Speech of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte during the oath-taking of appointees
Heroes Hall, Malacañang
12 September 2016
You know, you are now entering into the service of the government and there are a few things you must understand — why it works this way and not that way. Alam mo, I run on a platform of no graft, less crime, suppress the drug problem — which has gotten out of hand or is just getting out of hand, still. But I’ve been able to minimize at least the crime on the streets to barest minimum.

I do not promise you perfect peace because this is not heaven. But I commit myself to do everything, not to compromise the next generation. If we have the numbers of three, as PDEA said, three years ago, when I was not the President of the Philippines, and you will just put it at a very liberal incremental increase, just about the 700,000 that surrendered and sought rehabilitation — that number is staggering, it scares you.

Because if I do not interdict this problem now — I am not pulling my own chair –but I would say, nobody can do it, if you just look at the horizon of politicians thereabout.

Walang makakaya nito, kung ang susunod na presidente, ‘yun lang rin nakikita ninyo, ito rin ang tatakbo. You are a – [inaudible] ka diyan.

So, tingin ko, since wala naman akong ambisyong maging barangay captain ulit. I’m the President without reelection. I might as well just do it my way, bahala na sila. But kayong sa gobyerno I appointed you, then you must understand how it is to me.

Alam mo isa lang ang bayan ko. And for all of my — ako pa ‘yung pinili ng Diyos na maging Presidente ‘tong natapos na eleksyon.

I do not claim any greatness. I do not have special credentials. As a matter of fact, hindi ko kayo pinapatawa, it took me seven years to finish high school and now I got the— Until my father died and the cold realization that life’s getting to be dangerous for me and that was a time that was able to—

Now, I am a grandson of a Moro Maranao lady. Ang lola ko Chinese… lola ko Maranao, lolo ko Chinese. Tatay ko, talagang Cebuano. And since we trace our lineage in accordance with my fathers’, ang sinasabi ko pag tinatanong niyo ako, “ano ka?” “Bisaya.” But, look, I’ve never stayed in the Visayas even for a day. Ang ano ko lang dito is… ‘yung nakita mo ‘yung sa speech ko: “I will fight crime, drugs, and corruption.” I did not include — mind you, if you still remember — the Mindanao issue in relation to public order and safety. Kasi nandiyan na. As a matter of fact, one of the strongest reason that impelled me to run, was nobody, even just for a statement na ano, to be talking about Mindanao. And Mindanao would never heal.

Ako pinadalhan ko ng dagdag ng ano… but it is really, masakit sa akin to kill a Moro, at to kill a Filipino for that matter.

Kaya I sought early to have peace with the communists. We are talking, maybe in the fullness of God’s time we will succeed. We have connected with the MI, they are talking. As a matter of fact, they are helping us in the war against drugs.

By the way, I did not say that I’m going to just pursue and prosecute. I declared war sa droga, kasi hindi ito madala ng pulis-pulisan lang. So, I raise that to the level of a national security threat, which is really is, and called upon the army and the military to assist. The MI is assisting us, we should be thankful for that. Ngayon nandito naman ‘yung… si Nur. Well, Nur knows hot and cold but apparently he has lost control of some of the factions there. For example ‘yung Abu Sayyaf is no longer… So I have to navigate the stormy waters of that area there were I can find a formula.

Bakit galit? Well in 1521, when Magellan landed in Leyte, Mindanao was already 100 percent Islam. We were part of these Sri Visayas empire of the Malay race. Kaya lang, we revered the leader there, not by really the force of arms, but the blood.

‘Nong dumating ang Espanyol, pinilit nila kunin ang Mindanao. And they knew that there were already Islam people there. Lahat Islam na, by 100 years ahead. Ngayon, gustong pinilit nila. And there are massacres, then came the Americans because of… Spanish-American war, the Spaniards lost and one of the concessions that were given to the Americans by the Spaniards was to see the Marianas, Guam. Kaya nga pangalan nga diyan Pilipino eh, and the Philippines, to include Mindanao.

Mindanao resisted the Spaniards, because they bought with them the religion Christianity. Then they bought the people there, then they unleashed their canons for those who did not obey. And so Visayas will sprinkling of a few more resettlements, surrendered hanggang Maynila.

But Mindanao, because of which contiguous, hindi kagaya ng Visayas so walang top honcho. Mindanao stood and what was the really rallying point there? Islam.

So ngayon, I have to face the Muslims [inaudible]. I have to be with communists. I have to deal with the Abu Sayyaf. And that’s going to be a problem. Now, why? Despite or in spite the passage of so many illustrious leaders, sila [Pindato?] noon, sila si… many others. Bakit? Bakit mahirap? Why does… Despite of the billions poured by Marcos noon hanggang… Kung titingnan mo diyan sa Public Works office, kung lahat naibuhos doon, talagang totoo ‘yung mga appropriations na ‘yun, amounting to millions. The highways of Basilan would have crisscrossed already. Pag idugtong-dugtong mo, abot na ng Mindanao island ‘yan. Why? Why is there not really no desire to just get the money and spend it, either wastefully or pocketed. Ganon naman lahat ng politiko, not only the Moro. Ngayon ‘yung mga congressional ano diyan insertion. Why? Can I have the—Saan si Bong?

Hindi ako nag-iintriga sa inyo. Ang akin lang kasi. Ang Amerika napaka-hipokrito. They know, actually know, that I have a serious problem here. Three million plus for the Philippines; four million for Widodo of Indonesia.

So we discussed this problem. “Paano ito adre?” Nagki-criss-cross ang droga dito sa amin. Not only that the Jemaah Islamiyah sometimes visit us here. Paputukin kami. Tapos naman sa inyo, diyan sa downtown mismo nagratratan kayo.

Sabi niya: “Well, we just have to help each other.” Kami, sabi niya noon, nandiyan si [inaudibe]… nandiyan kami. Kaibigan ko lahat eh. Except dalawang… Ako, ayokong itong… Bakit ang Amerikano, despite also or in spite also of giving the money–

This is really the massacre of Jolo, Bud Dajo. Look at the bodies there. Paano tayo maka.. paano mag–? For as long as we stay with America, we will never have peace in the… might as well give it up. Give it an independent… not only in Jolo. Nandyan si [inaudible] Alonto, who’s also appointed there sa Mindanao chairmanship.

Sa Maranao marami rin, sa Lanao. Pero walang Moro nagsasalita nito ha, ever since. No Moro leader confronted eyeball to eyeball the Filipino. Bakit hindi natin— but they know, mahiya lang sabihin.

Alam nilang lahat diyan na matagalan ‘to. For as long as you stay with the west… military… May isa, hinahanap ko ‘yung isang ano dito. Postcard pa, ginawang postcard ang… nakatindig sa suso ng babae, ganon ang baril. Ginawang postcard. Meron niyan? Alam ninyo saan namin nakuha ‘to? Sa archives ng America.

Kaya ‘yung mga special forces they have to go, they have to go in Mindanao. Maraming mga puti doon. They have to go. [inaudible] ko ‘yung foreign policy. Hindi ko lang masalita noon, out of respect or I do not want a rift with America, but they have to go. Dito… Mas lalong iinit, makakita ng Amerikano ‘yan, patayin talaga ‘yan. Kukunan ng ransom ‘yan, patayin.

Even if you are a black or a white American, basta Amerikano ka. Kaya sino ‘yung isang sa naano–? At kung Pilipino ka, medyo palakihan lang ng ano, pero nagalit ako the last time, not because he was a Christian. I’m a Christian, I’m a Muslim. Minsanan lang ako mag-ano, mag-simba. Kung nandiyan ‘yung… If it is
a Friday and I’m there. I go to the mass and pray. Kung sa simbahan ako mag-abot well basta walang pari. I do not want to listen sa… Do not moralize on me, kagaya ka sa mga…

So itong Amerika, una binanatan ako. Sinong bumibira? ‘Yung amerikanong sabi ng rapporteur dito and threatening me, bringing me to the International Court of Justice.

Si Ban Ki-moon, maya nagsalita si… about human rights. ‘Yung tapos, ang sagot ko, lahat na, ganon ‘yun. But ‘yung sinabi ko minura ko siya, I swear to Allah, I never mentioned his name. Sabi ko: Huwag ninyong gawin ‘yan, and you review the tapes. Huwag ninyong gawin sa akin niyan, kasi huwag ninyo akong, ninyo akong bababuyin.

Ang hinintay ko doon si Ban Ki-moon, pati siya si Obama, pero I never mentioned the name. But they responded hurting words.

You know Mr. Obama, when you accused me of killing, which you do not have also the facts anyway, whether legitimately killed in an encounter with the police or those simply murdered by their cohorts, wala ka ngang ipinakita. And you said Duterte, hurting words… You cannot even, you have not even apologized to the Filipino nation.

Why only to the Moro? Are they not Filipinos also? It was just a question of religion of who came in first? But they are our Malay brother. Our blood. And when you… Do not… Do not… [inaudible]. He who is without sin, cast the first stone.

Ang Iraq, pumasok ang Britain, pati Amerika, on the sole allegation that there were weapons of mass destruction. They killed Saddam because [inaudible] strongman, and where is Iraq now? It is a failed country. Pinakialaman nila ang Libya, they supported the rebels of Syria. Look what happened. All failed states.

In Vietnam, 50,000 Americans, ipagbibida nila. But how many Vietnamese people died for nothing? Eventually, the communist won. But they created a ruckus here somewhere. Vietnam is just across our shores. China is upper portion. Kaharap natin dito… Vietnam. ‘Yung likod niya Thailand, then Cambodia, Laos. Ang Amerikano talaga…

So, why blabber about me? I know that you should know, you know, that I have a serious problem in my country. “And why don’t you just rehab them, treat them?” Kaya ka magmura… Alam mo bakit? They know, and I know, and you know, na pumasok ako dito sa gobyerno, midstream. ‘Yung budget tapos na. The budget that we are working on now is a [inaudible] budget that was prepared the previous year by the Aquino. Wala naman nakita doon danger about drugs, because nobody, until I became President that the naked truth came out, that we are really a drug country.

In Davao, I was very strict so there was kind of a limited space for them. And besides totoo ‘yan. I tell that straight to them. Sinabi ko: Pag ayaw niyong umalis, talagang papatayin ko kayo at pinatay ko. So what about… so what’s the ruckus? What’s your problem about killing people, criminals destroying the next generation? That’s the youth of your neighborhood. You are actually compromising, if you do not do anything now, the next generation of Filipinos. Because then by that time, drugs would be uncontrolled and already would have… it’s widespread.

So how many? Newspapers keep on tabulation. Ngayon, 1,000. Gawain mo na lang 10,000. Puro mga durugista. Saan ang drug lords? Hindi lang ninyo alam. You really want to know saan ‘yung drug lords na hindi taga-rito? Ang drug lords dito, hindi atin. I would not— not even an eyelash. Mga Intsik. And they are now operating outside, they have this digital map of the Philippines and they can direct the operation.

‘Yung dito, ang mga naglaro, sino? Mga pulis una. Tapos sabihin, maliit masyado ‘yung problema, because it’s a simple matter. You know, it is a medical issue. Really. It’s a medical issue. What do we do now? What should we do now about this three million? They’re all unaccounted. ‘Yung 700 [thousand] lang nag-surrender kasi takot. So why? Anong sabi ng – sa interview ni ANC kahapon? Sila, si Teddy Boy, pati… Why most of them surfaced? Because, they fear for their lives. That’s the problem.

In the Philippines, meron tayong death penalty noon. But because walang mga bayag ‘to and they do not have really the—They never implemented.

Sasabihin ng mga congressman: “Ire-restore mo ‘yung death penalty and nandyan rin ‘yan eh?” Kita mo naman. Kasi ‘yung mga leader, hindi talaga inimplement. Kung ako nag-leader noon, at nilagay niya ako for the last 17 years… Kaya hinihingi ko ulit. Kaya the argument is – may death penalty noon. Wala man. Walang namatay… Kasi walang… You removed actually, the greatest, the essence of criminal law is the fear to violate the law. What prevailed was not the fear of the law, but the impunity and the absence of accountability.

Kasi pag general na, pag governor na, pag mayor na, walang maglapit kasi takot. O kita mo ako, sinabi ko: Bigyan ko kayo 24 oras, papatayin ko kayong lahat. The governor, mayor takbuhan sila, pawis-pawis. Kasi walang takot. Maski anong… however you bring the matter to a physical or medical or spiritual issue, for as long as the essence of fear is not there, fear of accountability, may papanagutan. Kaya gusto ko nga death penalty.

You answer for your deeds so that you will not be prevented… If you do it, then alam mo… There are two, there are lawyers here, there are two theories of criminal law, criminality. One is the positivist theory. Ito ‘yung sa American. He can be rehabilitated. They turn to the mainstream of society. O kita mo nakikita? Rapist, pasok. Rape… Hold-upper labas.

Ang atin classical. Ako, classical ako. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. That’s the basis. Nagkasala ka. Kung may death penalty… Kasalanan mo ‘yan. Kasalanan mo ‘yan. Kasi batas eh.

When we are only two or three or four or five, o isang barangay, o isang siyudad, pwede ‘yang positivist theory mo. The imported European, mga EU, na you cannot trade with them if there is a penalty of death sa mga criminal law books mo. Tingnan mo hipokrito.

It was Britain and America who entered there. Who divided by the way the Middle East? It was France, America, and Great Britian. They divided, they invaded it many times before. Got the control of their oil… partition at ‘yung Iraq, Iran.

Huwag na tayong magbolahan ganon. Sumakay itong si Obama, sumakay si Ban Ki-moon, dito sumakay. Alam mo kaninong laro ito? O ayaw ko ng sabihin. Yellow ‘yan. Dito na lang… Anak hindi ikaw ha. ‘Yung damit mo lang man [laughter]. Sorry ha. Sorry.
The dress has nothing to do with it. Sinakyan na uli. They can bring that if they can build a case against me. I’ll be impeached.

My God, I’ll tell you frankly: When I assumed office, sabi ko: “In this quest of mine, I am prepared to lose my honor, my life, and the presidency.” It does not mean [inaudible]. If it interferes with the basic principles of my life. My values are not good as yours, ‘yan ang sabi mo. But it is my own value. I have a set of rules to live by. I’ve been true to that since I was a young prosecutor. I became a special tanodbayan prosecutor. Became the vice mayor, mayor, and mayor for 23 years, one time a congressman, one time vice mayor of my daughter.

I’d like you to know that I have lived by the values that I have believed in. Ito… It will be a clean government. There will be no corruption. I will not tolerate it. Pag hindi ko kaya, mag-resign ako. Pero patayin talaga kita muna. Bakit dinadamay mo? Hinihiya mo ako eh. Now the reason may… [inaudible] Ito, nandito si [George?].

Bakit ko nilagay ‘yang mga sundalo? Alam mo ngayon, wala nang takot ng batas. Alam mo ginawa nila sa lotto. I’d tell you, diyan tayo binira nang husto. We lost billions and billions… Kasi ‘yang small time lotto… tapos ‘yung jueteng ginanon nila. Isang operator lang ‘yan. Nakuha nila ‘yung concession… Marami ang outlets diyan sa lotto, kanila ‘yan. They merged with the jueteng. So pareha lang man numbers. Ihulog nila itong, ito… ‘Yan lang ang kinita ng gobyerno. It’s a simple case of manipulation. Simple naman. Ito kanila na.

Hindi ito malalagayan mo ‘yan ng babae na, lalaki na… Papatayin lang ‘yan. Pilipino kayo. Mamaya ma-ambush ‘yan. Sabi ko dito kayo sa pulis muna. Ilagay ko marines. Si [George?] naman… Kilala ko itong mga generals na ‘to, truthfully honest. I have observed it during my time. They were doing… building their careers in Mindanao. Wala akong naririnig dito sa kanilang corruption. So sila ang kinuha ko.

It’s a very limited arena because sila rin ang kilala ko noon. Maraming honest na military. The problem is I do not know them. So ‘yung mga honest na dumaan doon, ‘yung mga classmate ko sa dormitoryo dito, pati ‘yung sa eskwelahan ko, ‘yun ang mga tao na… Hindi naman ako imbitado dito sa Maynila ng mga social gathering. I was nobody. Who would ever invited me doon sa debut ni, debut, debut, debut? Wala kami noon. Mahirap lang kami. [inaudible] kung sino kami.

Pero, Bud Dajo. The first battle of Bud Dajo was known as the Bud Dajo massacre, was a counter-insurgency action fought by the United States against the Moro in March… during their rebellion phase of the Philippine-American war. Marami tayo– Spanish-America. Spanish-Filipinos. Tapos, Spanish-Americans, Americans-Philippines. May giyera tayo sa kanila. So we claim this because it was a war against… Kanila ‘to.

If you want, I’ll give you each and everyone a… Tutulo luha mo dito. And who is protesting about the death of people with an encounter with the police? Of course, may mga tao talagang sinalvage. Those who were not afforded any… kaya extrajudicial. Hindi namin trabaho ‘yan.

Pero kung ako, ako ang ano, noon hindi ako makagalaw. Ako anak, anong sundalo, ako assigned sa Mindanao, ang anak ko na-rape, namatay, hindi ako maka—Walang leader na…

O ngayon, pagdating ko. [inaudible] Pag wala kayo niyan, I’ll give you three months to do it, kung hindi you’re all out of service. Huwag mo… Mag-sweldo tapos wala kayong trabaho? Sige hanapin mo. And, I end by saying that, you know, sila mismo ang mga abogado ng, doktor ng…

Constant use of shabu, even after six months, it will shrink your… progressively, every time you do it, it shrinks your brain. One year, you are no longer viable for any rehabilation, wala na. Tapos na. So kung ito mga three million na ‘to, mga gunggong ‘to, you have a choice of what? Patayin mo? [galigin?] mo? Pakain mo na lang diyan sa mga hayop? O we wait for the next budget?

Wala… Wala akong pera sa budget… Who would ever realize, who could ever project that when I would come in and start pressing the buttons, they would come out by the hundreds of thousands? And we would be placed in a position…

Kaya ako nag-appreciate sa China. Sa isip ko, kayo lang rin ang nagdala dito, cooking it. Pag nagluto ka ng shabu diyan sa international… Pag abutan ka ng mga cutter o Pilipino, sabihin ko, pasabugin mo. Huwag kang matakot. We can always confront them. Leche kayo. You want your cake and eat it too? Pasabugin mo.

Ganon rin ang pinagusapan namin ni Widodo. Piracy. Piracy is a crime against humanity wherever you are and you’re caught, you can be tried in that jurisdiction. Pasabugin mo. Paano natin malaman? Habulin mo muna. Pag nakita mo ganon… If you see just a single, maski shot gun na luma, pasabugin mo. That’s the agreement between [inaudible] Destroy the enemies of humanity.

Maraming salamat po.