Media Interview with President Rodrigo Roa Duterte
Istana Merdeka, Jakarta, Indonesia
09 September 2016
Q: Sir you didn’t talk about the Mary Jane Veloso case?

PRES. DUTERTE: Not for public consumption.

Q: But it was raised?

PRES. DUTERTE: I said not for public consumption.

Q: Sir, did you also talk about the [inaudible] for drug offender? Exchange ideas or give suggestions?

PRES. DUTERTE: No, I said that we will continue to respect each others’ judicial processes. The rule of law is what matters, it gives order to the community.

Q: Sir, there are 700 pilgrims, Indonesian pilgrims who are scheduled to arrive in the Philippines by end of the month and I think they are using Philippine passports—

PRES. DUTERTE: Yes, because they cannot land elsewhere. That would not be allowed because they are known to be Indonesian citizens actually using the passports.

Q: passports?

PRES. DUTERTE: When they arrive, we will expedite their immediate repatriation here to Indonesia.

Q: Hindi na natin sila kakasuhan?

PRES. DUTERTE: No, no, no, nothing at all. Nothing of that sort, not their problem. They were just duped, you know and there are some operators there, those are the guys that we are looking for but for the —who went there to take the opportunity using the passports issued by the government of the Philippines is not really—it’s something which I consider not really criminal.

Q: So, you’d rather consider them as victims?

PRES. DUTERTE: As fast as they come to the Philippine jurisdiction, we will, as I said, cause the issuance of the Indonesian passports as fast as it can be processed and they can go home, no problem about that. I do not intend to detain or even to investigate them. Yung dito na, it’s the Indonesian government’s… when they come back here.

Q: Sir pwedeng pa-expound nung maritime security cooperation?

PRES. DUTERTE: Yes, because there is a lot of piracy there or piracy, if you may. And it has prevented the two countries from comfortably exchanging commerce and trade and because of the kidnappings and this issue with them, with the pirates, we will come up with a strong measure. I will wait for the draft but we—I and Presdient Widodo, we have agreed to end this problem.

Q: It means?

PRES. DUTERTE: It means that there will be some interdiction by their Armed Forces and the Armed Forces of the Philippines and that is not really a warning but just a statement that we have decided to end this problem once and for all.

Q: With Malaysia sir, or tayong dalawa lang?

PRES. DUTERTE: With Malaysia, of course. It will be tripartite. Because they have, as I said, impeded trade and commerce between us.

Q: In the area of the joint patrol, is there any more details, agreement like how far Indonesian Army can go to the Philippines’ area, can you give us some more details?

PRES. DUTERTE: Maybe what’s in my mind really is the hot pursuit and if the hot pursuit is done in the high seas, in the international waters, they can and they can even arrest or destroy them if they present a violent resistance.

But entering the Philippine waters, we have agreed really also to just coordinate and if there is a pursuit, in the meantime, they can radio or call our forces nearby to take over because we are entering your jurisdiction.

Q: Sir, will it be on top of the existing border patrol agreement or?

PRES. DUTERTE: Yes, because this time, personally I would allow the pursuit until such time that there is a competent Philippine authority that will take over in the chase.

Q: How would you assess yung international debut mo sa ASEAN? Para sa inyo na manggaling.

PRES. DUTERTE: This is not, this is just regional. You wait for international. This is just— if it’s a birthday, this is just the 16th birthday, not the 18th.

Q: But how would you judge your performance, sir?

PRES. DUTERTE: Well, I suppose that I delivered my piece everytime and I’ve made an extemporaneous speech inside but nobody was invited in so if you’re not invited in, meaning to say, that you’re not supposed to hear it. So if you’re not supposed to hear it there, you’re not supposed to hear it out.

Q: But we heard it in a speech sir this morning.


Q: Sa East Asia Summit.

PRES. DUTERTE: Well, I said many issues were raised so I took the initiative of raising the issues. We want to talk about always, you’ve been mentioning my name, it’s bannered all around the international scene so inunahan ko na sila na I have some, a few things on my mind about human rights.

Q: Sir, can we get a copy of the photo you showed the delegates?

PRES. DUTERTE: It was taken away from me by— I do not remember. I do not remember.

Q: You left earlier, right? In the event? Did you leave the event earlier than Obama?

PRES. DUTERTE: Yes, because I had a bilateral meeting with New Zealand. Ay Laos.

Q: Nagkasalisi kayo ni Obama?


Q: Talagang umalis ka na? Hindi na kayo bumalik ulit doon sa ano?

PRES. DUTERTE: No, the holding room before getting there sa ano—they talked and well, that’s supposed to be public.

Q: [inaudible] POTUS to relay your message in that ASEAN meeting? Were you satisfied of your ano?

DFA SEC. YASAY: the statement?

PRES. DUTERTE: I am not the proper authority to be asked that question. That is– a self-serving answer will be given. You ask the Ambassadors and maybe they’ll give you the right—

Q: Sir, just to be very specific, Bud Dajo massacre yung nirerefer niyo?

PRES. DUTERTE: I said if it was not intended by the Council to be heard by you, then it should not really be heard at all.