Message of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte during the oath-taking of Malacañang Cameramen Association and Presidential Photojournalist Association
Heroes Hall, Malacañan Palace
26 September 2016
Secretary Martin Andanar, Ms. Jocelyn Montemayor Reyes, the members of the Malacañang Press Corps, Mr. Ralph Eric Dizon and members of the Malacañang Cameraman Association, Ms. Jack Burgos and members of the Presidential Photojournalist Association, fellow workers in government, my beloved countrymen.

So I am with the press. So what would be the most, maybe relevant or pertinent to talk about? Naturally, it would be about press freedom. Press freedom, ang antithesis ‘non is censorship or outright banning.

Just like in the dictatorial countries, autocracy, wala ‘yan, it’s anathema ‘yang press freedom.

In the Philippines, you have a freedom that is… You can print what you want. Libel anybody, what you would like to do and slander if you want, because nobody would take you to action, it would just be a waste of time in court.

Always sa gobyerno sinasabi sa amin na the bomb of clear conscience would erase everything. Though it does not really apply to its truest form kasi kaming mga binabanatan may mga anak kami. Ako okay lang sa akin.

Some might call me s*** or an a****** but walang ano ‘yan. Ang inyo kung baliktarin natin ang inyong mga anak ang medyo nasasaktan.

That’s the only problem about natitingin ko. Because as a President and all others in public office, are public properties.

So wala tayong ano diyan, you have to bear it but there is that fiction that you are elected as president, mayor, governor, but in the end, at the end of the day, it does not really…

Nilulunok mo ‘yan at your only reward is that you have served your country and in the estimation of everyone if you have served well, at least those who know you ay maganda. Pero hanggang diyan lang.

Now, itong sinasabi ni… I am inviting everyone who wants to know about the extrajudicial killing issue. Ang akin lang extrajudicial issue is directed at government. It is not directed against an NGO. It is not directed against a civilian. Always ‘yung issue ng extrajudicial killing is always addressed to the government, to take care that the government does not abuse and kill men or silence the press. Iyan ‘yan.

Ngayon dito sa atin, walang nagpipigil. The reason why, even if you know that a certain publication that would issue tomorrow will be full of lies and libel and scandal and you know whatever, you cannot prevent its printing. That is censorship.

So that is freedom of the press. If I am a commentator and I go to my station with a prepared of personal and political attacks official, hindi mo mapigilan ang tao. And they’d always say, there are laws of libel and slander where you can seek refuge, where you can take some measures of redemption.

But in truth, wala talaga ‘yan because even to just file a case and to set it to preliminary hearing and then you go back and forth and then it goes to the court and because of the backlogs of thousands of cases, you might be able to have the first hearing this year and then next year, and the next hearing.

So, what would be the point? The point is sabihin mo na lang, if that is your truth, fine, believe it.

Now, I take issue on the…Sabi kasi ni De Leila na censorship ‘yung conditions na pinag-i-impose ko. Look at what it is. A rapporteur, EU, NATO, ano pa diyan? US, UN, they come here. So they go to the Human Rights. Then they start to read what is there the [duce?] and everything.

Alam mo, rightly or wrongly, it started with politics because I have always been a hardliner when it comes to the penal laws. Alam mo kasi, just like what happened or what is happening, I hope there’s a change of heart, ang tao sa Pilipinas hindi na talaga naninawala ng batas because they fear is that there.

And that is why I said give me back the death penalty. Sabi naman nitong mga bleeding hearts and the [pristanol?], eh merong death penalty noon, wala man rin, walang nangyari.

As a matter of fact, whenever executed, except Echegaray, and that’s about it. Eh kasi wala. Then I can simply say, hindi tumalab ‘yung death penalty noon kasi hindi inimpose.

Every President along the way would just say, one because of the Catholic Church; second the bleeding hearts, because only God can kill.

Ang problema niyan I ask you, what if there is no God? So we allow the criminals and yet because there is a God, in all — karamihan sa atin dito. Eh ngayong kung walang Diyos and we are here in this Earth, in this planet, supposedly made by God. So where is now God?

When a one-year old, 18-months year old baby taken from the mother’s arms brought under a jeep and raped and killed, so where is God? And in Syria, women, women, and children and women who do not have want to sex, sex with the ISIS, they’re murdered. So where is God? My God, where are you?

I believe in God but that is my perpetual question to him. Where were you when we needed you? Is not enough to say at the end of the day, at the end of the world, he shall come to judge the living and the dead? What would be the purpose of all of that if the heartaches, sorrows, and agony have already been inflicted upon the human beings in this world? Iyan ang mahirap eh.

Ipinaghalo mo ‘yang morality ng well… Tapos… Kagaya ba ng lotto. Itong lotto hinalo nila sa jueteng. So 20 percent of the day’s income ilaglag nila, ‘yun lang ang kita ng gobyerno. The other is, ganon rin dito.

Ipinaghalo natin ‘yung morality and do you know that not all people believe in God. The agnostics. The atheists. It’s not easy to say, well he’s only one, or two, or three.

Mind you, at this age now, maraming questioning about it. For the simple reason we are taught. Eh ako puro pari ang kaharap ko eh. Pari, pari all the way, grade 1 to hanggang diyan sa Mendiola.

We’re always taught na ganon ang buhay, that everything begins and ends with God. So therefore God, he knew at that time when he created this planet that these things will happen. So my God, why did you do it?

Iyang censorship, sinabi ni De Lima, what I’m asking is this: I will submit to all forums in this planet. But she cannot come here and just read the garbage prepared by my political opponent noon ayaw ko na lang ng bastusin kasi he extended his hand in friendship again.

Ako naman pag nag-lamano na, kung lalaki ka, okay na. It’s either you just kill him right away or you forgive him. If you do not have the balls to kill him in front of everybody, you shake hands with him.

O ngayon, kanya lahat ‘yun. Lahat ng… Of course, there were extrajudicial killing. But extra in the sense that it was perpetuated by government and their officials [inaudible].

When you are fed with these lies, ang sabi diyan na he was there when he was a CAFGU, he was a CHDF. My God, CHDF was abolished when Cory Aquino won because they were supplanted with a — ‘yung Civilian Home Defense Force or CHDF — they were supplanted with CAFGU.

So ‘yang sinasabi ni De Lima, I was not even — I was a fiscal at that time and a vice mayor. Ang sabi ko, masasaktan lang ang anak mo, kahit sabihin niya si Paolo, ‘yung vice mayor ngayon na abusado ganon, but he was the guard of Paolo from Grade 1 to when he was fourth year sa Ateneo. Paolo never studied in Ateneo because the Philippine Women’s is just about one block away, two blocks away from our home.

Wala sa mga anak ko o ng lahat ng diyan sila ‘nong ano na, San Beda lahat ‘yan including the youngest, Inday. Walang nag-security kasi Inday ayaw ‘yan, ayaw siyang sinusundan.

Ewan ko baka hanggang ngayon. Nag-aaway ‘yan sila ng PSG kasi ayaw niya. Simple ayaw niyang gwardiyahan mo siya.

‘Yung youngest I insisted because maraming karibal mga artista pa ang girlfriends. When I saw the guards, she was there, beautiful ‘yung ano…

Pero I’d like to correct basta aabot ito, my son has two children of different mothers. You asked me, sa nanay ako loyal, sa mga nanay ako kasi… It’s just a matter of beauty. It is — sa beholder. What is beauty? Beauty is like Doris Bigornia. She’s not really… I mean, we’re talking about cosmetics but beauty deep in the heart. You know, ‘yan ang beauty. There’s the beauty of a person is when you deal with your fellowmen, fairly, squarely and give everyone his due.

Ngayon, ito si De Lima, once we investigate it. She’s diverting the issue. Eh puro kalokohan… Maniwala ka Matobato. Mga… Imagine CHDF, CHDF wala katagal na non. It was Cory’s time, do you remember? Kunin ninyo ang Constitution. It was ratified after one year. Maybe you have forgotten it. May limang komisyon. Naggawa sila ng Constitution and right after Cory implemented that including the elections of local governments.

So, ang gusto ko ganito, investigate me but let us follow the Philippine jurisdictional requirements. Alam mo pumunta si Alston I have been investigated by Philip Alston noon.

Pagkatapos we talked. There was no result. And for all the time that I was investigated by the human rights and the rapporteur, nothing came out of it.

Then a secretary of Justice here, and if you have notice, she kept on hammering at me. And I said, if you have a good case, if the goods are there with you, file a case. Kasi nandiyan na daw ‘yung witness niya si Matobato, so go ahead. Wala siyang ginawa.

Now nandito na sila, naipit na siya, and I said, I do not ordinarily, hiniya ako. But ito si De Lima, she screwed her driver and screwed the nation.

Eh naipit na gusto niya akong idamay. Makukulong man talaga ‘yan siya. Sigurado ‘yan because of the testimonial evidence. Makukulong ito when everybody says, five [inaudible] could say that they contributed money. So, on a national scale and even ano.. Who brought in the narco-politics? It is here already.

You elected a senator, kayong mga Pilipino na… Who was into narco-politics, who was being financed from the inside. Huwag na sana ‘yang sa labas. From the convicts inside the prison, financing this candidacy of a senator and winning. What do you call that?

Now the reason why I am objecting to an election sa mga barangay because there is already narco-politics. They have the money and they can always win the elections on the barangay level. Pera-pera lang diyan. Maliit na lugar lang ‘yan.

And itong malalaki, the congressman and — no senator, but congressman and judges — I have these… Ipinakita ko sa inyo ‘yun. At sabi ko, I am still validating kasi meron doon ‘pag binasa ko, sa isang, sa pulis, i-compare ko sa military, i-ganon ko, I could not find the connection.

And from the intelligence sa NICA, i-check nit, ‘ag ginanon ko, as a lawyer, hindi ko ma-konek.. There’s no iota in this report. Eh kailangan mo ng… You know when you go in public and mention the name of a person because he’s involved in drugs, you practically destroy his life forever. That’s the reason why bakit ganon katagal. Hindi ako kasi pareho sa inyo hangal na pag may report nandiyan, bira nang bira.

You know, even without God, the eternal equation of universal justice will catch you up. ‘Yan ang mahirap ‘yan.

Sabi niya… Kasi ang impulse ganito: We will do it in our jurisdiction. We will have sanctions. Because what can I do? What is the remedy available to me kung nag-sinungaling ka? From my experience, kunin nila ‘yung human right watch ‘nong report sa Davao, tapos ‘yung report dito ‘nong Presidente na ako and he will ask me question.

Then after that, he will make a report to his commission then it goes to the assembly then it is deliberated. Ano ang participation ko? Ang kukunin niya na report would be all garbage coming from De Lima.

Kung may kaso pa talaga si De Lima na mismo ang gumanon sa akin. Now she’s passing that responsibility to another forum. And because of the generated alam mo na…The prostitution of journalism. May contact sila, may contact doon. Itong milyonarya na babae na because she is offended by what…

I mean, I am not the mayor who will please a world body. What would be my remedy kung lahat ng garbage na ‘yan, ‘yun ang dalin ng rapporteur doon. I cannot ask question.

Kaya ang proposal ko, let us have an open investigation. Diyan kayong lahat, sumali na kayo. That will be the time that maybe you can ask question. And I will answer then isahin ko kayo paupuin diyan. Tatanungin ko sa’yo: What was your source? Why do you say it’s extrajudicial killing? Was he connected with government? Was there any order? Have you heard it? When was the killing? Where was it done? And you say 1,000 killing. Tell me who was the fifth victim? What was his name?

Maski si De Lima. Madali man ‘yan. You are a senator. When you were secretary of Justice, you admit that you went to the kubol? You admit that? Yes. Is that the normal work of a secretary of Justice? Why would you have an asset such as JB Sebastian? Do you not trust the NBI, the military men to have your own asset? What was that asset? Was it a sexual asset or a source of information? And why you have to do it at four hours?

In the meeting after, ‘yan ‘yan ang tanong. You stayed there for four hours, what did you do? Discuss the drug situation? And after discussing the whole of four hours? Totoo iyon the whole of four hours, you were discussing only the drug situation inside the penitentiary?

Sabihin ko talaga. P*******, ‘yan ang gusto kong mangyari. With all this garbage, you sit there and I will ask you directly. For four hours… I’d like to show to you a video. There is a [inaudible] a couple fucking, having sexual intercourse. Of course… Who is the man portrayed there? Was he the one in the kubol or the one who was driving you?

O ‘di wag ka ano. You know in the search for truth, no holds barred ‘yan. It’s an open country. Have you heard this guy, this police when he shot? Bang bang. “O utos ni Duterte ‘yan”.

Ito ang critical ngayon. [inaudible] In Davao. You know kanina pa ako nakatingin… Just relax [inaudible] Find a seat. It’s okay.

Hindi ako general, politiko lang ako. Umupo ka diyan. I am not a general. [laughs] Ngayon ‘yan.

I remember when I was in Raja Soliman, it’s called the port of Davao. Ang commander, Captain of the ship was Willie Wong. Navy. Navy man siguro siya. Maybe… Tapos ‘yung… Nandiyan na umakyat na ang bisita. I was ushered to the lounge diyan sa labas. Si Toto Golez siya ‘yung deputy.

Pagupo namin ni Willie, Admiral, retired, we talked about for four hours si Toto naka-ganon lang. Tapos sinabihan pa siya, stand straight. Dahil naka-slouch eh. Naging ano ‘yan FOIC din. FOIC is the flag officer of — iyon ang commanding general nila. ‘Yan ang.

Hindi ko kasi pwede na sabihin I will just allow garbage to be received then brought to the UN tapos atakihin ako nang ganon.

Magkakabastusan talaga tayo. Anong sinabi mo? Kasi garbage ‘yun eh. I could not even check kung sino ‘yung… When I was governor, wala kaming security, when I was mayor… Why? Because when my father was governor, he never allowed it for us.

He is 56 to 57. My father was the governor of Davao City. It was only one. He would not even allow us to sit in his car even if it is parked. Natapos na lang siya I never rode — we were never allowed to ride in a government property.

Iyan ang tinatawag “delicadeza”. Wala akong inassign… Except for a few — ‘yung bombing noon sa airport. Kasi may namatay tapos ganon retaliation. The one happened in Davao and you know it is going to explode.

But I have to do my job, the Abu Sayyaf were decapitating people like just they were just fowls and pigs and goats. And there will be no talks. Tama ‘yung Armed Forces. ‘Yung rejecting an amnesty. I will not. I will never. There will never be an amnesty for… So much iyon.

Iyan ang ano… So everybody who will testify, they can call the rapporteur — the rapporteur can call anybody from the Defense Secretary down to lahat pati ‘yung PNP.

Walang gago magpatay binabalot pa. Government, my government is not into business of making mummies. Na balutin mo ng plastik parang mummy. Why do you have to do that? If you really want to kill then just simply kill him with one bullet in the head. ‘Yun ‘yung mga torture.

They forgot itong youth, itong kayong mga… Is there any United Nations there, dito sa international press? Nakalimutan ninyo na there was an organization, a criminal syndicate plenty marami, kanya-kanya, before I came in.

You know very well na ang mga involved, mga pulis, pati mga general. Alam ninyo na kung mag-salita ‘yung paghuhuli at ma-gather mo isang crowd and they will testify and they will go down to hell.

Did you ever think for a moment that these guys are criminals and you want us now pictured as one. Meron. There are legitimate.

At tsaka ganito ang bunganga ko, is all that matters really. In Davao City, I said to all criminals: Go out of my city because if you don’t, I will kill you. If you destroy the city, which is making good already. Business is now in blossoms. Then you fuck it then we go down again.

Kaya sinabi ko, umalis kayo. Totoo ‘yan. Dito ‘pag ka Presidente, sabi ko, do not… In the campaign, you were there, Doris, lahat ng kampanya nandoon kayo. Publish it. Get the tapes and announce it.

Huwag ninyong sirain ang bayan ko kasi papatayin ko talaga kayo. Huwag niyong sirain ang mga anak namin. Do not destroy this generation because I will kill you.

Because if I don’t interdict now harshly, I would have compromised the next generation. Anak ninyo, pati mga apo ninyo because narco-politics is here. Ang isip…

You know men judge best when they condemn. Basta nandiyan may patay, pag walang suspect, extrajudicial killing. Ganyan nangyari sa Davao. Anak ka ng…

Now tell me… Itong si De Lima, pati ‘yung rapporteur, pati ‘yung EU. Is there something wrong when you threaten criminals? Ikaw nga.

Is there a provision in the Penal Code of the Philippines, the Revised Penal Code, which say it would be a criminal for a mayor or a president to threaten criminals?

Iyan ang mahirap eh, pagbasa ng ganon. May nabasa ako ‘non sa EU that he has been heard threatening criminals with death if he wins.

Kaya sabi ko, stupido. Sabi ko, fool eh. Why? Meron kayong ditong representative. Ask him first before you insult the President kasi hindi ako. I am I. But I am not the Republic of the Philippines. ‘Pag ka tinitira mo ako, hinihiya mo ‘yung… Bakit hindi mo tanungin. Could you just a lawyer there and find out if there is really a criminal thing when a mayor, a president…

Bakit sila? Ang Amerika and Britain, they warned Iraq. I don’t know what was that warning. But they went inside Iraq, on a pretext, excuse, reason, that there were weapons of destruction only to find out that there was none and yet they destroyed a nation. Paka-hipokrito nitong p*******.

Itong EU, at first you are the pretention of the sentiments of a civil society, civilization. Binuksan ninyo ‘yung boundary, ngayon nakita kayo hirap na kayo, eh lalaki naman ng lupa ninyo. Sinirahan ninyo bigla.

So ‘yung inabutan sa sentimento ninyo before your — let me find the word – before your nightmare, pasok kayo nang pasok and egging everybody, criticizing every nation there that reviews to allow the entry. Noong napuno na sila, anak ng… Sinarahan ngayon, sarado na and some of them are drowning now and some of them are out and winter is coming and they will suffer.

So where’s the human rights? Australia, mga Rohingya, the stateless person or tribe in Myanmar, Burma. So they travelled to Indonesia… Anong ginawa? Mag-kuha ng barko, itinulak ulit doon sa…

God, here I am killing the criminals, assuming it to be true. You guys, what the hell happened to your values in life? Puro man kayo Kristiyanos diyan.

Itong mga writers dito, they keep on hammering na takutin that before… That Obama will ask him, say, he must be prepared. Pu—Ako? Bakit ako mag-prepare? Who are you? In the context of things, [inaudible] who are you? Why are you asking me? What about you killing the black people? Everyday binabaril ng… Don’t be such a hypocrite.

Bakit ako? Bakit hanggang ngayon? Kayo nga tumagal sa Amerika, huwag tayong magbolahan. What is the treatment there of foreigners or if you are not white? Sige daw. Kayong nag-aral sa Amerika, galing sa Amerika? Tell me straight. Walang bolahan. How are you treated there in Amerika, if you are not white?

Sabi ko nga, people judge best especially when they condemn. Ganon ang Amerika eh. Sige sa turo sa akin, l**** kang Duterte ka. Pati siya. Hindi niya [inaudible] ang kinakain niya. Tapos matakot lang ako sabi nila… Why? P******* talaga Pilipino.

Basahin mo ‘yung mga kolumnista. They are more concerned of the feelings of Obama than of me. Sabagay hindi man kayo bumoto sa akin, ‘di okay lang. Ganito ‘yan eh. Winner takes all dito eh.

Kaya nga in elections here, it is 50 plus 1. If there are 100 million others, I only get 50 million and 1, 50 million plus one million, I get it. The 49 can suffer whatever is your pre-election fame.

Mabuti’t nagkita tayo. Talagang inaabangan ko kayo. Sabi ko sa… Prepara ‘yung barge diyan sa… Hindi ko alam kung saan ko kayo ihulog. Iyang mga ganon, they cannot take that kind of joke. I always do that. Tanong mo ‘yung mga taga-Davao. Tanungin mo ang taga-Davao kasi I started — when I start with a joke, I would end a joke.

Ganun ako. Lagi ginagawa ko kay Doris. Itong si Peng Aliño ng Radyo ng Bayan, gusto ko na rin — matagal ko nang hinahanap ‘yan. [laughs] Buti nagkita tayo dito ngayon. Ganun ako, maski sila, ‘nun matagal na nasanay na sila.

Sabi ko, I have to end, ladies and gentlemen of the Republic of the Philippines, our problem now is not my mouth, it’s drugs numbering about three million plus the new surrenderees of seven million. You cannot help it by just listening to my epithets, my slurs, and my curses, they are nothing. They are but manifestations of the anger inside me. And people who would want to mess up with our life, matagal na tayong independent sa Amerika.

Huwag nila akong takutin ng extra judicial killing, or else I will also demand that the United States of America and EU be investigated along side with me. Because they have committed far more injustice and have done horrific things.

Alam mo naman, criminals? They are attributing it to us and even there was already killings. Look at your statistics. Look at the statistics before I assume office, tingnan ninyo mabuti.

And then that would make you a good journalist, because you are fair, factual. Bilangin mo… Bilangin mo and if there were no killings, this is official, I will resign tonight. Come back here, I’ll give you my resignation.

Hindi ko hangad nitong president, presidente. Ayaw ko nga eh. To tell you ayaw ko. Hindi ako anu — I’m staking life, my honor and the Presidency, iyan.

To all of you EU, Obama, United States, pinupusta ko buhay ko, honor ko, pati itong pagka-Presidente. Wala akong ilusyon dito.

As a matter of fact well, of course, when it not for [walks towards the Philippine flag and raises it]…When it not for my love of country, alam mo bakit? Deep down, deep down, I knew na ako lang ang maka-solba nito: crime and criminality ay ‘sus.

I have been 10 years as fiscal, nine years as a trial fiscal. Hindi ako nagyayabang, but if you really want a trial, if you want a show, a razzle-dazzle, then let us go to court, let me ask you a question.

Simple lang ‘yan. Sabihin ko lang sa kanya: Miss De Lima, I’ve kind of a blurred, vague memory of your persona. Like to… No holds barred oh, sabihin niya “objection”. “Eh sige objection, I’m establishing the character of you.” “Is this you pumping?” So the next question will be drugs.

Eh hinihiya mo ako eh ‘di magkahiyaan tayo. And then in any…Gusto ko everybody should be placed under oath. So that if in the end I can establish that you are lying, I can proceed against you for a vindication.

Kung makinig ka lang mag-notes lang kayo, tapos kunin niyo ‘yung garbage ni De Lima, that’s bullshit. I am willing any and all questions, I will answer. Ipadala mo na ‘yun mga EU na bright, mga bobo itong mga p******** ito, maniwala ka diyan.

Do you think they are really brighter than us? O come here. Sobrang believe ka diyan sa mga author, author na ‘yan. Ako author lang sa kalokohan pero ok man. [inaudible]

Rocky, you have something to say, you’re about to ask question… [Rocky Ignacio: Yes, Mr. President, sir.] [laughs]

Alam ninyo ito si Rocky nakilala ko ito panahon ni Ramos, she’s been around. So we were on stage kung magtanong itong kagaya ninyo mmmmmm — mga walang siguro taga- probinsya.

Iyong microphone na ‘yon siguro you were thinking of a billion germs diyan. Iganun mo ‘yan. May mahangin, nasa stage kami eh di lahat ng galing, itong p****** Doon sa iyo. Itinulak ko sa kanya, “Ano ka ba bakit mo” Sabi niya, “toxic ka”. Ligawan ko nga. [laughs]

“Toxic ka.” Toxic ako eh di ligawan ko. O ikaw na ang magsabi sa kanila kung ano ang nangyari. [laughs] [Ms. Ignacio replies: Thank you, Mr. President]

Wala na. Ramos’ time. No, totoo kasi, marami mang…Sa stage ngayon marami mga presidential guard kung makita mo itulak… Kung ano ka man.

So bakit ano? Magtatanong lang ho pero ‘yun kagaw niyan [taps the microphone]. Kagaw is germs. Aong kagaw? Basta kagaw. Hindi man mag-translate kaagad ng Tagalog.

Anong kagaw? Germs.Galit sabi niya, “toxic ka”. Sabi ko, “maganda ka.” [laughs] Ligawan ko nga, da.

Sabihin mo sa publiko totoo man wala man ‘yan sa asawa nya, ‘no. [laughs] [President sings: “Together again] [laughs]

Hindi, hindi, hindi, good boy tayo. Nandiyan ‘yung asawa ko diyan sa kabila lang. Good boy ako. [laughs] I even want my little girl to study diyan lang, ang problema, ayaw. Lungkot, lungkot.

So if anybody…Ito last na…About five, three minutes, anybody wants you to run for the presidency. You want a good answer? Iwasan. Personally as a person, spiritually yes, because you do something for the country.

But if you want a life mayor ang maganda. “Saan si Mayor?” “Maynila”. Dito sa Maynila, “Nandito ba si Mayor?” “Wala. Lumipad na doon sa Davao.” Dito after days, I have to meet President Estrada. Then I have to meet the Tiamzon and the communist. They are having dinner tonight here. Pinagbibigyan ko. Okay na ba ‘yun lason natin diyan? [laughs]

They will break bread with me. Sila lahat mga komunista they are going to Oslo. Look itong ano… Kayong mga military, minsan kasi sila…I have heard that there are rumblings about — kasi natural enemy. Maraming ring patay military ‘di ba. And I told them that you know guys, I am a President, I am your commander-in-chief, that’s the title for war, unfortunately, I am not a wartime president. My main job, my main task is really to seek peace for my land.

That’s why inuna ko na ‘yan sila. Even before I assumed office nagka-intindahan na kami mag-usap. Then I went to Murad, sabi niya without the BBL, there would be war. Sabi ko huwag, mag-usap na lang tayo.

And then Nur, the problem is Nur, murag hinihigop niya ‘yun — isali na niya ‘yun Abu Sayyaf, which I would like to tell to the nation now: No. I will not talk peace with the Abu Sayyaf.

Masayado ang… Every time you do that it’s like slapping the nation. Hinihiya mo kami. And you did it even during my time.

And the last time was just a child na hindi naman milyonaryo ‘yung. It’s not even audacious, I can describe — despicable. It’s really a despicable ideology. Hindi pwede ‘yan.

So balikan ko ‘yan. I will submit to any investigation provided. Why? I will ask them. It’s provided in the Constitution. And if they come here, I have the laws the penal laws and the Constitution. And I would just tell them, find something here that is wrong were you can be charged because if it is not a criminal offense, then any other country cannot term it or cannot categorize it as a crime.

I am a citizen of this Republic. The crimes and felonies are in our books. If it does not say anything about my criminal liability, you cannot — kung said inyo conspiracy, whatever, inyo ‘yan.

Before international law, there is the Constitution which is the bedrock. Kaya tayo iba-iba ang salita natin hindi naman tayo mag-kapatid putahe, lahat, even idiosyncrasies. Iyong iba Moro, ‘yun iba Igorot, we do not talk, but we are bound by this one [points to the Philippine flag] You disregard the flag, the Constitution there would be trouble.

Iyan sabihin ko. Find me a fault there if there is, because you have to begin with the criminal laws of my land. At saka ‘yung inyo what’s sauce for the gander is sauce for the goose.

Kung lahat ng countries takot sa inyong mga p******* ina kayo, ay hindi ako takot sa inyo. You want me to answer, you answer also. We are on the same boat.

Bakit kayo… Who are you to threaten me? Na sabihin nila na the Standards & Poor’s the grade lowered us to a BBB — borrowing potential.

Then, I have talk to Xi Jinping. I’m going to China. I will open up all avenues of trade and commerce. They can come in. And kung wala pang panahon because I could not amend the Constitution right now, then I can give them 60 years plus another 60 years.

By that time you won’t need your factory here already. Bigyan ko 60 years renewable for 60 years. Bakit pa sila magbili ng lupa? Para na lang nila binili ang lupa. By that time ‘yun gunggong na presidente siguro niyo, ipagbili niya ng lupa.

Ayaw ko, ayaw ko. It’s not a matter of opening opportunities, it’s not really a matter of — to hinder investment. It’s a matter of principle for me that my land should only be for my people.

I have been talking with Prime Minister Medvedev. Nag-one-on-one man kami doon. Walang naka-alam ‘nun. And I said — oo, nag-one-on-one kami at sabi ko na, “I think, I am about to cross the rubicon between me and the United States at least for the six years. I would need your help in everything: trade, commerce and I will open up.”

Kaya lahat kayo ‘yun pa-lago-lago kayo diyan sa communications even dito sa…I am surprise because alam mo pinutol nila ‘yun shipping Davao-Manila.

Alam mo mga taga-probinsya ‘pag nagpunta ‘yan ng Manila, may mga relatives dito o may mga anak sila nag-aaral, nagdadala talaga iyan, itlog, manok, pagkain. Eh ngayon limitado lang sila ng isang upuan. Tapos may mga ano pa diyan na pinapalakad even if they suffer disabilities.

Kung ganun kayo kaano, not in my time. I’m calling all the airlines, that’s your obligation. It is not really na magbayad ka pa ng wheelchair because when you open to public and sell tickets, walang sinabi niya kung ikaw ay walang paa o walang ulo na umaakyat sa eroplano. Magbayad ka. Wala.

You provide everything all public convenience kailangan. You behave, I have six years to go. I am only there for about three months plus. Magkaka…You will be sad. I will see to it that you will be sad. You go bankrupt, I do not care.

I’m gonna invite China and Russia to put up a new airline here. You observe, not even respect. You observe not even courtesies.

Lahat kayong malalaking negosyo especially serving the public: Observe humanity.

Maraming salamat po.