Message of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte during the Awarding of Child-Friendly Municipalities and Signing of the Implementing Rules & Regulations (IRR) of Centenarians Act of 2016
Rizal Hall, Malacañan Palace 
26 September 2016
Thank you. Please sit down. Salamat po.

I’d like to start with the members of Congress who are here: Senators Angara, Binay, Recto, Lagman, Espina, Lagman and Teodoro; and Cabinet members, my co-workers in government, the awardees, my beloved countrymen.

I was looking for a topic that would suit the crowd of the young and the old. Wala ho akong makita na — that would be interesting to the ear, except our experience in Davao. Sa Davao ho kasi consistent naman kami ever since.

But for the many times, dozens, also many times that we won, I never really appeared here simply because as a matter of official and personal policy, I do not accept awards because as I have said many, many years ago, I’m here to serve the people, [inaudible] and I do not need awards.

But, of course, the civility in our needs and government requires that we give recognition to the people who have invested sweat, toil, and everything for the love of humanity.

And so, I’m happy to be here addressing you. So, you might not want to maybe enjoy my talk because it would center on the issues surrounding my administration.

Pero sa una-una ho, ang Davao eh medyo ma-swerte. We have home for the aged, it’s a big one. It’s really big and we gather all those who are in the streets. Kaya lang ‘yung iba gusto talaga nila doon sa labas. But we have a special unit that would gather them everyday, every night and bring them to the house of the aged.

And, pati ‘yung mga taga-gobyerno, nandoon na. It’s a big place and if you happen to pass by Davao, kindly let us know and we would show you how we dealt with the problem.

A few steps up, there’s a huge mansion there. And it was built, the original house… I mean, the institution was my idea because a lot of — ito ‘yung incest. The victims of incest. Nagkaroon ng anak sa tatay, tiyo, kapatid. I gather them in one place and call it Balay Dangupan.

In the Visayan, dangupan is refuge, the house of refuge and they also want to take at it as a model. I build them a 33-million house. It’s a big one. It’s almost a house, a big house and they are there and we pay for their education. And they also tend to — their children in their spare time, if they are not in school, may nursery doon, at meron kaming mga midwives.

For the addicts, I have built another 34-million, kasi nga sinasabi nila, pinapatay ko raw ‘yung mga addicts. While, maybe that is… I think I would not enjoy to hear. Pero sabihin mo ‘yung bata na pinatay ko pati babae, that’s impossible. Even if I wanted to, I cannot pull a trigger at a child. ‘Yung lalaki lang kasi gusto naman nila eh.

Ganito ‘yan eh, this thing about…I would not say they’re all lies but neither all true. But this started as a political issue. You know, I was up against an operator, my political enemy, magkalaban talaga kami but ayaw ko nang pahabaain ang istorya because he shook my hand and ang sabi niya, “areglo na lang”.

So, ang lalaki kapag nagkamayan tayo, we forget everything. Ako naman pag patay ka na, o nakipag-areglo ka sa akin. Okay na ako. I’m good. Hindi ako ‘yung…

But ganito ang Davao. Ang Davao kasi, was also a very topsy-turvy place. In the days of Martial Law, ‘yung lahat ng gustong mag-anti-communist was given a firearm left and right. And there was even a lathe machine inside the headquarters mismo ng pulis and they were manufacturing paltiks and they were giving it to everyone, every time they can hurry they say, “anti-kominista ako.”

So time passed by and Cory won and a lot of, ‘yung sa left were ordered released. Wala akong problema doon. Ang nagka-problema ako, ‘yung mga Alsa Masa na walang authority to keep the guns even the bare documents wala.

They were armed and they were marauding Davao. And kayong mga taga-Davao, alam ninyo ‘to, a story about a rich guy, pumasok itong mga ‘to, na [Baon?] gang ng Davao, who used to be CHDF.

And they stayed in the house and knew very well that you cannot withdraw money from the bank, more than 50,000 a day. So they were asking for more. So they stayed in the house and in the meantime, day-to-day, they raped the wife, the children and the maids.

So doon nag-umpisa ang raids ko. I was only a vice mayor. But sinabi ko na, this cannot happen and by that time, pumasok na ang… It used to be marijuana lang eh. Pumasok ang meth, shabu. And they were committing kasi it was easy and the market was ready. At nagkaroon ako ng problema because I became mayor of Davao City for 23 years.

So may problema talaga ako. And, ‘yung parami na ang parami, I started with just being a soft-landing. But ‘nong parami nang parami na, napuno na ‘yung ano ko, rehab ko.

Sabi ko delikado na ‘to. So I made just a survey of my own city, and at that time it was already deadly serious. Because, you know, starts with… ‘Pag ka pamilya at may adik, the entire family becomes dysfunctional.

The social cost, magnakaw ‘yan, mag-holdup, so kita mo ‘yun, it has reduced crime by 50 percent, sabi sa amin doon sa Davao… Kasi wala na eh, walang nasa labas eh. And there was a point… It was on my third election, sabi ko, I will not tolerate civilians, raping women and child, I will not accept that as a theory of government that I can go after you. I’ll just send you to prison.

Ang sinabi ko, at ito, inuulit ko ‘yan eh. If you destroy the children of my country, if you destroy my country, I will kill you. That’s what I said in Davao and hindi pa kasi ‘yung first, second.

The time when, about si Ramos na. Sabi ko, hindi ko na ito, kasi every time, may nire-rape, ang problema ‘yung nire-rape, buti sana kung ‘yung babae… And there was this also gang and they were raping a 25-year-old… 85-year-old woman, every day, doon na pinagpipistahan nila.

So, sabi ko sa pulis, ito klaro, and this is really what I said: Go out and hunt for them. Arrest them if they’re willing to surrender. But if they offer a violent resistance and you think as a police arresting officer, your life may be in jeopardy, in danger or you’re being killed, you kill them. And that’s the order for today.

Hanapin ninyo… Ngayon, bakit noon, bakit ‘non walang patay? Eh ngayon ang panahon ni Duterte? Because halos lahat ng pulis noon, given na may mga police generals who were into it at tsaka ‘yung tinatawag nilang ninja. Those ‘yung mga bata-bata. All of them are missing as a matter of fact, I placed two million. Hindi ito pera ng gobyerno, pero ito sa mga taong galit sa droga.

I have about three multi-billionaires and a lot of mayor. ‘Yung anak nila na lulong sa droga. Ito sabi, sige mayor, you offer bounties para matapos ito silang lahat. Ito ganito, tinamaan sila eh. There was the one, I said I’m supporting you because my son died because of drugs and I am about to lose another.

Kung gusto ninyo ipapakilala ko sa inyo ‘yan. Baka sabihin ninyo, iniimbento ko lang. I will introduce you. I’ll give the name after this if you want and you can ask them.

So ngayon, bakit sa Davao maraming patay? Eh kasi sa Davao, sinabi ko sa pulis, if you follow strictly to a tee, my order, you will have my full protection.

Noong na-Presidente na ako, ganon ang sinabi ko sa kanila. Now why? Kasi matapang na ang pulis ngayon. Eh bakit noon? Kasi ang pulis noon, takot talaga nag-kaso. ‘Yan ang problema diyan.

All policemen, pati kayong mga mayor. Takot ang pulis ninyo magkaroon ng kaso, because the [vow?], the fad, is that ‘pag na-demanda, idemanda ka ng pulis for whatever crime, the usual, alam mo na. Abugado rin ako, is also to file a counter-charge. Ang problema, lumalakad ‘yung pera nauuna pa ang hearing sa pulis. And invariably because of money, nauna pa pag-convict ang pulis. Kaya sabi ko sa kanila dito ngayon, huwag kayong… Eh marami…

Alam mo kasi, the entry pay of the police is 14,000 only. And just imagine pag pulis dito, tapos may tatlo, apat na anak, how can he survive and even the food on the table? Kaya takot talaga ‘yan. Walang ginawa kung hindi mag-hingi-hingi because rather than really be an example of a police model, wala, kanya-kanya sila.

And so, with the advent of drugs, pumasok ang mga congressman, may mayor, marami, at ang mga barangay captain. Now, remember I’m warning you. You might not like my character but I’m warning you, the portals of narco-politics has been opened already starting with De Lima.

Pumasok na kasi lahat ng barangay captain halos… It’s that thick pero ako ipina-validate ko kasi ako tiningnan ko ‘yung sa pulis pati sa military, pati sabi ko ‘yung NICA. So there are some people na hindi ko ma-connect dito sa police, I want it verified, validated sa military. ‘Pag dating naman doon sa NICA, sa intelligence, may ISAFP, hindi mag… Kaya sabi ko, huwag na muna ‘yan.

But this would be the final report. Is it there? Or ito mayor pati… This would be the [President Duterte shows the list]—and the list are police, barangay captain, a few mayors. This is not limited to Tondo. These names there are spread throughout the Philippines.

Kita po ang pulis ha, ‘pag ka pulis, pag ka ninja group, pulis ‘yan. Ninja group, ninja group, ninja group, ninja group, ninja group, ninja group. Lumalaban ‘to.

Ayaw na mag—Eh may two million na nga akong patong, hindi pa nag-su-surrender. So what I am supposed to do? Sabihin ko, hulihin ninyo. Lalaban talaga ‘yan at mamamatay ‘yan.

Now itong sabi mo na, where’s the big fish? My God, the big fish is not here. It’s in China. They are operating the shabu operation in the Philippines, using a digital map naman. Sabi lang nila doon, “O sige, i-deliver mo diyan sa, ‘yung tindahan na ‘yan ha, sa Pandacan banda. Kunin mo ‘yung pera doon, may naka-parking, diyan diyan.” Real time.

So, kaya binuka ko ‘yung ambassador eh. Kaya lang it disappeared from the headlines. Sabi niya, pag-usapan. So they offered to build so many of the rehab centers.

Sabi ko, do you have anything to do with this? Are you really trying to create something in my country? Destabilization?

Who’s your next leader if you want — if you do not want me? Why are you… sabi nila. Kaya they’re inviting me for a formal.

So doon ‘yan sila. So who are left here? The lieutenants. Who are the lieutenants? Eh ‘di pulis pati ‘yung mga mayor, pati barangay captain. Now what about sabi nila, where’s the big fish?

Alam mo Amerikano na mismo ang nagbigay ng data na ‘yan, na when you are in shabu, six months to one year, your brain will shrink. Kaya lumalaban talaga, may baril ‘yang mga ‘yan. Believe me I’ve been mayor for several years.

Hindi naman…Of course, may salvaging, totoo ‘yan. Pero ‘yung salvaging na binabalot ng plaster hanggang ulo. We are not into that kind of business, what for? This government is not in the manufacture of mummies.

Bakit ba… Those are really ‘yung pang-ano ‘yan, ‘yung torture. That’s the stages na dahan-dahain ka.

Kaya you must remember that the first organized crimes here, hindi ang gobyerno, ‘yung mga sa military, pati sa pulis, they were the ones.

What do you think you will do if you are general once it is already too constricted to move around? ‘Yan kasi ang mahirap dito, ‘pag may namatay, it’s about 1,000, sabihin kaagad gobyerno. Why would I order? ‘Di hulihin mo na lang.

Look at the report. I’ll show you everyday. May briefer ako. Drugs, drugs, drugs, drugs. All over the Philippines until now. May briefer ba kayo niyan? Ipakita. You release it to the public. Today. Magsabi ka ng 1,000 arrest meron… Where will this thing go?

So sabi ko, state of lawlessness because there’s only a little leeway to… Kagaya sa Arayat, I will be flying there, laboratory talaga na may mga… Anak ng… How can this country survive kung—Ang sabi ko, patayin ko kayo. Talagang papata… I…Sabi ko, huwag na tayo mag-bolahan ha. I’m not the kind na medyo ‘yung hambog. But I’m staking my… itong presiden[cy]: I’m staking my presidency, my life, and honor. I really do not care mapaalis ako. Go ahead. As long as I have my honor intact. Do not do it in my time. Huwag mo akong hiyain… Papatayin talaga kita. Papatayin kita.
Because I have to pro[tect]… If I do not interdict now, I would have compromised the next generation, anak ninyo, pati apo. And it’s going to be a narco-politics. Just like the failed countries in South America.

Bakit ako? Kung mag-presidente ako pera? Eh ‘di hayaan ko na lang na, sige, leader kita. Wala akong pinatawad pati ‘yung mga barangay captain. Wala kong ano, wala kong, wala akong illusions about honor, honor na being… As a matter of fact in they can pass ito…

If you can pass the federal system by next year or two years from now, I will resign as President. I will give way. Inyo na. Wala akong ano… I’m 71 years old. So what I’m supposed to do here?

At tsaka wala kang makuha dito, totoo lang, mag-prankahan tayo. Except for the… Nakokornihan kayo? [President Duterte walks towards the Philippine flag]Pero ako hindi ako papayag. We speak the same dialects dito, Tagalog. Sometimes you talk of your own dialect. Moro, the Ilocano, Ifugao, Igorot, Bisaya. So what binds us together? This flag.

If nobody would honor it, but I will. Ngayon, sabi ko sa military, if you do not take it, do not like me. Do not say the coup d’etat call me and I will be the one to swear you there. O ito bagong junta. Kanila na ang gobyerno. Do it if you like.

Pero not until nakaupo ako dito. I will not allow it. So sabi ko sa mga pulis, sabi ko sa mga pulis do it and do not be afraid. I will take full responsibility, legal or otherwise.

Ako ang magpakulong, trabaho kayo. Pero ‘pag nagkamali kayo, do it mag-kidnap ka on the pretext of drug ganun, p**** i** mo papatayin kita. Talagang hihiritan kita, do not do it, sabi ko.

Ganun sa Davao eh. Davao police nagkidnap, pag-raid, hindi ko na hinintay. Pati ‘yung—sabi ko patayin ninyo – Wala akong ano eh, drugs, pulis, patay sigurado ‘yan. Eh yan ang usapan eh, eh talagang lumalaban naman ‘yan.

Hindi talaga ako—wala akong ano…I think I became a President by a freak situation. I said nobody was supporting, I didn’t have any a one barangay captain diyan sa Luzon, Visayas or Bicol or Mindanao except Davao City and yet I won.

So what does that tell me? It was the messaging. What was the messaging? That there will be no corruption and I will see to it that there will be none and kung meron man, malaman ko rin and you would see. Ayaw ko ng drugs, ayaw ko ng criminality. I will give the Filipino people a respite lalo na ‘yung corruption na ‘yan.

Sabi ko, warning talaga ako pati ‘yang Cabinet men. ‘Wag tayong magkamali dito magkaibigan tayo, you’re all my friends. As a matter of fact, sabi nila bakit si Duterte ‘yung mga kainom—hindi kami nag-iinom, mga kaibigan, kabarkada.

Barkada maybe, kaibigan. Why? Eh because sila-sila ang kilala ko sa dormitoryo. My life was simply—probinsyano lang ako galing Davao, nag-aral dito tapos sa eskwelahan.

So sinong nakikita ko? Eh di ‘yung mga classmate ko, ‘yung barkada ko sa dormitoryo pati taga-Davao. Bakit limitado? Sino ‘yang pinagtuturo niyan? My God. I have assembled the best of them.

You know, Yasay and me, isa pa rin ‘yan. Parang ang English niyan parang si ano na, si Kerry. They call it—it’s called a slang, it’s not slang, slang is a slur, epithets. Eh mas Amerikano pa itong buwang kaysa [laughs]

He was my roommate. Ka-roommate ko, kaharap ko si Dulay pati si Bebot. Si Bello ‘yan, Dulay from Baguio but Dulay is really a very honest man. Noon pa sa dormitoryo.

Kung magnakaw kami do’n sa PX ng—hindi talaga sumasama ‘yan. Nahuli kami, kay sigarilyo namin mga imported. Pagkasigarilyo tapos itapon mo man sa bintana. Eh di nagkalat yung filter doon na imported.

Eh ‘yung mga pulis nagtingin lang sa mga bintana, saan ‘yung mga natapon na mga—‘yun. Dulay was really very clean at that time he was clean. He is clean, I assure you.

Si Art, he was my classmate. Valedictorian namin ‘yan noon. So ganun. So I have assembled the—‘yung tiningnan ko lang na kaya ko. ‘Yan ang problema natin.

Ang ayaw ko diyan is ganito, I have invited everybody: Obama, the Commission on Human Rights sa UN, ‘yung EU. Come. But we will do it, the process in my jurisdiction. Kasi ang style, I was already—kaya ako napipika itong pamulitika kasi naimbestigahan na po ako. Si Alston, Philip Alston.

He came here the rapporteur of the United Nations sa Commission on Human Rights. So I asked him, sinabi ko, true, I gave the orders. But you know, ’yang pulis lalo na ‘yang apat na taon PNPA, lahat ng lectures ibinigay na ‘yan.

It cannot be that everytime mag order ako mag operate kayo, I’ll say, o ito ha, ‘wag kayo magbunot ng baril ha. Tapos na ‘yan. So when I say go out and operate—alam na nila becase ‘yan ang pinag-aralan nila sa eskwelahan. I do not have to remind them again na do not do it if there is no danger. They know it already. So bakit naman ako magdaldal? Ang ayaw ko diyan, tinatakot ako. ‘Yung una, I just kept my silence. Itong mga NGO, daldal nang daldal nang daldal. Hinayaan ko lang. Tapos, itong rapporteur, I think he was an idiot there, so one time nagsasalita.

When I was mayor, okay lang ‘yan. Eh kasi ako Presidente na ngayon eh. Mapapahiya ‘yung mga tao… ‘Wag na ako, sanay ako diyan eh talagang walang hiya ako eh p**** ina nila pero ‘yung Pilipino, it’s degrading for the rest of the guys of the Republic. Ito namin Pilipinas, binababoy naman tayo.

So medyo galit na ako doon. Nagsalita si Obama after Ban Ki-moon basura lahat sa ginawa. Sabi ko, come here and we will have a confrontation. You ask me questions, all of you, then in obedience to the great principle of the right to be heard, I will now ask you questions.
Ako namang—ikaw… I will start with De Lima, I’ll start with you. Here is a footage, X-rated, I have a vague memory of your face. Are you the one here portrayed? Well, I know this one is your driver but I have forgotten your face. Are you the one here? Ganunin ko talaga siya. O, siya ang unang witness ko.

Where did you get those? Di ba kay Nograles? And who was– it was your office almost every week kasi ‘yung lahat ng sa Davao namamatay pati ‘yung nasagasaan ng bisikleta, meron siya tapos finile nila.

Ako, I do not deny that maraming namatay pero it was really to serve my city. And because I am President, I will never, never, never allow the youth of this land to be destroyed.

America, pagka hipokrito. Britain and America announced to the world that they were going to invade Iraq because they stole their weapons of mass destruction. P*** ina kahit ni isang kwitis wala. And look at Iraq. It’s a failed state.

Then they began to nibble at Gaddafi eventually. O tignan mo, look what is now happening. It used to be a land of opportunity not only for them but for us. Lahat 2 million of our countrymen are there working ngayon pati ‘yung mga Pilipino doon, nagsibalik, hindi nila malaman kung anong gawin.

So that’s the problem, it’s not only — lahat tayo tinamaan. ’Yan ang hypocrisy nila eh. Ako, how many ano—okay assuming it to be true, 1,000? Ilan ang pinatay nila dito sa Pilipinas? I showed them because they were talking about human rights, eh di sinabi ko, o ito. I’d like to talk about the first sa Bud Dajo. They murdered 7,000 Moro people there, men and women and children. Sabi kaagad nitong isang—they were interviewed Tatad, Lozano and—wala na past na ‘yan.

May mga Moro, ayan o, my brother Moros, tell them straight what is in your heart. This is not past. This is not one century ago. This is now.

The Americans are still here lording it over, using, telling me, using your Armed Forces to fight us. Kasi kinausap ko una komunista. As a mater of fact, sila Tiamzon and spouses lahat ng mga bigwigs ng komunista, I invited them for dinner after this.

Then I went to the MI because they said that they will go to war kung walang BBL. Nahilot-hilot na, pakiusap. Then Nur, but Nur I cannot—I said I cannot bind the Abu Sayyaf.

He wants now the Abu Sayyaf to be part of the group that would be amnestied sabi ko: “No. I will talk to you but I will never talk to the Abu Sayyaf for what they did.”

Kung binabatikos ako ng Pilipino, wala ako sa—ako isang bala lang sa ulo, okay na ‘yan. Saka I do not abolish, warn the soldiers that do not mutilate ignominy sa patay na katawan. Isang bala lang tapos na ‘yan. Bakit ka pa mag—so ‘yun ang istorya ko.

Since we are talking about the children at sa bahay ng home for the aged, you should go, it’s just in front of the Davao International Airport.

A few meters inside. Walang akong problema doon lahat binigyan ko. ‘Yung mga ano special child because they live their, parang in shame so I have not and separate ‘yung kanila—I don’t even allow the press to—

Pero ako ho sa Davao and you can check, nandito man ang mga taga-Davao, every Christmas for the people, mga aged, they have a one-day party with me. Then the commercial sex workers, may party ‘yan sa akin. Then the military and the police then the barangay captains, lahat sila, mga differently-abled. Lahat yan sila, may party.

And Davao is the only place in the Philippines na walang vice squad. Davao is the only city in the Philippines the policemen are not allowed to apprehend prostitutes or commercial sex workers. Bawal sa Davao.

They cannot go around asking mga clearances, clearances. I have dissolved Davao vice… Ang kamay ng mga ‘yan, mga g***, p***** pag huli ng mga babae, dalhin sa opisina, gamitin, kunin pa ‘yung pera.

Kaya ngayon marami talagang sa Davao iyan ang—so what can I do? I cannot offer them anything. I cannot take them all in the government service, I cannot do that. So hinayaan ko lang.

My only condition is that they report to the city health officer every week at doon binibigyan ng condom. They must use it. ‘Yan lang. ‘Yan lang ang hiningi ko. I allowed them. Walang magawa eh, walang huli-huli ang pulis doon. Sigurado ang babae doon sa Davao.

Hindi lang alam nitong nag-imbestiga sa akin na I was the first lahat…And my mother, she died two years ago, she was 96 years old. Nanay ko, magna-97 siya. Sayang hindi umabot ng 100. [laughs] Totoo. Ako…Well if you go by genetics, walang problema but ang problema natin is maraming bisyo. Ako inom but I have—I’ll tell you, I’ll be frank with you. May Barrett ako.

Alam ng mga doctor ‘yan at kinunan nila ako ng ano sa—sabi ng doctor, malignant. Hindi ko naman tinago ‘yan nung eleksyon. Sabi nga ni Roxas, “eh maghubad na lang tayo kung gusto mo eh”. Smoking, Buerger’s disease. That’s why walang smoking zone—balang araw buong Pilipinas na ‘to. I will not allow smoking because you pass cancer to the people who do not want it.

Drinking, sa Davao. Stop it at 1 o’clock. We cannot be drinking forever. Panahon ko lang ‘yun. Kami hanggang umaga eh. But you know I can see people, young people there sa drinking until wee hours of the morning.

Kagaya ng ginawa—exactly the same sa atin dito. Paggaling sa eskwela lasing, hangol, punta ng sine, sine sa probinsya. Galing eskwelahan kain, sine, pupunta sa brown derby mag-inom muna bago mag-aral, Mabuti nalang pumasa. But that’s how it is, I said you may not like my style pero ‘yan ang ano.

Now itong… Bakit ako nagsabing paalisin ang Amerikano? Iyong angling ng reporting. Sabihin ko sa’yo kung papaano– I have talked to, so meron talagang resistant.

Alam mo kung saan nag-resist ‘yang mag-usap tayo, negotiate tayo ng ano—sa mga scholars at ang mga bata. Iyan ‘yan. That massacre is there happened today, it cannot be a past tense.

Diyan ako nahirapan ngayon kung paano ko i-diskarte. Just like Samar sa Balangiga, they went inside Samar and the Americans killed ten above, they massacred them and they got that belfry, na hindi nila sinasauli hanggang ngayon. And the gall that they can talk to me about human rights.

Sabi ko araw-araw nasa TV the black people already hands up. Nandiyan natumba pinagbabaril ninyo, then you come here about human rights. Kung hindi lang bawal magpatay ng Amerikano, patayin kita dito.

Ganyan ang hypocrisy ng ano. So everybody’s committing it. Ang Amerikano kasi gumaganun. Tinuturo niya ako, at the same time, tinuturo niya ang sarili niya.

Kaya I want them there. I want them there then they can ask questions. I will give the same answer that I am giving you. That’s the truth. But I want them placed under oath. Nothing wrong, just like parang a deposition setting. You get my deposition, fine. Place me under oath.

Eh ikaw, when the time comes, hindi naman pwede na sila lang magtanong. Anong tingin nila sa akin g***? Tapos yung anong sagot ng atin, sagot ng iba dalhin nila doon, they’ll make a report and they’ll condemn me. Ang sabi ko, gusto ko—dalawa man ito.

Kalokohan ng Amerikano…Ininsulto mo… So a lot of Filipinos, especially ‘yung medyo A, B, ganun, was more worried about how Obama was insulted and they do not really bother to—what’s the sentiment of the Filipino people?

I have a problem. Not in the scale of what they have but I have to solve this. If I go down in history as a killer or the one disgraced because I was impeached, fine with me.

Okay lang sa akin, walang problema. Honestly, okay lang sa akin. Assassination, fine. I do not lose honor invoke—I keep my honor intact, at least I did what I should do at this time for my country. Wala ako—

Now, if my judgment is wrong, well I’m sorry if you do not agree with me, fine. But there’s a problem. Ako yung—gusto mo palit tayo? Kayo. Sabi ko nga kay De Lima, I’ll ask—I’ll give you a chair here. Plan out how to solve this…

Sabi ni General Santiago noon, three million. 92 percent of all barangays and three million. When I became President ang nag-surrender, it’s nearing another three million. When I talked with Widodo doon sa Summit, doon sa ASEAN I said, “I have a 4 million addicts here.” Sabi ko, “My God, I am nearing that number.”

So anybody, anybody who has a bright idea of solving this, remember that I went to the presidency on a budget that is not mine. The budget I am operating on now is a budget that was prepared the other year by PNoy.

And there’s this election, I entered mid-stream. So wala akong budget the loud mouth, “Why don’t you just build a rehab there and rehab there? Saan ako maghanap ng pera? Where in the budget? I cannot steal money. I cannot print money pero kung gusto ko payag ako hold-uppin ko na lang ang lahat ng bangko dito sa Pilipinas.

Because then I ordered the military to open their camps para doon ilagay. China has promised that, they are only waiting for me because we will sign something.

Now sabi nila Standards & Poor’s ang rating natin mababa because these Americans, these foreigners and pro-Americans. Fine, go out. I can always establish another alliance.

I will establish alliance with China. I talked to Medvedev, ito siktreto ngayon lang nila, ngayon, ngayon niyo lang alam. I talked to China, Xi Jinping and to — naggawa talaga ako ng paraan, Russia. I said go bring your businessmen. You may have something there that we need. I will open trade alliances with Russia and China.

So ‘yun kayong mga investor naman, go away, walang problema. Do not scare me. I can tell the people, I can appeal to you, that there are things which I cannot, as a matter of principle. Hindi ako magpakaya ng Americano t**** Bakit sino? Who are you?

Kung sabi na… And besides, the penchant of the press. Kaya nag, nag…I never mentioned his name. Si Ed Linggao said that he apologized. Pero right at that, sa reporting, some said Duterte hurting words.

What is the history? Give me another two minutes. Ano ang history nito? ‘Di ba may election tayo, and there was this incident na talagang nagmura ako because galit ako.

Kasi ‘yun hostage-taking pumasok ‘yun isang Australiana. Totoo mag-umpisa ako. Ngayon, sa galit ko because they attempted in the morning, nag-negotiate sila to get out.

Eh si Dureza naman na pumayag mabigayan ng truck. Ako sabi ko “ayaw ko”. Sabi ko, “Jess mag-away tayo dyan. I will not.” Sabi ko sa chief of police diyan but they still tried to went out. So nagka-barilan. Namatay ‘yun isang misyonaryo pati isang bata dala-dala.

It was a visit sa, so kanang-kana ko ‘yun bata ,umiiyak ako, sabi ko: p**** ina mga animal na ito. Itong words ko ha. The raw p**** ina itong mga animal ‘na ito. T*** sabi ko nakalibre pa ng hindot ng magandang babae na unahan pa ang mayor because sa galit ko. I was not, it was not, it was a derogation of their manhood. Itong mga p***** ina ito, ang papangit na hindot niyan naunahan pa ang mayor.

So when somebody was looking for the tape, because there was from RPN nagpigi-back sa akin, he had the exact words recorded. Sabi ko… Hinanap nila ‘yun… Roxas was buying it for one million, inunahan ko na.

But I not was not joking when I told that, it was a narration of an event. Tinanong ko itong Ambassador, he said something that… Ininsulto niya ako then ‘yun Australiana na ambassador. You know if you are assigned in a country, even if there is free speech, at least in the meantime na may election, you should have said “ask me another time, not now.”

Kasi it could be a positive or a negative thing doon si tinamaan. Huwag kang sumali. Sabi ko p*** ina ito baklang ito. Eh bakla man talagang ulol.

Inulit ko ‘yan. Kasi for the several times that he went there, he never apologized, naghintay lang ako sabi… “Sorry mayor for the.” Pati ‘yun Australiana.

So galit ako. Tapos ‘yung sabi nga ano hurting words. Iyong incident ni Goldberg i-konekta na nila doon sa human rights.

Then, they started to spin. Kaya — for their satisfaction. You know, go to Congress collect the signatures. If you are successful impeach, I will go, no problem.

Or the military, if you want…Kung sino ‘yun gusto mag-linya kayo dyan, you want a junta then…I will, myself, swear in the junta as the new leaders of this country. Wala akong problema. Wala talaga akong problema diyan. Basta ako may problema ibinigay sa akin para ayusin. I will do it.

Again, at the cost of my life, honor, I don’t know how it would, presidency, no problem, I’m ready to go.

But ako basta ‘yan ang problema alam talaga ninyo mabigat and it will remain.

There it will be relentless and continuous until the last pusher is out of the street then that is the time that I will say to you: I have done my duty and I am ready to go.

Maraming salamat po.