PRRD to Philippine Army 6th Infantry Division: “We are in safe hands”

DATU ODIN SANSUAT, MAGUINDANAO — President Rodrigo R. Duterte on Friday recognized that fighting illegal drugs is a daunting and tough task with the “big fish” getting harder to catch now in the midst of government efforts to rid the nation of the drug menace.

Speaking before the soldiers of the 6th Infantry Division at Camp Siongco in this municipality, President Duterte acknowledged that drug syndicates have gone high-tech, often operating from outside the country using cyberspace as a means to communicate with lieutenants around the globe.

He said the presence of the government is strongly felt through the military, adding that “I would like to assure you that I am just more than satisfied to go home knowing that all of us are doing everything we can for the nation.”

The President commended elements of the Army and the entire Armed Forces for their successful campaigns in the region. But he said the country right now is fighting a different kind of war—the war against illegal drugs which is being fought both by conventional and technological means.

On the matter of peace in the region, PRRD praised Moro Islamic Liberation Front Chairman Alhaj Murad for choosing to explore peace talks with the government. The President said he is willing to give the Bangsamoro Basic Law a chance, but minus the Constitutional issues. He believes Congress must be involved in the process.

Before he left Maguindanao, President Duterte encouraged everyone to do his job well as it is all about a collective sense of accomplishment. “Trabaho tayo pati ako (let’s all get down to work) so I will take care of you and protect you.” (PND)