection.

But if you get COVID, pucha, dalhin ka sa ospital. Iyong hospital, ‘yung kama ibigay sa iyo kalilinis lang kasi one hour before may namatay doon. Ikaw na naman ang papalit. So an — pang-anim ka. Eh kung gusto mo ‘yan ‘di ganun.

Hindi ko kayo tinatakot. Ibig kong sabihin ‘yan ang mangyari sa inyo ‘pag hindi kayo sumunod. Mga precautionary measures. Iyan. Simple man lang ang hinihingi ng gobyerno. Kung wala ka mang negosyo, lalo na ‘yung mga anak ninyo walang klase…

Wala, hindi pa ako nag-a-announce ng ano. I… Do not believe in that may — sa June. We have to decide by the — ‘yung Task Force eh. It cannot be ano… Wala pang klase.

Kayong mga estudyante makinig kayo. Kung sabihin ko sa inyo na hanggang Disyembre walang klase anong gawain ninyo ngayon? Sige. Talon pati palakpak. [laughter] P***. Biro mo hanggang Disyembre walang klase. Eh p*** tapos sabihin naman ng mga tao, ‘G*** itong Duterte na ito hindi niya kaya ‘yung COVID. Umalis ka na diyan.’

Again, Secretary Duque will also go on air. Together with Secretary Roque. Duque. Duque-Roque. [laughter] ‘Yan ha, baka magkamali kayo. Duque is the Health… Roque is the — this guy. [Official: Parehong “que”] Oo, “que”. Parehong “que-que”. The… Kasi kung a — alam mo kung bakit ganoon sila? Kasi lahat ng mga tanong mga “que, que” mga bright ‘yan. Iyan talaga ang…

‘Yung mga sa sunod na… You know, I had a nightmare, not only an experience in the distribution of the SAP. Sabi ko na nga noon, nakinig naman kayo sa akin, takot ako na baka makurakot ito. Takot ako na ma-cuttingan ito kasi… Ayaw ko na lang mag-ano. Basta ganun. Sabi ko, “baka.” O nangyari nga. ‘Di nakita mo? ‘Di ba sinabi ko sa inyo?

Ngayon para talaga walang ano, I will ask General Bautista to use solely ang kanilang ano — full charge sa DSWD. Alam ko walang tao. Ang order ko sa kanya kanina nung nag-meeting kami na he will request na kapwa niya sundalo noon — eh retired na ‘to, that’s why he’s with the Cabinet — na magpatulong siya sa Armed Forces pag-distribute ng pera.

I have nothing against male, sa mga lalaki. Wala akong ano. Ang sinasabi ko lang mas matiyaga itong mga babae, lalo na kung isipin nila na ito kailangan ng mga pamilya, mga bata para pagkain. The — the empathy, iyong ano ng puso ng babae ang gusto ko.

Kaya ang sa mga babae na miyembro, maybe you will be commissioned to do that. But I have also issued a caveat, a warning, na ayaw ko na ngayon na mamamatay pa na sundalo, babae o lalaki, na in-ambush ng mga NPA at kinuha ‘yung pera o ‘yung mga supply na pagkain, bigas, sardinas, kung ano pa at ‘yung baril.

Kasi ‘yung baril mainit talaga ‘yan sa — either ‘yang nakatago sa baywang mo o… Ang NPA ‘yang — wala ‘yang armas ‘yang mga ‘yan. Nagkaroon lang ng armas ‘yan kakapatay ng mga sundalo kaya ganoon ‘yan karami ang nakuha nila.

Anyway, sabi ko beginning maybe these — these coming days, you will see a more fighting — fighting spirit coming from the… Ako ang sabi ko talaga — magsabi ako ng totoo ha? Ang gusto ko — kasi pinapatay ‘yang sundalo ko pati pulis — ang gusto ko, ang order ko, patayin ninyo. Patayin ninyo. Kasi kung hindi kayo patayin, p*** papatayin talaga kayo.

Then magdala kayo ng armas? Patay ka sigurado. Ke nakatalikod ka, nakaharap ka, nakaluhod ka. ‘So anong order mo?’ Ang order ko? Pinapatay nila ang sundalo ko, ilang beses na. May pinakawalaan ba sila? Patay. O ‘di patayin mo.

Basta ‘yung… Ako ‘pag nakapatay kayo ng commander o nakapagturo kayo saan natutulog ‘yung commander o nakitulog — makitulog ‘yan sila o nakitulog — sabihin lang ninyo sa akin at ano… Two million ako basta ‘yung top commander. One million ‘yung… O mga ganun I think. Two million, ‘yan. Was it — was it 2 million? [Official: Yes, sir.]

Totohanan kung sino ‘yung makaturo tapos doon sa army o pulis, o so ‘pag ikaw ang nagturo at nahuli ‘yung commander na mabigat, may hati ka diyan sa pera pero alisin kita sa lugar mo. Kung taga-Abra ka, ihatid kita sa Mindanao doon sa mga Ilocano. Bigyan kita lupa, doon ka na lang mag-ano kasi kung hindi papatayin ka talaga eh.

Kung Ilonggo ka, ‘di ti gapauli ka sa Iloilo o Bacolod? O way man na masakyan mo. Way pa, way pa. Ma — hulat lang.

Pagka ganun iyong mga squealer, you will be given a new identity kagaya ng Witness Protection Program. It need not be under the Witness Protection Program but I ordered that you be treated as a witne — taken as a Witness Protection Program. Isali kayo, may bagong identity ka.

Iyon at may ka… Kung ano, sabihin mo doon sa mga pulis pati… ‘O kasali man ako dito sabi ni Mayor. Ang akin diyan is 500, baon ko daw kasi i-relocate ko ‘yung pamilya ko.’

I will give you lands. Marami pang… T*** — itong mga putris na NPA na ito. Marami pang lupa. So hindi tayo magpatayan. Iyong land reform, sige ako land reform, bigay na ako ng lupa. Maraming lupa pa. Hindi na kailangan pa tayo magpatayan pa tayo diyan sa land reform na ‘yan. O basta matinong usapan.

Sikreto lang sa kaninong — kanino mo ipasa. Sa governor or sa mayor. Pero huwag mong sabihin. Sa military mo lang sabihin kay baka ‘yang governor na ‘yan NPA rin. Iyan ang mahirap. O ‘yung mayor na iyan ang simpatiya sa NPA. Marami ‘yan eh kaya huwag na lang tayo magbolahan.

The reason why they thrive until now is because there are some local officials, they are actively supporting the Communist Party of the Philippines. Iyan ang totoo diyan. Kaya sabihin mo lang na ano, ‘pag na — ‘pag na ‘pag nalaman ko…

‘Di ba DILG ‘yon director, DILG nasa kay General Año, o sa DSWD kay General Bautista o kay Secretary Roque. Maski sino basta sa Cabinet o sinong taga-gobyerno sabihin mo lang. Eh kung malaki man sabihin mo, ‘malaki ito sir.’ O ‘di dalhin niyo sa akin, kay Bong.

Ito magprangka ako ha noong mayor ako. Kasi alam ito ng mga sundalo. Kaya ang mga sundalo noon nagdududa sa akin noong mayor ako. ‘Ano ba ang laro ni Duterte?’

Kasi minsan may mga nahuli na taga-Komid, Mindanao Commission. Iyon ‘yun ang number one parang pinakahead doon sa — ‘yung nagdadala ng giyera doon. Nahuli ‘yung isang matanda na ano pero old-timer. Tapos sabi nila, ‘Mayor, kung maaari lang…’

Eh ako may ano ako, trabaho ko ‘pag may nahuli sundalo kinukuha ko rin sa bukid. Pumupunta tala — pumupunta talaga ako sa bukid. General Año hindi kami kilala niyan, si Delfin noon. Pumupunta talaga ako nakikipag-usap ako ng NPA.

So ‘yung lahat ng sundalo na nabihag o mga government officials, ako ang nagkuku — kumukuha. Tapos i-balance ko kung ano ang importansya nito. Sabi ko — sabi nila matanda na. Sabi ko kay Bong, “Bong, kausapin mo. Sabihin ko arborin ko na lang ‘yan.” Isip-isip ko matanda na eh. “Ilang taon na ito?” “Sixty-seven.” Sabi ko, “Wala na. Inutil na ito sa kanila. Pa-release mo.” Pina-release ko. Kaya ganun kami ang usapan naming mga NPA.

Noon kasi mayor lang ako. Pero ngayon na ako na iyong kapatas, eh mahirap ‘yan. Hindi na maganda tingnan. Kung gawain ko pa ‘yan ngayon, ang magbaril sa akin si General Galvez, ang hero ng Marawi.

Oo, alam ko man. Kaya tamang-tama lang. Mayor mapatawad ka nila kasi alam nila maglaro ka eh. Unang-una boto mo iyan eh. Kaya ko tinatawag ang mga kaibigan kong military. ‘Eh boto ‘yan,’ sabi ko. Wala akong pakialam diyan sa…

Ngayon, ma-ano na ako, naging kapatas na ako ng ating… Ah mahirap na ‘yan. Kaya ako medyo galit na talaga kasi… Pumupunta na ako tapos… So ‘yan ang… Meron pa ako pero not for… May magandang mga kuwento ako sa buhay pero hindi ko puwedeng sabihin sa inyo. Maya na pag-retire ako.

Pero noon malapit na talaga ako patayin ng military. Akala nila — iyang magsabi na nagbigay daw ako ng armas. Sabi ko, “No, hindi talaga ako maniniwala.” Sabi ko kay Bong, “Bong, medisina, pagkain…”

Alam mo may isang sikreto pa dito sabihin ko sa inyo, ito ginawa ko talaga. Iyang si Parago ‘yung hero doon sa Mindanao talagang noong namatay ‘yon, nagbabaan 50,000 sa bukid nakilibing. Ako — namatay sa engkwentro sa NPA. Sabi ng NPA, “Mayor, si Parago namatay. Saan namin dalhin?” “Ewan ko. Buang ka. Punerarya.” Tapos sabi niya, “Sino ang magbayad?” “Bakit sino ba ang magbayad?” Sabi niya, “Wala mang iba, Mayor, ikaw man.”

Ako ang nagbayad. Sino ba — ikaw ba ‘yon, sir? [Official: Yes, sir.] Pumunta tayo. Sabi ko, “Ipakita natin sa NPA…” Ikaw ‘yon ‘no?

[Official: Yes, sir.] Commander ka pa? Division commander ka? [Official: Division commander po ako.] Sabi ko, ipakita natin sa mga tao si Parago ang number one, ang pinakatop sa buong Mindanao namatay, ipakita tayo na we —gusto talaga natin. Ang gusto ko na gusto ko talaga ipakita na gusto ko makipag-areglo. Dala-dala ko si — si ano ‘yon si… Sino ‘yon? [Official: Task Force Davao? Si Macky.] Oo si Macky Alberto pati si General Año sabi ko, “Pun — sumama kayo sa amin.” Medyo na-ano pa sila. “Ha?” Sabi ko, “hindi aregluhin lang natin ‘tong giyera na ito magkaubusan tayo.”

Pinuntahan ko sa punerarya nakipag-ano kami sa biyuda. Tapos noong nalibing kasama rin ako. Upo rin ako doon sa seremonya ng nakinig ng… “Itong gobyernong ito walang bayag… Mayor…” Pagka… Walang hiya talaga ang mga g***.

Pero ganun ‘yang istorya ko. Marami ‘yan pero huwag na ‘yung iba kay may mga — ang amasona hindi na masyado maganda ang kuwento. Pero ang mga..

Well, I respect their decision in life: to die for their principle. Inyo ‘yan. Eh kami dito, eh also like you we are at disposal of our digni — destiny. Handa rin kaming mamatay para sa bayan. Iyan lang.

Kayo hindi man kayo kailangan mamatay. Sundin mo lang ang patakaran ng gobyerno at mabuhay kayo. Sabi ko nga kung ayaw ninyong maniwala t*** i** ‘yang kama diyan sa ospital na higaan mo, sampu na ang COVID victims diyan na namatay. ‘Pag namatay ka pa, punta ka ng punerarya, wala pang bakante na kuwarto sa funeral parlor kasi maraming patay sa COVID. Iyan ang tandaan ninyo.

Maraming salamat po.

PRESIDENTIAL SPOKESPERSON HARRY ROQUE: Nagpapasalamat po ang ating Presidente at ang buong sambayanang Pilipino sa mga sumusunod dahil sa kanilang mga tulong sa ating bayan sa panahon ng COVID-19:

  • Gobyerno ng Australia;
  • Gobyerno ng France;
  • Gobyerno ng Japan;
  • Gobyerno ng United Arab Emirates;
  • European Union;
  • UN Humanitarian Country Team;
  • UNICEF Philippines;
  • UN Human Settlements Programme;
  • Manila Economic and Cultural Office;
  • Philippine National Red Cross;
  • Philippine Stock Exchange;
  • Philippine Airlines;
  • Cebu Pacific;
  • Air Asia;
  • Manila Water;
  • Permanent Mission of the People’s Republic of China to ASEAN;
  • 911 S&RT;
  • Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region;
  • Shanghai Municipal Government;
  • Haikou Municipal Government;
  • Guangzhou Municipal People’s Government;
  • Jiangsu Huangpo Renewable Resources Corporation;
  • 51Talk;
  • TikTok Ltd.;
  • Liwayway China Co. Ltd.;
  • Philcham Shanghai;
  • BGI Biotechnology Co. Ltd.;
  • Yunzan Industrial Co. Ltd.;
  • IMEX Pan Pacific Group;
  • Filipino Community in Vietnam;
  • Libyan Iron and Steel Co.;
  • Himlayang Pilipino;
  • Trip.com Group;
  • Diageo Philippines;
  • Cebuana Lhuillier Foundation, Inc.;
  • Sandoz Philippines / Novartis;
  • Baxter Healthcare;
  • Fijian Chinese Association;
  • Chinese Communications Construction Company;
  • Philippine Military Academy Alumni Association, Inc.;
  • Government officials,PNP and AFP members who donated their salaries; and
  • Other private donors.

Maraming maraming salamat po sa ngalan ni Presidente Rodrigo Roa Duterte at ang buong sambayanang Pilipino.


— END —

SOURCE: PCOO-PND (Presidential News Desk)