Media Interview with President Rodrigo Roa Duterte during his arrival from his participation at the 28th and 29th ASEAN Summits in Laos and visit to Indonesia
Davao International Airport, Buhangin, Davao City
10 September 2016
PRESIDENT DUTERTE: You can ask a few questions. Maybe we will be finished by 6 o’clock in the morning. I am—you know. I have to do this because the public must be informed, whether it is really angled on such, this direction or that. The people should decide what is true and correct. Yes, Ina?

Q: Good morning sir and welcome back. Sir, ano po ang status ngayon ni Mary Jane Veloso. Was her status discussed in your meetings in Indonesia?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: This was one of the topics of our conversation during… everybody was excluded and there were a lot to cover about security arrangements including the Filipinos who are in jail, facing charges in Indonesia.

There are matters that I cannot tell you know. I’m sorry. I’m not at liberty but maybe I can talk to the family first, before anything else.

It would be improper really for me talking about it before I get hold of the family and tell them the developments of the case.

Q: Sir, in your speech to the Filipino community in Jakarta. You talked about China’s help in assisting the rehabilitation phase of your anti-drug drive. Can you be a bit more specific on that? Will it come in the form of a donation, a grant, a loan? And will their help be limited only to Fort Magsaysay?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: There will be plenty and China has committed to help us. I do not think that it has placed its limits there. The thing is I uttered it in a Summit, when everybody was – except the members – were excluded. And I said that we have this problem about, a serious, grave problem about drugs.

And I informed the body that as a matter of fact China has offered its help, to which we responded with gratitude. We need it. We are short—I said I am, I entered the presidency midterm. Wala na tayong mga capital expenses, expenditure. Puro MOOE. Mga MOOE. Mga ano na lang, sweldo ganon.

So, I am—This budget that I’m operating now was prepared the other year. So it is implemented this year. No one ever expected about the hugeness of the problem of drugs. I thought all the while that I was controlling drugs in the City of Davao fairly well. But sometimes, with, you know, the drawbacks of being… you blurt some threats and intimidation. But I think it’s legal and necessary.

It is never wrong, I repeat, it is never wrong to threaten criminals. Whatever is the endgame of a particular incident or an event. What… It does not really matter. It is perfectly all right.

As far as I’m concerned, as your President and a lawyer, that I have every right to threaten criminals. How it develops to the endgame is another problem.

So sinabi ko ang… and of course we discussed human rights. And I think I deserve a few applauses– [applause] that you were not there, I am not at liberty and I do not want to pick a fight with any nation now. That is farthest from my mind. I only want to be at peace with everybody doing business with everybody and no quarrels with anybody.

Q: Sir, last from me. Speaking of peace, can you share with us maybe your brief chat with UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon? We understand you were able to meet him for a while.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Yes, but just about… He was seated beside me. And we had a long—I said since we were, since everybody was excluded. It means to say that it is not for public consumption. But he did mention about human rights and I responded fairly well and addressed myself to the body. And I said — maybe in, I am not, I am not the person that would pull his own chair, but I said: You can congratulate me a little bit but not that much.

The most important, I think, the message I sent to everybody was, in this prepared speech: “We will, in our foreign relations with the world, the Philippines will pursue an independent foreign policy. We will observe and I must insist, I repeat, I must insist on the time-honored principles of sovereign equality, non-interference and commitment to peaceful settlements of disputes to best serve our people and to protect the interest of the country.”

I think that was the most telling words that I could have uttered in any international gathering. It does not offend anybody. But, it sends a message that we have every right to pursue an independent foreign policy, without interference [applause].

Q: Hi, sir. Good evening. Sir, how was your meeting with Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin? And second question is, what’s the status now of the maritime dispute between China and the Philippines? I’m talking about sir the planned bilateral talks. So when can we look forward to it?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Well, everybody was concerned about the China issue. It was [inaudible] the Philippines. I think, if I may have that maybe [inaudible]. Everybody, especially ASEAN countries, about the conflict that it would not go out of control and will not result in any military confrontation.

But I assured everybody that there are only two options there: You go to war and pick a fight, which we cannot afford at all or talk.

And because also of the desire of everybody to avoid any regional conflict that might not really be good at all. We have been very consistent that we can only talk about this issue in peace and we avoid challenging and you know expressions of anger, because after all, you cannot solve this problem with anger. You have to talk with sense and we appeal to the humanity of the fellow in front of you.

Q: Sir, you didn’t answer—

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: I’ll give you additional 10.

Q: I’m sorry. How did your meeting with Russian Prime–?


Q: Yes po. About terrorism?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: I did not answer it purposely because I wanted it secret. So, well we had a talk with the, with my contingent. [inaudible] But when the talk got serious I said: “Would everybody including the security get out of the room? I want to talk my friend Medvedev.” Kaibigan na pala kami. So sabihin ko: “Sige chika-chika tayo. So what’s up?” “Ganito ‘yan Rod eh. Tapos ganyan. Nandito. Tapos ganon, dito tayo.” Sabi ko: “Okay ka adre.”

I enjoyed every minute of our talk. The things that we shared with each other does nothing to do with alliances, military or confrontation. We just wanted to have a business relations, economic.

You know, war is no longer the vogue of the moment. It’s not the practice anymore. We should avoid war. We should avoid conflicts. I am a peaceful man now, after the ASEAN. I am… I am not into rest in peace. But I am quite comfortable with the situation now after talking to everybody.

Let’s give everybody a chance. Tutal papunta rito, natulog na rin kami. Kayo? I could hear the snoring of… Ayoko sabihin [laughter]. Yes, ma’am, may I help you?

Q: Sir, I’m sorry another question regarding Mary Jane Veloso. Did President Joko Widodo show… kahit a little bit of willingness lang na i-consider na ‘wag na i-execute si Mary Jane Veloso?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Well, I said there are things which I cannot divulge now because it will not be in keeping with good manners and right conduct. Let me talk to the family first.

Kasi ma-telegraph mo na, if I say something here, I’ll be telegraphing my message, whether it is really good or bad. You have to consider the feelings of the family.

Q: Alright. Thank you sir.

Q: Hi sir. Welcome back sir. Sir, I think it’s safe to assume now, na hindi po kayo galit sa amin after what happened ‘nong before po kayo umalis. But for the record sir, galit po ba kayo sa amin sir?


Q: Sa amin sir. Sa media. Because on what happened doon sa remarks. And for the record din sir, do you think–?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Sabi ko nga, tanggalin niyo ‘yang escalator, palakarin ninyo ‘yan doon sa likod. Sila lahat. Karga-karga nila…

Of course I am not at liberty to be angry at anybody. It is your sworn duty to ask questions. It is also my obligation to the people for the money spent [inaudible] and for all of the… You know things that would cost the Filipino, I have to make an official report, not now, but initially, these are the things that I can say. Wala akong galit sa inyo.

Alam mo, I never, I was here… You were here. I never attribute any statement to anybody. I was complaining about the situation but I never directed any statement that was insulting or otherwise not good.

Si Ed Lingao, he was the anchor at that time, when there was this breaking news. And he apologized and I accept his apology. And he should not worry because sometimes you commit errors. Wala akong question diyan.

If the other side, interpreted it in a way they wanted it, problema nila ‘yan. I mean that’s… After all, I am not a player of the international community. I said I only answer to the Filipino people. I am… I’m not… I do not aspire to be a [inaudible]. But you know very well, I never said it, attributing it to anybody. I said, I remembered: “‘Wag ninyong Gawain sa akin ‘yan, magka-insultuhan tayo.”

I never mentioned any particular… So I hope they realize it by now and let me again: In our relations to the world – this is for the third time – the Philippines shall pursue an independent foreign policy. And we will observe, and I must insist, on the time-honored principles of sovereignty, sovereign equality, non-interference, and committed to the peaceful settlement of disputes.

I do not answer– Maybe to the press for information. But I do not have an obligation to please everybody or to please one person. But if you’re a Filipino, I am at your service because I work for you. I receive my keep for the day from the pocket of the people.

Pero kung sabihin mo na I have this, I have to explain. And that is why it went well. Nauna ako. So I raised the ante, immediately I am. That’s my character.

“Ikaw, may gusto kang sabihin sa akin? Okay. Here’s my card.” Ganon ako, maski sa politika. Tinatapon ko agad baraha ko. [inaudible] “Ano gusto mo?” Ganon ako sa politika. Bakit? Baka i-divert na naman niyo doon sa… ‘Yung akin, sa loob ko lang, sa isipi ko. “O anong gusto mo? Ito ‘yung baraha ko. Hawak ko ‘yung alas. Ayan o. Ano gusto mong sabihin?”

Hindi ko ginagawa ‘yan. But if I’m sure that it is the way how it should develop. Then it brings the worst in me or it brings out the best of me. Depende kung saan. I’m sure that if you’re a Filipino, you’d be proud of me.

Well of course for the, the low life, sa press, ‘yung mga kolumnista, nothing is really too good to be true. Hayaan mo ‘yan sila. And I said, I leave you with that problem. But I said, I have always in mind the dignity, not me personally, you can destroy me, you can attack me, criticize me. But when it comes to the—Hindi lang kasi nila inisip itong mga low life dito that what is really at stake is the country.

Kaya ako, when it comes to, ‘yung mga moments of ano, it is where I really do not know the best or the worst in me. Pero, hindi kayo napahiya. I assure you. And everybody was clapping except for dalawa. But bilib sila sa akin [inaudible].

Si… si President Widodo. It’s… shaking with joy that I decided to just talk with sense and the truth.

Q: Sir sino po ‘yung dalawa sir… na hindi pumalakpak sir?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Nakalimutan ko. Let me recall the seating arrangement. Baka umihi… [laughter] Bakante adre. Baka sa washroom.

Q: Sir, follow-up lang. Referring to the incident sir, sa tingin niyo po sir, with that incident, sino po ‘yung maaring nagkamali? Not to point fingers sir ‘no, was it the sender, the source, or the receiver sir?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: You know people commit mistakes. Some with malice, some without malice. If it’s just a mere shortfall of talent, hayaan mo na.

But I appreciate the apology of Lingao. I said I accept it and Ed, I salute you. But do not hesitate to attack me, criticize me, if I do wrong in my job. It is your duty to your country. As I have my duty to the people to serve you.

Kaya ‘wag kayong ano… If I do not feel talking to you then sorry. I’m not in the mood because you committed a mistake. But I would like to presume that you did it without malice. Kasi trabaho eh. And I would just say… [applause]. ‘Yung mga camera diyan, kayong kumukuha diyan, ‘di ka nagpalakpak. Palakpak kayo diyan. [applause]

You know why? Because it is a recorded history. Everyday that you pressed that ‘on’ button in your camera, you record the history of this country. Kaya importante kayo, baka minamaliit ninyo ‘yung role ninyo sa, in the entire gamut of media.

You are recording the history of this country. Someday, pag-on nila nang ganon, tapos walang lumabas na [inaudible], ay anak ka ng… Natulog siguro ‘yung gago doon sa ano…

Pero with an accurate and true representation of what’s going on, I said, saludo ako. And because, it is embodied in the Constitution. The freedom of the people to be informed and a media that is there to find out the true and accurate. You portray history.

Kaya ako strikto. And when I said that corruption will stop. It will stop. Maniwala kayo. And even if I have to, it will stop. ‘Wag ninyo… To all government, ‘wag ninyo akong hiyain dito. Kakasahan ko talaga kayo. Mapahiya ako eh.

When I said there will be no more corruption, there will no more be [inaudible] diyan pagdating ng mga… lalo na ‘yung mga mahirap. Masikmura ko pa ‘yang milyonaryo na hingian mo, na magdala ng ilang brilyantes pati diamonds diyan and it is a thriving business actually. And we know the people. But I said, time will catch up with them.

Pero ‘yung returning dito na kunan mo ‘yung… Maghold-up ka na lang ng milyonaryo. Ako ang magbigay ng barili sa iyo. Pero pagkatapos barilin rin kita. Eh kasi hold-upper ka eh.

Totoo, ‘wag ninyong galawin ang maliit na tao. Kasi sila ‘yung nangailangan ng gobyerno. For the rich and famous and for the oligarchy, they don’t need a president at all. They don’t need the Secretary of Justice there. They can buy it. They don’t need Lorenzana to do his job. Even if there’s trouble here, they can always fly out.

Eh tayo na nandito na maiwan. Kayo. Kasi kung… may pera, hindi tayo nakikita dito ngayon. You’re there in your comfortable, what? In your… space there for you. So, ‘wag ninyong galawin ‘yung maliit. Talagang kailangan nila ang gobyerno.

‘Yung… let me warn again: You guys in the business sector. I do not want to quarrel with you. I will protect you. I said there will no more be shakedowns in the Customs and in the BIR. I’m warning you again. But with all the protection that this government is giving you, you continue with the contractualization, magka-diperensya talaga tayo.

And one day, I might just decide to go to you and close your store there and say: You’re a… Ilang beses na ‘yan. ‘Wag ninyong abusuhin ang tao. Kasi ang Pilipino matagal na talagang… You go to LTO. He has to shell out money. You get a copy of his birth certificate, hingian. This will stop and maybe I will have cameras sa… ‘Yung mga incorrigibles, the [inaudible] of the office. I’ll place cameras there. Like a Gestapo. And it’s [inaudible] all right for me. Why? This is government. This is not a private enterprise. There’s no such thing as violation of privacy there. It’s only when you enter the comfort room, that maybe, there’s that limitation.

Kung sa gobyerno ka, it must be open. Lalo na ‘yung sa airport, Customs, Quarantine, Immigration. You know, I’m planning to put an extension office of the lahat. National government, I plan to put in Basilan or Jolo. Be my guest. I would only be too happy to assign you there.

Magkahiyaan kasi tayo. Mapapahiya ako eh. I promised the people this and with the… Hindi na… [Speaks in Bisaya]

There is no… There has been no respite in the hardship of the Filipino. Whatever economic gains, barely enough to improve the situation. It would be okay for me. Kung hanggang diyan lang talaga ang…

That’s why I tried my very best to look presentable there. Nagbili pa ako ready-made na suit. Maluwang masyado. Kaya nagbili ako ng suspender. Mahulog man. Tapos, nagkamali naman ako. Pumayat ata ako. Sa mahulog, sabi ko na… Suspender lang ako. Kasi pag-ganon ko, paglakad ko, hanggang dito na… “Bili ka ng suspender.” Parang gusto ko na. That’s how I… Hindi ako nagpapatahi nang mahal. ‘Yung ready… Indonesian size. Okay na. Lagyan nila ng kurbata. Hindi rin ako marunong. Si… itong… “Sir ako na…” Nakalimutan ko na ‘yung… Puta, baka ma-ganon ko pa. [laughter] Hang yourself.

Q: Hi sir, I’m Saleema Refran of GMA 7. Sir, welcome back to Davao.


Q: But sir, one week na po from the Davao blast–

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Ba’t mo nilagyang mong ‘but’ ‘yung welcome mo?

Q: Medyo malungkot kasi sir ‘yung tanong ko. I’m so sorry. Pero ayon nga sir. You’ve been away. But have you been receiving reports of the investigation and what do you know so far? Investigation sir of the Davao blast of the Roxas night market?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: We’re pursuing leads. Too early to be talking about it. I said, do not ask me questions that would telegraph the substance of what I’m trying to say. As a matter of fact, it’s a national security issue. But I said, I guarantee you, there will be a day of reckoning. There will be more because of retaliation, reprisal. But there will be, maybe more blast, but there will be a day of reckoning. Bantayan niyo.

Q: Sir, sorry. This is a personal question.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Yes? Nakaligo na ako. What’s so personal about it?

Q: No, sir. The other day po, si Mayor Sara announced that she lost two of the triplets. She said na hindi pa daw po kayo nakakapag-usap. I’m so sorry sir.

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Maski ‘nong una pa ‘yan. It took her a long time to be pregnant and you know with the medical intervention. I… When somebody called me, I went to the bathroom… Sa labas kasi, nasa lobby kami. I cried.

These are the things in life that cannot be assuaged by just… you have to heal yourself. I’m… Anyway thank you for… Kasi sabi ko, the right of the people to be informed. She’s a public, she’s an employee of government and a public employee of the national… We’re just workers in government.

Yes, anymore questions?

Q: Good evening po Mr. President. Welcome back. I’m Mark Ocay po from Bombo Radyo Davao. Mr. President, since the Philippines has already accepted the chairmanship for 2017 ASEAN Summit. Will Davao City be an ideal venue for the 2017 leaders’ summit, Mr. President?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: That is a very relative question. It would depend on the security of Davao City. I would have to listen to the military and the police for an accurate assessment. We do not want any bloody thing here. I’m sure. So, but during the, I have stated my case very clearly. We are in a state of lawlessness.

I do not need any additional power. If you use the word, pantakot lang ‘yan. I do not need it. I do not need anything, except that you know, alam ninyo na there is lawlessness in the country, period. And I will just exercise the powers of the presidency, the natural way. Law and order and stricter measures.

Now, itong sinasabi kong lawlessness. Kasi kailangan ko kasi. There will be some checkpoints in the highway. Alam mo kasi ang mga tao minsan, pinapagalitan ‘yung pulis. Some lawyers would say, “This is a violation.”

You know, if you start to say that and there is a state of lawlessness, you will just force our hands into it. Magduda na tuloy ako sa’yo na may tinatago ka. Eh kung magsabi ka, “Yes, take your time and see for yourself.” Because we are, you know, trying to catch up with the guys holding the… and it will be too late just to explain. There is a Supreme Court ruling on that.

But, in a state of lawlessness, I feel that I have to do some extra mile of putting things in order. Of course, the stricter and maybe the airlines could, you know, advise the commuters for them to arrive at the airport earlier.

Kasi minsan naman kasi ‘yung—I am not trying to offend anybody. Kasi magsabi, nakalagay “departure time 5:15.” Dito pa sila magdating ng 5:15. By the time ang piloto nakatutok na sa dead end sa runway, so maybe… a little bit earlier because there will be more searches. And I can impose that because I have to protect public.

You know, bombs and these kinds of things in our lives today, these are public interest, protect the people, public health. When you are a victim of a blast somewhere, you would need money and hospitalization, and national security… Maraming involved diyan eh. Public interest. You want to keep this country peaceful. It’s the job of government. But it could also become a public health issue because you would need hospitalization or amputation or anything that…

You know, the victims of the… it could affect everybody, dysfunctional families. Wala ng tatay. Alam mo bang hanggang ngayon, ako pa… ang gobyerno… Mabuti’t na lang, after a long period of time, the hands of the… the political… ano dito, is ako pati ‘yung anak ko. So we continued with the assistance. Marami ng nag-nurse mga anak, marami ng nag-engineer. But ‘yung mga infants, I still, we still carry the burden of paying for their education. Nawala ang mga tatay nila, nawala ang nanay.

So it could affect our pockets, which money intended for better use. ‘Yan. It’s a drain financially, sa gobyerno, sa public health and you… it’s either the amputees who are walking with crutches. Hindi lang kasi… It’s the most – actually – it’s the most despicable and odious behavior.

Sabi ko, nag-arte lang kayo, ganon-ganon. Well, I said: Whether they believe it or not, whether it is for a pretended sentiment, I’ve warned our soldiers and the police – shoot only once. And if it’s finished, do not destroy the body, do not mutilate the body. Because we cannot do that, we have to have the higher ground. If you follow them and started also to behead everybody, anak ng. Then I should not be in government. I belong to the slaughter house. Magtadtad ng karne diyan.

Always we take the higher ground. Even if it means something like the… Hindi tayo takot. I’m not afraid. I have the Army. I have the Armed Forces. I have the Police. Bakit ako matatakot? But there is certainly a set of values that we have to adopt. One of this is… to just be civilized.

Ang sabi ko nga sa kanila: Do not go into the war or a battle kung may galit ka. Kasi dapat… kung… You must be cool. That’s why they are trained. Eh kung magpasok sila ng bakbakan diyan tapos galit sila, then you abandoned… You throw caution to the winds. And you’re just there, matapang ka kasi may galit ka. Eh ‘di patay ka.

Anything else? You might want to ask me what is the agenda for next visit for any country. You’d want to ask a question?

Q: Yes sir. Just on the elaboration of independent foreign policy. Which issues or areas and is there an initial commitment on the common policies and which areas?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: There is no commonality of interest here. It should have, it should cover all aspects of governance and international relations.

In our country, it is the president who takes care of the foreign policy. Presidente. It’s in the Constitution. Akin talaga ‘yan. And you can be very sure that this power given to me by the Constitution will be used only to promote the best interest of the Republic of the Philippines. Nothing more.

Q: So after this, the two-day Summit sir, what will be the prospects of when Philippines hosts the 50th anniversary of ASEAN?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Well, I cannot answer your hypothetical question because it would greatly depend on the severity and what’s the interest involved. But I said, I can only use it, the principle behind it, to promote the best interest. If it is to the best interest of the Filipino people, I will do it. But if it does not result to anything and maybe, the road to perdition, it gets crazy.

Last question?

Q: Hello, Mayor. Welcome home. And I’d like to ask mayor how would you assess your first foreign trip as President and what’s next–? Do you receive any invitations?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: I cannot assess myself before you. It would be self-serving and I would just be pulling my own chair. So, let the other… You might want to, if you happen to travel abroad, you might want to ask the guys from Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, and those who… palakpak [inaudible].

Well, after that. But it is not a thing to brag about. It’s just saying that I am happy I was able to do it during my first… These are the things that I can sleep soundly well tonight, thinking… I would sleep on it, thinking that, the thought that I have served my country to best way I can. But, to end this, I have, some a—But go ahead with the last question?

Q: Yes Mayor. Rockstar ka nga daw eh. What’s the international community wants to see from the Philippines, Mayor?

PRESIDENT DUTERTE: Well, I say a posture of confidence that we’re able to deliver what we are obligated to. We have been known unfairly as a country that does not honor contracts. That’s a popular view of the investors. Itong… There are very, very, so many contracts on the pipeline, on deck, but never used, or it was never– There was… The obligations under the contracts were abandoned.

This time you must have honor to do it. There’s also a provision in the Constitution itself, against the impairment of contracts. Kaya nag-sibat ‘yung iba doon kasi, approved na ng NEDA, approved lahat, when it reaches a certain office there, it’s never implemented or… ang worse pa nito is they waived many, the waiver of so many things in government, involving huge money. Masakit ‘yan. Accruing to the country but being waived for what? I don’t know what reason. Your guess is as good as mine.

So let me… I am not a fan of the Americans. In the sense that nobody shares the… my sentiment for the Filipino. First and last, Filipino talaga. Everybody else comes, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth, tenth. Mamili na sila. Mag-agawan na lang sila.

But let me quote my favorite, he’s a lawyer and he was really a politician par excellence. And I refer to Abraham Lincoln, and my favorite, actually, are his words, when he said: “I will do my best, my very best because I have to serve the country.”

I cannot remember the exact words, but let me look at a lady and I will be able to… Yeah, but the beginning is something like… I memorized it for my inauguration. Wala nakalimutan na kaagad. “I do the very best I know how, the very best I can, and if the end brings me out wrong, ten angels of God swearing I was right, would make no difference, still wrong. But at the end, if it brings me all right and right, then that is it, that is your reward for being right.” Hanggang diyan lang ang ano… So ‘yan lang ang ano ko sa’yo. “I do the very best I know how, the very best I can, and I mean to keep doing so until the end. If the end brings me out all right, what is said against me won’t amount to anything.”

Tutal, wala naman matalo. Except the people. “But if the end brings me out wrong, ten angels of God swearing I was right…” Wrong is wrong.

So with that, I’d like to thank you for being here so late. It’s 2 o’clock. And I appreciate your… [applause] Mabuhay ang Pilipinas.

Sit down. ‘Wag munang tumalikod. Lincoln said… bumalik na ang gagong memory. Nakita kasi ng magandang babae. “If I were to try to read, much lesser answer, all attacks made on me, the shop, this presidency, might as well be closed for any other business. I do the very best I know how, the very best I can.”

If I have to answer all attacks, wala na akong gawin. Sarahan ko na lang ‘yung opisina. “If I were to try to read, much less answer, all attacks made on me, this shop, the presidency, might as well be closed for any other business, except to answer. I do the very best I know how, the very best I can; and I mean to keep doing so until the end. If the end brings me out all right, what is said against me won’t amount to anything. But if the end brings me out wrong, ten angels of God swearing I was right would make no difference.”

Mali is mali. But if they are wrong in criticizing… You are paid to suffer. That’s why you are paid. Now I realize, the presidency… Well, this is really motivates me to go on. Well if not, for my love of country, matagal na ako nagsabi, “It’s yours. Inyo na. Pagod na ako.”

Pagod na talaga ako… But you know, what impels me, what motivates me is my love for country and the serious problem of drugs – 3,700,000 is not a joke. So instead of criticizing me or… Tumulong ka na lang dito and observe protocol.

You know, when I was mayor, it’s good. I was just an insignificant player in the national light. There are so many cities, you can choose where to pick a fight. But as President, it’s only one. And when you are just a… a rapporteur or whatever, an adviser, national security, and you begin to [inaudible] statements. That is not good. That is not good.

What if you will try to do the same. I said, if this President… But I said, it will remain a secret unless, there’s a footage of it. But I saw none at all. But the delegates really were very happy and I am happy that I said it publicly, though in a very limited crowd.

Maraming salamat po.